95 Best Amazon Firestick Apps in 2024

Ruheni Mathenge  - Streaming Expert
Last updated: January 1, 2024

The Amazon FireStick and FireTV devices can turn a smart TV into a powerful instrument when you use the right apps.


Amazon is trying to revolutionize the digital entertainment world with the Amazon FireStick. This little device that goes right into your smart TV’s USB port can turn it into a nearly as powerful and versatile device as your phone or tablet. And what you can and will do with it depends almost exclusively on the apps you choose to use. So let us tell you which are the best 95 apps that will help you make the most of your experience as a FireStick user.

Amazon started life as a simple online bookstore, and it kept turning a yearly loss for an extended period. Unfortunately, not everybody saw this potential during its first few years of existence, and the doubters had louder voices than the supporters.

However, Amazon revolutionized e-commerce, then video streaming (With Amazon Prime). Last but not least, it came up with a hardware device, the Amazon FireStick, which also prompted a revolution in home TV entertainment. Its apps are the reason why people love the entertainment experiences on Amazon’s streaming device.

If you own an Amazon Firestick, you have your usual TV channels and the option to have your home entertainment transcend the cable or satellite TV level.

The Media streaming device lets you watch Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, and other video streaming platforms.

Entertainment may be Amazon’s Firestick killer use case. But it’s far from being the only one. Like any device, it is as good as the apps it has available for installation. And in this department, Firestick excels.

It doesn’t have a pool as large as you can find for Android tablets or phones, but this is not that device. If you consider that the whole purpose of this toy was to get you internet video streams, the fact that there are hundreds of apps of all types on offer to use with it is nothing short of amazing.

So, your Amazon Firestick will give you fantastic value in terms of digital entertainment. But it can do so much more for you if you pick the right apps to include in your Firestick experience. This article is all about that!

This guide will tell you all you need to know about the best 95 applications you should consider having on your Amazon Firestick. These apps work on every Fire TV device (Fire TV Cube, FireStick 4K, FireStick Lite, and others).

Legal disclaimer: Please reader before you move forward.

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Our top 10 apps for FireStick – The quick list

If you are in a rush and think that 95 apps are overkill, let us tell you at least about the best ten apps you can have on your Fire TV.

  1. ExpressVPN. It is the best VPN in the market and one of the rare providers with a FireStick app. If FireStick can unleash the power of your smart TV, ExpressVPN can unleash the power of your Fire TV by enhancing its protection and unblocking geo-location restrictions.
  2. Cinema APK. Many apps will provide you with streaming movies for a FireStick, but this one is the best by far, and it’s free.
  3. Crunchyroll is already a legendary resource among anime enthusiasts. It’s available for Amazon devices, and if you like Japanese animations, you must have it.
  4. YouTube. This is the website that made video streaming a practical reality. It remains the world’s premier source for entertainment of all kinds, and, let’s face it, there’s always something to see on YouTube.
  5. Spotify. It’s the one app every music lover must have. So, if you want your smart TV to play the music you know and love, Spotify will be your friend.
  6. Mouse Toggle. There are thousands of interesting Android apps you can’t use in a FireStick because they’re not built with the remote control in mind. This app turns your FireStick navigation buttons into a mouse so you can take any Android app and use it on your Amazon device.
  7. Amazon Silk. Can you imagine an internetable device that doesn’t have a browser? We agree that browsing the web is not the point of a FireStick, but it’s something you’ll need to do sooner or later, and Amazon Silk is the best browser you can use on this device.
  8. VLC Media Player. This open-source player is the software you will need to reproduce any video of any format and music in even the most tropical lossless formats. It’s plethoric with features, and it will never let you down. It even plays videos that are incomplete or corrupted correctly.
  9. Zoom. Maybe you already hate Zoom, like so many others. However, this app is part and parcel of the new reality that the Covid pandemic ushered in. We may hate it. But we need it nevertheless.
  10. Task Killer. The Amazon FireStick OS runs on the ever-reliable Linux kernel, like Android. However, sometimes even the invincible Linux kernel needs a helping hand by having a process killed by hand.

Best FireStick apps for September 2024 – Detailed list

Now that you have warmed up, let’s complete the list. We categorized applications to give you a better idea of each app’s purpose.

Installation hints for every single app are also given upfront so that you know if a particular app can be installed directly from Amazon AppStore or you’ll need to sideload it onto your FireStick. For both of the installation scenarios we’ve quick and easy steps listed within this article. Let’s get started.


1. ExpressVPN

VPNs came into existence to assuage the worries of the most sophisticated users about online privacy, security, and anonymity. That was then. These days, the Virtual Private Network is a necessary digital tool. The privacy and security aspects of a VPN’s functionality remain paramount, but time has shown that a good VPN service can give you much more.

With a VPN installed on Firestick, you will be able to bypass your domestic internet censorship (if you live in a country that has any) and unblock the best video streaming services on the internet, so they give you the same catalog they offer to their preferred users, place phone calls in those countries that ban or criminalize VoIP services, surf the web freely from within China. You name it. A premium VPN has many advantages, and they’re worth it.

And ExpressVPN is the biggest name in the VPN verse by far. It’s been in the business for a long time, always offering the best service. And it’s also the best VPN service you can have on your device.

The first thing to consider is that not every VPN supports Fire TV devices, so the fact that a VPN has a dedicated app for this platform is already remarkable. The fact that it’s the best VPN money can buy for a FireStick is even luckier!

ExpressVPN enhances your security at a military-grade level without sacrificing your connection speeds significantly. You won’t notice that you are behind a VPN because of your system’s performance.

If you want to know more about ExpressVPN, we’ve written extensively about it, so you will find plenty of use cases for which this is one of the best VPNs you can have.

And how do you get ExpressVPN on your FireStick? Easy! Follow these steps:

  1. First, you need to go to the ExpressVPN website and subscribe. If you’re not sure you want to spend money on a VPN yet (we’re sure you will be soon), don’t worry. ExpressVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you will not be risking any cash.
  2. Turn your Fire TV device on. Go to the “Find” and then “Search” option.
  3. Type ExpressVPN in the search bar and select ExpressVPN when it shows up as a result.
  4. Click on “Download” and let the ExpressVPN install on your gadget.
  5. Open the app. Log in using the credentials you obtained by subscribing.
  6. Click on the Power icon to connect to a server in the network. That’s it! Now, you are one of the proud users of the best VPN industry in the FireStick world!

TV shows and films

2. CatMouse

  • Installation: Through a third-party APK download.

It’s another great option for on-demand videos such as movies and TV Shows. It looks and feels very much like Terrarium TV used to, so it’s a pretty safe bet to call it a Terrarium clone.

As of March 2023, the CatMouse functionality is quite impressive. The catalog is vast for browsing and binge-watching, and it keeps scraping HD streams from some of the web’s best sources.

CatMouse is still something of a secret. It hasn’t hit the mainstream yet, but we’re pretty confident it’s a matter of time before it does, and it will be one of those FireStick apps essential for most users.

3. Cinema APK

  • Installation: Through a third-party APK download.

CinemaAPK is exceedingly popular among Android users as a gateway for movies and TV shows. It appeared just before Terrarium TV went down and quickly became a mainstream app.

As a FireStck user, you’ll soon find out why this app is so popular and why it is a must-have option in your FireStick. This app has a team of developers behind it, keeping it current and updated.

CinemaAPK doesn’t host any content on itself. It’s more like a content hub aggregating your stream from several servers in many locations. High video quality is one of the best features of this app.

This app is lightweight and utterly compatible with it. In addition, it’s designed with the FireTV remote control in mind, so navigation is smooth out of the box.

4. CyberFlix TV

  • Installation: Through a third-party APK download.

This is yet another Terrarium clone. You can maybe see a pattern emerging here. So CyberFlix also looks and feels quite as Terrarium TV used to, and, even better, it also works as well as the original did. 

There are plenty of movies and TV shows for you to enjoy with CyberFlix. This app also scraps streams from many sources that used to be Terrerium’s, and you’ll even find some HD streams.

5. TitaniumTV

  • Installation: Via a third-party APK download.

If reading this app’s name makes you think this is a replica of Terrarium TV, let us congratulate you on your intuition. You’re right. It looks the same, it feels the same, and it works the same. It would even seem that the teams that produced both use the very same developer’s kit.

And since Terrarium TV used to work very well, too, the similarity is good because Titanium TV is also very functional. Moreover, the content catalog is quite exciting, and many titles are available as full HD streams.

It’s light, functional, easy to install, and works perfectly on every member of the Amazon Gadget Family.

This Fire Stick app is unavailable currently, so it’d be best if you try another app from this list for the time being.

6. Popcornflix

  • Installation: Officially available on Amazon App Store. However, only 60 supported regions of the Amazon App Store can access it. So, the rest must be installed through a third-party APK download.

Popcornflix LLC became Soul Entertainment’s property in 2017. Video streamers name it the very best SolarMovie alternative. It’s another video streaming app that will get plenty of free movies and TV episodes. This app spawned from a successful free video-streaming website that aimed to provide as much digital entertainment as possible at no cost to its users.

The catalog in Popcornflix is more expansive than your usual free website. Documentaries, foreign films, original web series. Every kind of user will find something to watch at Popcornflix.

7. BeeTV

  • Installation: Via a third-party APK download.

BeeTV is an app that includes access to an endless collection of movies and TV shows. So, if you’re into binging, this one will keep you busy for weeks with plenty more content.

As with many apps of this type, BeeTV doesn’t host anything. Instead, it’s an aggregation hub that will gather the videos you want from the internet.

The best quality links are available with a Real-Debrid account, and the library gets regular updates.

8. NovaTV

  • Installation: Using a third-party APK download.

This app has movies, series, and TV shows by the thousands. It’s straightforward to customize, and it’s updated very often, so you can get the latest content from the TV and film industries.

An extra-cool feature is an integration with MX Player (probably the best media player out there) for the highest quality and smoothest possible viewing experience.

9. FilmPlus

  • Installation: Through a third-party APK download.

Many free video streaming apps for the FireStick platform offer movies and TV shows. But, of course, some would say there are too many already, so it’s hard to know the good ones. FilmPlus is a relative newcomer, but it’s become a fan favorite in no time at all.

The video content library on FilmPlus is comprehensive. It finds new content by crawling host websites and collecting new streaming links. Many of those links are high quality to have the best possible resolution and viewing experience.

The interface is what you would expect from an app like this. By that, we mean that it will be easy for you to get its gist and navigate it intuitively very quickly. Moreover, if you have an additional premium debris account, you can unlock even more high-quality links.

10. CucoTV

  • Installation: Via a third-party APK download.

If, as a Fire TV user, you’re also an enormous video streaming enthusiast, then the name ZiniTevi will surely ring a bell for you. ZiniTevi is gone. But CucoTV is a clone and an acceptable alternative to the original one. It lets you stream the newest movies and TV shows. You can see all its content for free.

This app also supports downloads to have content to see when you’re offline. Be prepared to wait for a little, though. Starting a stream will take about half a minute each time you try.

The design is clean, simple, and easy to use. Other features include auto-play, subtitles in many languages, and Trakt integration. The Trakt thing lets you synchronize your viewing history with other devices. So this app brings you the standard service from a free streaming app but with a bit of extra.

11. BBC iPlayer

  • Installation: Through a third-party APK download using the Downloader app.

BBC is the internet app of the United Kingdom’s famous BBC. It’s among the most popular video streamers in the UK, as it will let you see almost all of the content the BBC has to offer if you’re a fan of TV shows, documentaries, movies, news, or Dr. Who. 

The BBC is one of the most renowned content producers in the world, and it delivers its content outside the UK through several media and broadcasting partners (most notably, HBO in the US). So BBC shows have fans everywhere in the world, and this is the app that will get them to you.

Of course, the BBC iPlayer is supposedly available only for UK users. Fortunately, this is not a problem that a good, premium VPN network won’t solve for you in a heartbeat.

12. CineHub

  • Installation: Through a third-party APK download.

This is an excellent app that serves a niche audience. This app’s movies and TV shows are tailored toward lovers of classic titles and the latest releases.

Quality is outstanding, and that high quality doesn’t prompt long buffering periods because the servers in the network are speedy and reliable.

Each title you may want to see has many links to choose from. So if one of them is broken or slow, you can try the next one until you find one that will give you a smooth watching experience.

You can watch videos online, too, and it has its own built-in media player that can read several file formats and codecs.

And it’s all free; you need no subscription.

13. Kodi

Kodi is an open-source app that works on several platforms and works on Amazon FireStick devices, too, at no additional cost. Kodi has a good reputation in its field, and the interface is elegant, simple, and friendly.

Installing Kodi on Firestick gives you plenty of options for personal entertainment, and you can pick whatever suits you. So whether you want to have your party playlist or your weekly TV show list, it’s all there for you to organize as you wish. And why should you stop at TV shows? Movies in full HD are there, waiting for you to click and enjoy from your Fire TV device!

A unique feature in Kodi lets you share pictures on any other screen or digital album.

We advise Kodi users to use a VPN such as ExpressVPN along with this service. We’d like every user to do that, but Kodi users could be particularly vulnerable to external surveillance.

14. Stremio (free and paid)

  • Installation: Through APK download from stremio.com.

So, you’re looking for an app that will stream your preferred movies and shows without any complications whatsoever. Try Stremio if that sounds like you. Many devices support this platform, but they are not all the same.

Stremio is much easier to use than any other streaming app. You’ll almost get its gist as soon as you launch it. Any addons you need will be installed online (so no data gets stored locally). In other words, once you install an addon, it’s available on all your other devices, too (as long as you access them from the same account).

There are official and community (or third-party) add-ons. Any of them is available with a single click.

15. Syncler

  • Installation: Through APK download from syncler.net.

This is another relative newcomer whose popularity has risen quickly. It’s a video-on-demand app popular with users because of the extensive catalog it offers. PPV replays, web series, anime, documentaries, TV shows, movies, you name it, it’s all there.

The user interface will remind you of Netflix quite a bit. The home screen allows for customization and gets subtitles, autoplay, and link filtering.

This is not your typical streaming app. For example, it won’t offer you streaming links. Instead, you’ll need to integrate a debris account because that’s the bit that will provide you with links. And Trakt account integration is also available.

16. Plex (free and paid)

  • Installation: By linking Plex to Firestick https://plex.tv/link.

Plex is so much more than a video streaming app. It’s a fully-fledged media management system that can handle all types of content you can throw at it (music, videos, everything). And it’s one of the best too. Plex will allow you to turn your computer into a Plex server to access all your media files from any Plex app you can install on any other device (phones, tablets, other FireSticks).

Besides giving you access to your own files, there are additional plugins (called Plex Channels) that increase the possibilities in your Plex experience, as they can also give you access to unlimited online media.

This is one of the best apps for FireStick.

17. HBO Max (paid)

  • Installation: The official app is available on the Amazon App Store.

HBO Max is among the newer on-demand video streaming apps. However, with the support of the media behemoth HBO, its user base has increased in a very short time.

This app doesn’t only give you the HBO original content you want. It also holds Warner Brothers’ entire catalog (Friends is in there, as well as Looney Tunes), Cartoon Network, and DC.

18. Netflix (paid)

  • Installation: Officially available in apps on Amazon Appstore.

Netflix needs no introduction. If the words “digital entertainment” evoke any company, it has to be Netflix. It’s the poster child for digital video streaming and the most popular platform for movies and TV shows. And, yes, it’s also a FireStick app. While this is a service that you will have to pay for, it’s also one of the best apps you’ll ever have on your device.

Netflix is always loaded with the freshest content, so you’ll never be bored. You’ll also find plenty of titles to enjoy if you’re in the “classic” camp, as it has a whole channel devoted to those shows.

Once you’re a proud Netflix user on your Fire TV device, the same account will cover you on several devices. 

Still not sure? No problem. Just try it. You can have it for free for a whole month before committing any money to this service.

19. TeaTV (free)

  • Installation: Via a third-party APK download.

This one came online at around the same time as the legendary Terrarium TV. Of course, Terrarium was a massive success that spawned an army of clones and imitators. However, TeaTV held its ground and survived to tell the story, unlike the Terrarium original network. It’s still around, and the app has grown steadily since Terrarium disappeared.

The combination of solid content and a clean interface makes TeaTV one of the best choices. The app is light, easy to install, and easy to use.

This app used to be a disaster. Unstable and full of bugs. Things have changed, though. According to us, it’s now a good app you can trust, which is why it’s included among the best apps for FireStick.

20. Hulu (paid)

  • Installation: Officially available on the Amazon App Store, so you can get it directly.

This American streaming platform has a sizeable catalog of content. First, there are the Hulu originals or content from other sources. Either way, it has plenty of exciting options for you to enjoy.

Besides the on-demand program, a Live TV package offers more than 65 live channel TV options. There’s even a bundle with which you will get Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+.

21. Viva TV (free)

  • Installation: Via an APK downloaded from a third party.

The VivaTV video streaming app will get you hundreds of movies, TV shows, and even live sports. All are served into your FireStick device. In addition, the genre catalog is broader here than on most other platforms, as it includes cartoons, anime, and Korean soap operas.

HD resolution is standard within this platform, and you can even find many videos available in 4K ultra-HD. When you want to watch one, you click on a link from the list of available servers, and that’s it.

This is a Debrid app that integrates with your Real-Debird, AllDebrid, or Premiumize accounts. That will improve your user experience quite a bit.

22. Vudu (free and paid)

  • Installation: Through a third-party APK download.

Vudu is a video store that has been around since 2004. It gets you movies and TV shows to watch for free. Of course, it’s all free but also legal (which is not the rule with free video streaming websites and apps).

The app also allows you to buy and rent TV shows and movies, so this is one of the best if you are looking for an all-in-one app.

23. Weyd (paid)

  • Installation: Using a third-party APK hoster.

Very few media streaming apps are truly genuine in that they’re built from scratch. Unfortunately, clones are the rule in the industry (just look at the number of apps that merely rehash Terrarium code and design). But Weyd is one of the rare ones that a developing team wrote from the ground up.

Weyd charges a small fee for users to see a massive catalog of movies and TV shows. Old and new shows, blockbusters.

This app is totally ad-free, which is a rarity in video streaming apps. It also supports integration with Real-Debrid, Premiumize, AllDebrid, and Trakt.

The interface is elegant, nice to see, and easy to use for newbies. And the lack of ads also improves the user experience very much.

24. Crackle (free)

  • Installation: Officially available on the AppStore of Amazon.

This is Sony Entertainment’s free video streaming app. Award-winning movies and shows abound in this app, and the access is straightforward.

If you’re all about the great works in the entertainment industry, you’ll find plenty to watch in this app on your Amazon Fire TV Stick.

While the app and videos are free, you will still need to create an account to use it.

And for those among us worried about the content that can reach your children’s devices, Crackle has a Parental Control feature that filters out age-inappropriate content.

It is available to US audiences only, so you’ll need to unblock Crackle outside the US using a VPN.

25. Shudder TV (paid)

  • Installation: The official app is available on the Amazon App Store.

This app came out of AMC networks. The idea is to ensure that horror, suspense, thriller, and supernatural fiction fans have enough content to suit their taste. This will be your favorite app if those are the genres you enjoy.

Aficionados put together an enormous catalog of horror movies in Shudder TV to the genre so you can trust the quality you’ll get. And if the title you want isn’t available yet, you can fill out a form to suggest it.

The collections within this app are hand-picked. So you can just join the linear channel and binge-watch whatever is there.

The catalog includes classics and newer movies, with more than a hundred exclusive titles on offer.

You can find Shudder TV in the Amazon App Store, but it needs a subscription.

26. Discovery+ (paid)

  • Installation: The official app can be downloaded from Amazon Store.

The Discovery network has been the poster child for the best that paid TV offers for decades–arguably. And the network has plenty to offer you, and their Discovery app should definitely be on your FireStick.

The app gives you what is probably the world’s most extensive collection of non-fiction content as it’s been shown over the years through the channels of the Discovery Network.

It’s a paid app, but it’s among the most affordable ones in the FireStick universe.

27. PlutoTV

  • Installation: You can download Pluto TV on FireStick from Amazon’s official app store.

The thing about on-demand video is that binge-watching it can become boring even if you have the most extensive catalog. That’s where live TV has no competition. And that’s why PlutoTV is such an excellent app to have on your Fire TV device. It always has something new and fresh for you to watch. 

Pluto gives you more than a hundred live TV channels that include a selection of news, sports, and entertainment. The platform also has thousands of TV shows and films.

A new hit movie comes online at Pluto every week, and the developing team constantly updates the app.

28. Paramount Plus (paid)

  • Installation: Its app is officially available on the Amazon App Store.

Once upon a time, there was CBS All Access. It’s gone, but now there’s Paramount Plus instead. Viacom’s streaming app gives you all the content previously on CBS All-access, such as TV channels, sporting events, movies, and TV shows.

More than 12,000 individual TV show episodes, from Blue Blood to Hawaii Five-I, have graced the CBS airwaves. The sports department includes the NFL, the UEFA Champions League, Europa League, Golf Masters, college basketball, and football.

29. Crunchyroll (paid)

  • Installation: Available on the Amazon AppStore officially.

If Japanese anime and Asian entertainment are your cups of tea, you’ll be delighted to know that Crunchyroll, the biggest name in this niche, has a FireStick app.

The number of episodes for anime on Crunchyroll is beyond a quarter of a million, so you could spend more than 15,000 hours watching it non-stop.

Most shows are in their original Japanese, but the app makes translations available.

The Central Asian media producers have already licensed the content on Crunchyroll, so this is not a free app. And if you want the full-fledged experience, you’ll have to opt for the premium account. However, if you like this kind of content, it will be money well spent, and you can cancel it whenever you want.

30. Peacock TV (free and paid)

  • Installation: USA users can download the Peacock TV app directly from the Amazon App Store.

Peacock TV is the NBC (and Comcast’s) ambassador in the streaming app world. It gives you some live TV content and on-demand shows and movies.

All the original NBC shows are here, and many syndicated shows and documentaries are for good measure.

There is plenty of content for you to enjoy with the free plan, but you’ll need to get the Premium or Premium+ plans if you want the whole thing.

31. OneBox HD (free)

  • Installation: Through a third-party APK host. You must also first sideload MV Cast-Player, as it requires an additional video player to work on FireStick properly.

OneBox is one of the first entertainment apps to which new users gravitate as they’re looking for free sources of entertainment.

OneBox had no FireStick app for a while, and the remote-control compatibility was also an issue. However, all those issues are solved now, and the latest versions of this app are very FireStick-friendly.

The “HD” in the app’s name does not complement the name. However, this app indeed provides high-quality HD inks.

However, the app is not perfect. It has plenty of new content, but you must search for it if you want to find it; it’s not easy to see at first glance. Also, it hasn’t been updated for a while.

So, OneBox HD has a reputation; it’s been around for a while, and it’s not a bad app. However, you’ll find plenty of better options within this list.

32. Disney+ Hotstar (paid)

  • Installation: Official Amazon Store app is available so that you can install Disney+ on FireStick right from it.

Formerly known as Hotstar, this service comes from India, a VOD owned by Star India.

As the name would suggest, this app will get you the same content as the Disney+ subscription, giving you live sports, TV shows, and movies in 17 languages.

While this is an Indian service intended for Indian audiences, its place of origin makes it an affordable service that could be very attractive to many people from other countries because it offers a lot of exciting content. 

33. FreeFlix HQ (free)

  • Installation: Through an APK provided by FreeFlix itself.

FreeFlix HQ is pretty much as the name implies. There are many famous movies and TV series within your reach, from a catalog that includes everything and is, additionally, entirely free.

A straightforward interface and a good search engine will help you find your desired titles. In addition, the app gets regular updates.

This app gives you good value, which isn’t much to expect from a free app.

34. Tubi (free)

  • Installation: You can install the official Tubi TV on FireStick from the Amazon Store.

Tubi is a video streaming app for the FireStick family of devices. It’s similar to Netflix in functionality and content offering, except that there is no need to pay or have an account to use this one.

The platform’s content is updated every week. The catalog includes children’s shows, anime, sitcoms, series, and movies.

The lack of fees in Tubi means that when using this app, you will be pestered with ads that will become annoying rather quickly.

Tubi serves only users based in the US. However, this problem is trivial to solve with a decent VPN service.

35. SonyLIV (free and paid)

  • Installation: The official SonyLIV app is available on the Amazon App Store.

This is the app that Sony Pictures Network India puts forward as a general entertainment option. Movies, TV shows, and even sports events are here; they’re all free. However, the premium content needs a premium account, so there’s that.

And what is that premium content, we hear you ask? SonyLIV includes many international shows, TV channels, live sports like the FA Cup, the Uefa Champions League, WWE events, etc.

This app and a few others that are developed and commercialized with the Indian market in mind give outstanding value for money for Western users because they’re relatively cheap. 

36. Viki (free and paid)

  • Installation: In supported regions, the official Viki app for FireStick devices is available on Amazon Appstore.

Viki is your free window to the world of Asian entertainment. K-pop, Chinese dramas, Korean dramas, and more are all powered by Rakuten.

The subscription model is Freemium, and the app is in the Amazon App Store. Your Viki Pass will unlock additional content and save you from putting up with the ads.

37. Boomerang (paid)

  • Installation: Boomerang is officially available for US customers on the Amazon App Store.

Boomerang is a cartoon channel that has been around for ages. It’s a well-known option for children’s entertainment and is now an option for you to install in your Fire TV. 

While cartoons are usually considered shows for kids, some of the titles in Boomerang’s catalog (Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny, The Smurfs, The Flintstones) offer something for viewers of any age.

You can try Boomerang free for seven days, but once your first week is gone, you will have to subscribe –the monthly fee is about 5 USD:

38. Rokkr (free)

  • Installation: Through an APK downloaded from a third-party provider.

Rokkr is yet another app for the Amazon Fire TV that will allow you to watch video streams of movies and TV series. Unfortunately, this one is not in the Amazon App Store, so you need to download it from a third-party website.

But once you’ve downloaded and installed it, it will give you many TV channels, including many out of the US.

Rokkr is free, and no registration or payments are needed. The app looks, feels, and works very much like a web browser.

The one problem you could find in Rokkr is that a lot of the content on offer is in SD resolution, so if you want high-quality HD streams, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

39. IMDb TV (free)

  • Installation: IMDb TV app is officially available on Amazon AppStore.

It’s not a surprise that IMDb TV has a FireStick app–IMDB is Amazon’s property.

The app grants you free access to the content in IMDB TV, which includes many officially licensed movies and TV series.

This app is intended for US users only, so you will have the best experience possible with this app if you’re there. However, premium VPNs are your friend here. If you absolutely must have IMDb TV access away from the US, a good VPN will bypass the geo-location block.

40. VRV (free and paid)

  • Installation: The app is available on the Amazon App Store for USA users.

VRV is not a general-purpose entertainment app like most of the apps on our list. Instead, this one is all about serving specific market niches. Cartoons, anime, tech shows, and Sci-Fi are most of what’s in VRV’s catalog–there’s plenty more, but those are the main genres.

The massive pool of anime shows may be the VRV’s most vital selling point. And everything is in HD. The ads are the only downside we’ve found, but you have to bet on a premium account if you want to skip them. Like many other Fire Stick entertainment apps on this list, VRV is region-restricted to USA users only. That means you’ll need to have a VPN to access VRV outside the US.

41. Morphix TV

  • Installation: Through an APK provided by a third-party source.

Morphix TV is a MorphTV clone (the next entry on the list). We were unsure about including this one because it’s still under development. But the catalog has persuaded us that it should be here because it’s so large.

42. Morph TV

  • Installation: Via an APK downloaded from a third-party provider.

Morpheus TV is a name in a long list of free video streaming services that became successful, spawned a lot of clones and imitators, and then went offline. Morph TV was one of the Morpheus TV clones, and it’s still alive and kicking while the original Morph TV has left the building.

The current catalog is not expanding anymore, but it has enough good stuff to give you hours of entertainment as it is. However, even if the catalog is not growing, the app gets updated often.

The interface is simple and easy to use. Unfortunately, this app lacks the Real-Debrid support that has become the rule in most competitors.

This FireStick device app is unavailable currently. Consider using an alternative listed in this article.

43. UnlockMyTV

  • Installation: Through an APK file download.

The difference about UnlockMyTV is that it manages to scrap video streaming links of the highest quality from various websites. 1080p videos are abundant here, and you hardly see dead links, which is so annoying with this kind of aggregation app.

It didn’t work for a couple of our testers in recent round of tests. It would be best if you try another app until its status doesn’t get updated here.

The best FireStick apps for sports and Live TV

44. OLA TV (Free)

  • Installation: Through an APK file provided by a third-party provider.

“Cord-cutting” is one of the trends we’ve seen appear on the internet over the last few years. It refers to the “cord” in your cable TV service. You get rid of your cable service and get the same (or more) content online from video services.

OLA TV gets you an extensive collection of satellite TV channels. Many of them are English-speaking from the USA, the UK, and Canada, making it likely that all of your favorite channels will be there.

The Ola TV is compatible with remote navigation, so if you’re into TV streaming and want to cut your cord using your FireStick, this app is a must-have.

45. Sling TV (paid)

  • Installation: The official app is available on Amazon AppStore.

Sling TV was the pioneering internet video platform focused on live TV. If live TV is your priority, this is the first app you should get on your FireStick.

However, if you’re not in the US and still want to get this content, you’ll have to use a quality IPTV service VPN because its servers are geo-blocked and only serve US users.

If you’re more or less aware of the live TV options on the internet, then you surely know that they can be costly. And that’s one of Sling’s advantages for users: it’s relatively cheap as you can subscribe for as little as 20 USD monthly. This most affordable option could be enough for you because the only restriction it places over your service is that you can use only one device on the service at any time.

46. Live NetTV (free)

  • Installation: Using an APK file from a third-party provider.

It’s similar to the last option because it offers many free satellite channels. The channels include UK and US representatives and many other international options. The interface is very FireStick-friendly, so it works very well.

Kids, lifestyle, movies, TV shows, sports, you name it, all kinds of channels are available. And there’s also a video-on-demand section that includes a few films and TV shows.

47. Tea Sports Live (free)

  • Installation: Through a third-party APK file download.

There is no shortage of live sports apps for Amazon FireTV, but Tea Sports Live is different because it focuses on soccer.

If you are a soccer fan, you’ll rejoice at the vast number of games you can watch with Tea Sports Live. The leagues covered include England’s Premiere, Italy’s Serie A, Spain’s La Liga, Germany’s Erste Bundesliga, and France’s Ligue Un. And that’s not everything. The continental tournaments are on the menu, too (and yes, this includes the UEFA Champions and Europa leagues).

What? Didn’t you see that spectacular come-back Real Madrid staged against Manchester City last Tuesday? It happens; we all have to work. But no worries! This app can show you the replay!

Live and pre-recorded matches, highlights, analysis, statistics, details, and trivia. This is the app you must have if you’re into soccer.

48. Stremium (free and paid)

  • Installation: You can download its app directly from the Amazon App Store.

This app used to go by the name of Fitzy TV, and it’s known because it’s available for a wide range of devices (including the NVidia Shield). The app lets you watch over 70 TV channels and turn your device into a DVR.

The DVR feature is, perhaps, the most distinctive feature of this app. You can use it to schedule recordings and view the upcoming programs in the channels you like best.

The free sector of Stremium includes internet-based channels, a constantly expanding list. The other channels come from a provider.

This app requires registration and a validation code to link your app to your TV provider.

49. USTVNOW (free and paid)

  • Installation: Through APK downloaded via any third-party APK distributor.

This app was initially meant to serve US military personnel overseas with domestic TV content.

You’ll start with the six-month free plan, which will get you many classic movies. Then, you’ll need to purchase a subscription. There are two plans for you to choose from at USTV. Both will get you plenty of shows, movies, and TV channels.

50. VUit (free)

  • Installation: It has an official app that you can download from the Amazon App Store.

Local live TV doesn’t get much attention anywhere in the world, but let’s face it, sometimes you need to look at it. If you’re in the US, the FireStick app could be your reference for your local live TV channels. Many other apps offer this kind of content included in their menu. But those apps need subscriptions; this one specializes in local channels and is free.

Hundreds of local TV channels are available in this app, so you can keep updated with all the local news and information you need. 

The app lets you choose the resolution you prefer, from HD, the app’s default, to anything more manageable if you wish.

51. Redbox TV (free)

  • Installation: They have a web streaming feature, redbox.com/stream-free-live-tv. So, all you need to do is install a web browser on FireStick. You can use any of the supported browsers, including Firefox, Silk, etc.

Redbox TV is also a live TV app for Android and FireTV. In addition, it features a massive satellite TV collection that you can stream from several countries and regions.

The interface is straightforward so that you can get started right away. Pick your country or region of interest to get the channel list, and that’s it!

52. SPB TV Wold (free)

  • Installation: Boasts an official app on Amazon AppStore that you can install.

Interested in turning your Amazon FireTV into a bonafide satellite TV? Here’s the app that will enable you to do that! With more than 200 TV channels in many languages, SPB will give you enough satellite TV options for a long time to come.

No payment is required, nor is registration. All you need is to have the app installed on your device, and all those channels are instantly yours to enjoy!

This is a legal app, so it has ads. It has to get money from somewhere to pay for its licensing agreements. However, the ads in SPB are such that they do not disturb the viewing experience, which is a rare thing with ad-supported services.

53. ThopTV (free)

  • Installation: Through APK download from any APK distributor on the internet.

Most users would like to have an excellent free alternative to Netflix, Jio TV, and similar services. And while there are plenty of free options around, finding something that will give you the quality you’ll have on ThopTV is not that easy.

Many other apps compete with ThopTV, but nobody combines the convenience, features, extensive catalog, and reliability of Thop TV. Give it a try, and you’ll find you don’t need that many streaming apps.

54. DAZN (paid)

  • Installation: The official DAZN app is available in the Amazon App Store.

This UK-based sports streaming app gives you live sports events from around the globe. NBA, NFL, Formula 1, MLB, the English Premier League, the Italian Serie A, and other leagues.

If you’re a boxing fan, DAZN has a deal with Matchroom Boxing that allows it to stream several live UK boxing events throughout the year and some MMA fights.

This service requires a subscription, and if you’re going to use it, you must be in Japan, Germany, Italy, Austria, or Canada. But this restriction won’t stop any VPN enthusiast.

55. Exodus Live TV (paid)

  • Installation: Use the APK file downloaded from any APK provider online.

It’s a paid streaming app for FireSticks that gets you nearly nine hundred live TV channels worldwide (with many UK and US-based ones). And that’s not everything. All of these channels are in HD resolution on Exodus Live TV.

Many channels include all types of content, from sports, religion, and children’s shows to anything else you can imagine.

Exodus Live TV’s claim to fame is probably its ability to stream HD videos without buffering, so if high resolution is a priority for you, this is the app you need.

56. TVTap (free)

  • Installation: Through an APK downloaded from an APK distributer online.

This TV app includes an exciting mix of satellite channels from the US, UK, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and many other countries.

The app is customized for remote control and bigger screens, so the user interface is simple and optimized for FireStick users.

57. Players Klub IPTV (paid)

  • Installation: It has an Android app that you can install on your FireStick.

This is another excellent IPTV service. With Players Klub, you access more than two thousand TV channels. Most are from the US, but plenty of channels are from other countries.

This fantastic service is also surprisingly affordable at 8 USD monthly in a market where prices tend to be much higher. So it’s a great deal!

The main idea of Players Klub is the live TV section. However, there is an excellent on-demand section, too, with plenty of movies and TV shows for you to enjoy.

Also, Players Klub prioritizes reliability and high resolutions, which is not the rule in FireStick apps so far.

The app is optimized for FireStick use, so handling and navigating it is straightforward. There’s a Kodi addon, which we do not recommend, but that’s there, nevertheless.

58. ESPN (paid)

  • Installation: An official FireStick app available on Amazon AppStore by the name “ESPN For Fire TV.”

Disney’s sports arm is the biggest name in sports TV globally. So it’s not a surprise that it has a FireStick app, and even less so that it’s good.

ESPN covers hundreds of the most sought-after sporting events globally, and you can see them all with their app. Pick your sport and event, get the passes you need to watch it, and sit back and enjoy it! If there’s something that you want that lasts more than a single day, you can buy monthly or yearly passes–the English Premier League comes to mind.

The FireTV app from ESPN is available in the United States and many other countries. But, as usual, a VPN will get you the service of any country you want if your VPN has a server there.

Try it! It has a seven-day full trial option, so you can have a good look at it before investing your money in it.

59. HD Streamz (free)

  • Installation: Through sideloading via an APK downloaded from any APK distributer on the internet.

This app made our list because of the hundreds of free satellite channels from the USA, the UK, and many other countries.

We’re not big fans of this app’s interface, but you can’t argue with the overall functionality and the Radio and on-demand options. As an option for live TV streaming, it’s a good one.

60. Swift Streamz (free)

  • Installation: Through any third-party APK distributer.

So you’re a TV freak. And you want to have more than seven hundred HD TV channels. Yes, channels are available everywhere in the world. If this sounds like you, then Swift Streamz is for you.

The app has an intuitive interface and fast streams to make your IPTV experience smooth and memorable.

61. Fox Now (free)

  • Installation: The official Fox Now app is available on Amazon AppStore.

The several members of the Fox Media family are each exceedingly popular within their niche. Fox Now is the home entertainment option, and it will get you access to shows such as The Simpsons.

The Fox Now app is free for FireSticks if you have the Fire OS 5 version or later. Otherwise, you’ll need a subscription.

62. CBS Sports (paid)

  • Installation: Boasts an official app that you can download from the App Store.

CBS Sports is the sports arm of the American giant CBS. This app will allow you to see the NFL, the PGA Tour and Championship, the Masters Tournament, WNBA, NCAA, MMA, MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL (and the drafts as well). 

Soccer fans will rejoice knowing that the UEFA Champions and Europa League are available on this app.

Things get even better if you have a Paramount Plus subscription. That will integrate the Brasileiro Serie A and the Argentinian Liga Profesional de Futbol, the leading South American soccer leagues.

63. Philo (paid)

  • Installation: An official Philo app exists on Amazon Appstore.

This live-streaming app gets you more than 60 cable TV channels at a very affordable monthly rate. In addition, the app includes a DVR service with no storage limits.

You can get channels on Philo, including AMC, BET, Crackle, BBC America, Animal Planet, Comedy Central, Food Network, Nickelodeon, and Discovery. Starz and Epix are also available if you buy the right package.

This could have been the perfect cable TV app because of the variety of channels and the low price, except that it has no sports channels and is also not the best option for news.

However, this can be an excellent option if the lack of sports and news fits your viewing habits. And let’s not forget the DVR service included here, which is a perfect addition to have.

64. Fox Sports (paid)

  • Installation: The official app is available in the Amazon App Store.

The Fox Sports network has been around for twenty-five years already. This FireTV app brings this network to your smart TV and all the sporting events it broadcasts constantly.

The app also provides:

  • News and updates.
  • Game details and statistics for upcoming games.
  • General scheduling information for the net seven days.

And on those busy days when you can’t catch a complete match, the highlights and replays section will keep you current on the latest events.

However, this app is not for the cord-cutting users out there. It needs an account and configured TV provider before you can use it. It’s also restricted to US users. This wouldn’t be a problem for overseas users with a streaming VPN, but providing a TV vendor complicates things.

65. Amazon News (free)

  • Installation: The official app is out there in the Amazon App Store.

This free and customizable app makes turning your FireTV devices into news resources easy. It aggregates news content from several providers into a single app.

Your news experience will be tailored to your taste through the custom options in the app. For example, it will detect your nearest metro region and choose news sources relevant to you. Then, the app will keep you updated regularly.

The Amazon News app works along with Alexa, so “Alexa, play local news” is all you need to do to get the ball rolling.

66. Tubox TV (free)

  • Installation: Users can download an official Amazon App Store app. You can also access TuboxTV via a Web Browser on FireStick. Silk browser works best on Fire TV devices.

Tubox is among the newer apps in the live-streaming TV category. It has more than a hundred live TV channels that include something for everybody, especially for Spanish or English users.

The interface is easy to use and includes a guide with all the information you need for the live channels available.

This is an ad-supported app, but of the rare kind that won’t annoy you constantly.

The best video quality is available, with most content in 1080 resolution. In addition, the servers are reliable and fast.

On top of everything, this app is entirely legal and has advantages.

67. Haystack TV (free)

  • Installation: It is an official application available on the Amazon App Store.

Do you consider finding the relevant and reliable news you need akin to finding a needle in a haystack? This is the app you were waiting for. But, unfortunately, if you’ve been looking to cut the cord in the news department, Haystack will take you very far away.

The app gets all the news you want from several sources and offers it to you in a single place. 

More than 300 hundred news channels are available on Haystack TV: Al Jazeera, CNET, Newsy, Yahoo Finance, Newsmax, Euronews, CBS, ABC News, and many more options from the mainstream and otherwise are there for you to watch.

On Haystack, you can search for the trending topics in world news and see the coverage available.

This free app is ad-supported, so there’s that, but as news apps go, you can hardly get one that will get you a wider variety of sources.

68. Distro TV (free)

  • Installation: Available as an official app on Amazon AppStore.

This app attempts to cover two niches simultaneously: live TV streaming and video-on-demand.

You’ll get over 150 live TV channels, including Euronews, Humor Mill, TD Ameritrade, Quello, People TV, Bloomberg, Magellan, Reelz, and Law and Crime. There are also plenty of Spanish-speaking channels.

The on-demand section is not as extensive as the live TV one, but it’s there and has plenty to offer, even if it’s not spectacular.

The app is nice to look at and straightforward to use. The live TV channels are grouped into categories, so finding the ones you want is easy.

69. Local Now (free)

  • Installation: An official Amazon app that you can search by name and install directly from AppStore.

This US-based IPTV service will get you free news, films, TV shows, documentaries, traffic reports, weather reports, and other local goodies.

The Weather Group is the organization supporting this app.

The point of this app is for you to have quick and reliable access to your local news sources and some more content beyond that.

You can localize the app to any place in the US using a zip code.

So, while the local news content would be this app’s differential advantage, it also has thousands of on-demand movies and shows so that you can have some fun between news reports.

If, for any reason, you need to be current on the local affairs of a given zone within the US while you are abroad, you’ll have the problem that this app is meant to serve US-based users. However, even a good free Firestick VPN will clear the way for you, and as long as you know the zip code for the place you want, you should do fine.

70. Locast (free)

  • Installation: It is an official legal app that can be downloaded from the Amazon App Store.

Locast operates in thirty-one American cities, providing a non-profit service that streams television over the internet at no charge.

Using this app requires you to sign up for a free account on the website before launching it. Then, the website gives you an activation code. Once your account is set, you can watch everything from your FireStick app.

This is not the best option if you need to see a given channel from anywhere and it has no on-demand content. This app is 100% live TV channels and nothing more. But a VPN will allow you to localize your service in any American city of your choice where your VPN vendor has a server.

This app is free, legal, simple, and efficient; the streams are reliable and high-quality. It’s a one-trick pony, to be sure, but it knows how to do well the one trick it knows.

The best FireStick apps for news

71. Sky News (paid)

  • Installation: Available on Amazon AppStore officially.

Sky News is among the world’s most famous 24-hour news channels, and this app brings it to your Fire TV device.

The news keeps flowing 24/7 with this channel on your app, and the breaking news is always at the forefront of your app, so you can instantly know where to find the most relevant updates.

Most of the world’s 24-hour news services are plagued with the endless repetition of the same information for hours, but not so with Sky News. It always has fresh news of some type.

72. BBC News (paid)

  • Installation: The official app is available on Amazon App Store.

The British Broadcast Corporation is one of the most respected names in TV worldwide. Its reputation holds when it comes to entertainment and news, which is why this is one of the top apps for the Amazon FireStick.

BBC’s audiences worldwide trust this service implicitly because of the track record of excellence that the journalists in the network have had over the years. And this reliability in the news is now available to you in the app.

The app also includes news articles you can browse and read on your FireTV.

And there’s the hallmark of the BBC experience: no ads or commercials of any kind.

The best Fire TV Stick apps for music

73. YouTube (free)

  • Installation: An official YouTube app is available on Amazon AppStore.

If you’re looking for why video streaming became a thing on the internet, then YouTube is the answer. It’s the most important entertainment platform worldwide, and many among us can’t live without it.

The chances are that you are already a seasoned YouTube user as you read this. So imagine your YouTube experience if you would pump it up with a bigger HD screen using your FireTV device!

This app is one of a handful that absolutely every user will have on any given device. Music, movies, news, everything finds its way to YouTube sooner or later.

The app is free, and you can get rid of the apps with a YouTube Premium account, which costs a monthly fee, but it’s pretty affordable.

74. Twitch (free)

  • Installation: An official Twitch app is available on Amazon AppStore to let you turn your big-screen TV into a personal gaming theater.

Twitch is also a free platform for music or videos. However, it has a different approach to things as it allows average users to contribute content.

The Twitch app lets you view the content you want to see and stream your stuff if you choose to contribute.

Plenty of live video games are usually online for you to watch, and you can help your favorite content creators in several ways (subscribing, giving Bits, and more).

The Affiliate program in Twitch is so convenient that you can quickly turn this platform into a source of income. You just sign up, become verified, and broadcast yourself as you play your favorite game.

75. Spotify (free)

  • Installation: You can download the official Spotify app from the Amazon App Store directly.

If you’re a music lover of any kind, you must already know Spotify is one of your preferred apps on any device you use.

Once you have Spotify on your FireStick, your smart TV becomes a jukebox that can play millions of songs as soon as you log into your account.

Then, your single Spotify account will let you play music on several devices within the same WiFi network. You can control everything from your phone as you synchronize it with your Amazon Fire TV for whatever purpose you have in mind.

There are many music streaming apps for FireTV. And many of them will ruin your listening experience with unwanted audio ads between songs and playlists. Spotify won’t do this to you, which is lovely.

The best utility apps for FireStick

76. Downloader (free)

  • Installation: The Downloader is available as an official app on Amazon AppStore.

Any device needs at least a handful of utility apps, however basic they may be. But then, some utility apps are just too valuable not to have handy, and Downloader is one of those.

Maybe you want to sideload an app. Or you want to download your favorite music video to reproduce offline. This is the kind of task that Downloader performs for you.

It’s reliable and allows you to manage the download process (pause and resume) to maximize your internet connection’s speed.

77. Mouse Toggle (free)

  • Installation: Using third-party APK download.

FireStick and FireTV devices run on an Android version that is slightly different, tweaked to suit the devices’ particularities. However, the apps come in APK files, just like in Android. The similarities are enough for many users to believe that anything that runs on Android will also run on an Amazon FireTV, but life is not always that simple.

Phones and tablets have a touch interface. Not with FireSticks, whose interface needs a remote control. Some apps will work with both touch and remote interfaces, but most are not. So even if an Android app you like gets installed correctly in your FireTV device, you may run into a wall when you try to interact with it because you have no touch interface. Consequently, some Android apps will never be available for you in your FireStick -until the developers re-work them.

But not to worry. MouseToggle is here to help you with that very issue. If you have Mouse Toggle installed on your FireStick, you will be able to use almost every Android app you like with your Amazon device.

The Mouse Toggle will show a pointer on the screen that responds to the navigation keys on your remote control. So there you have a touch technology surrogate that will bring alive any Andoird app you could wish.

This app will solve the Android and FireStick world gap, so you should always have it available.

78. Browser (free)

  • Installation: Installing a Fire TV browser requires you to search for it on Amazon AppStore by typing its name.

Can you imagine your life on the internet without a web browser? Neither can we. But it seems that Amazon can because the FireStick devices do not have any browser installed –frequently.

The advantages and necessity of a web browser on your device are so evident that we won’t try to persuade you. We all know it’s a must-have utility, and we’ll leave it at that.

And what browser should you use? Well, the one you prefer. But Amazon Silk seems to be the browser that performs best with Amazon devices, unsurprisingly.

79. Video & TV Cast (free)

  • Installation: Available as an official Amazon AppStore app.

We have to begin talking about Video and TV Cast with a drawback: it has to work with another app on an Android or iOS device. There’s no way around this.

However, this app is handy for movie and TV enthusiasts once you negotiate that minor hurdle.

The app includes a built-in browser to search for the content you want to see on your FireTV device. Then, they also included a media player that lets you watch it.

80. Allcast (free)

  • Installation: Available as an Amazon AppStore app officially.

This app allows you to screencast. For convenience, you can have the screen of your Android or iOS device projected onto your smart TV.

81. VLC Media Player (free)

  • Installation: Has official Amazon AppStore app.

VLC has been the most comprehensive and reliable media player for a while. It’s an open-source project with ports for almost every operating system out there, and it’s known for its ability to play broken video files because it supports every codec out-of-the-box.

VLC is versatile, powerful, and valuable; it even lets you convert videos from one format to another. It can even download torrents for you!

82. Zoom (free and paid)

  • Installation: Officially available as “Zoom Cloud Meetings” in the Amazon App Store.

Zoom was an obscure app for an extended period until the pandemic visited us all. Then, as virtual meetings became all the rage, Zoom was suddenly in everybody’s minds and devices.

At this point, Zoom has become a household name, and it needs no introduction. You know what it is, what it does, how it works. So just go ahead and install it because the chances are that you will need it sooner or later.

83. Wolf Launcher (free)

  • Installation: It is a third-party application, so you must use an APK file.

The Fire TV version of this launcher is nowhere near as pretty as the Android version you probably know already. However, it’s every bit as practical, and it’s one of the best launchers you can use with an Amazon device.

Not everybody likes to use third-party launchers, but if you do, then this is the one you should have.

84. Aurora Stone (free)

  • Installation: Through an APK downloaded from any distributor online.

No, there’s no official Google Play Store for FireStick Apps. But there’s the Aurora Store. This app gives you an alternative to the Google Play Store app.

The Aurora Store looks and feels very much like Google’s store, so you can feel at home from the beginning.

And yes, you should have this app installed on your device because while the Amazon App Store is handy, its software catalog is much smaller than we would like. Aurora fills that gap by making many Android apps available to your FireTV device.

85. Task Killer (free)

  • Installation: Using an APK file downloaded from a third party.

Android is not Windows, thank you very much. However, you will run into situations where you will have to kill a task now and then. It happens even to the best families. Maybe things got stuck, or everything is sticky, or you just need to get some of your RAM free.

But the app also keeps your device’s cache clean and free of unwanted app data

System maintenance may not be your favorite hobby for your smart TV. However, it’s unavoidable, and Task Killer will help you immensely with it.

86. Aptoide TV (free)

  • Installation: Through an APK download.

Like the Aurora Store, Aptoide seeks to offer you additional apps that you can’t find on the Amazon App Store. As a result, your experience with your FireStick devices is more similar to your standard Android one.

87. MX Player

  • Installation: It is not part of Amazon AppStore but instead is a third-party app. Hence, it will be installed through an APK download.

MX Player is a powerful, versatile, and reliable media player. It’s the only software that can hold a candle to VLC, and it’s even better than VLC in terms of the user interface.

Here’s the thing you need to know about MX Player: if you want a single app that can give you anything you could ever need or want from a video player, MX is the way to go.

88. Analiti Speed Test

  • Installation: Available as a legal app on Amazon AppStore.

We know technical tests are not the reason FireStick devices were created. However, you need to get some tech info now and then, even from your smart TV, which is why you should have an annual speed Test.

This app can test internet speeds, which is good information to know when streaming videos.

89. AIDA64 (free)

  • Installation: Through an APK file downloaded from an online distributor.

This is a diagnostics tool developed for Windows systems initially. However, the version for Amazon devices works, and it’s helpful to know what’s going on with your CPU, RAM, storage, and other things about your device.

90. DefSquid (free)

  • Installation: It has an official app so you can search and install it from the Amazon AppStore directly.

This is a security Swiss army knife for FireSticks. It gets you a virus scanner, a device cleaner, a speed tester, and a geo-location checker in a single package.

91. SmartTube (free)

  • Installation: Through a third-party APK.

It goes without saying that we all love YouTube. It also goes without saying that we all hate the ads.

You can always purchase a YouTube Premium account to eliminate the ads. But you can also get SmartTube and solve the same problem without making any money.

92. ES File Explorer (free)

  • Installation: Available to be downloaded on AppStore as an official app.

File Management is something that we all must do sooner or later on any device we own. This is the app to do it in a FireStick.

93. TikTok

  • Installation: This is available as an official Amazon AppStore app as “More on TikTok.” You can also enjoy TikTok videos on FireStick through Silk and other browsers.

TikTok is one of the apps that everybody either loves or hates. The focus on a short attention span makes it a hateful source of content for many users, but TikTok is here to stay, and you can’t be current in terms of contemporary digital life without it.

94. AirScreen (free)

  • Installation: It has an official app that you can install directly from Amazon AppStore.

This app will allow your smart TV to mirror your iPhone’s screen. It also works with Android devices.

95. Vysor

  • Installation: Using a third-party APK download.

It’s always good to have the option to control any device from afar. For example, Vysor lets you control your Firestick via remote access.

How to install the app of your choice on Firestick

FireStick apps

You can install any of the above-listed apps on Amazon Firestick by either installing official apps from Amazon Appstore or downloading a third-party APK.

Installing a Firestick app that’s available on Amazon App Store

If an app is officially available on the Amazon App Store, follow the steps below to install it:

  1. Head over to the search icon.
  2. Search for the app.
  3. Click on it and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.

Installing an app that’s officially not available on Amazon App Store

Suppose your favorite app isn’t available on the Amazon App Store. In that case, you can still download it from any APK provider on the internet, primarily for free, to enjoy live TV, movies and TV shows, and more on your Amazon streaming stick device.

Follow the steps below for installing an app not available on Amazon Appstore:

  1. Select the Find (or click on the magnifying glass/lens located in the top-left corner if you have an older Firestick version) option you see on the FireTV home screen.
  2. Click Search, located in the middle left on the next window.
  3. Now, look up the Downloader application and follow the onscreen instructions for installing it. (We will use the Downloader app to install (aka sideload) the app on FireStick manually.)
  4. Go to the FireStick home window and select Settings.
  5. Open My Fire TV you see there.
  6. Click on Developer options now.
  7. Select Install unknown apps on the following window that appears before you. (If your FireTV device runs on an older OS version, you may select Apps from Unknown Sources followed by clicking Turn On.)
  8. Locate the Downloader app there and turn the option ON for it.
  9. Get your hands on an APK download URL of the app from a third-party APK distributor. For that, head over to Google.com and search for an APK of the Firestick app you want to install. For example, search “[App name] APK.” (Of course, search without the quotes and replace ‘App name’ with the app for which you need an APK.)
  10. Launch Downloader now. Click on the URL field you see in the right section.
  11. Enter the APK download URL you got from a third-party APK resource.
  12. Click on GO.
  13. Your chosen app’s APK will get downloaded on FireStick. The process might take a minute or two.
  14. A prompt will display; click on Install.
  15. When you see the App Installed notification, click Done. Do not click Open yet.
  16. Next, select Delete for the Downloader app prompt you see.
  17. Click on the Delete button again. (By doing so, you successfully deleted the app’s APK from your FireStick storage. (As the app is installed, you no longer need that APK file.)
  18. That is it. You have now installed the app you wanted on FireStick.
  19. Locate the 3-dot icon on the Firestick home screen and scroll down until you see your newly installed app. Open it and start enjoying all the content you want!


So now we’ve told you. There are plenty of excellent apps to make the most of your Amazon FireStick experience, both within and without the Amazon App Store.

Indeed, the number and types of apps you can use on your Amazon device are so vast that the right combination of apps will enable you to do many more things than you had in mind when you first bought your Amazon FireTV.

And if you don’t have a FireStick yet, looking at our app list may persuade you that these little devices can be so powerful that you should get one as soon as possible.

In any case, notice that the first app we listed is ExpressVPN. The incredible power an Amazon device can afford you if you know how to unleash it can also unlock a world of security problems you don’t need or want.

Use your FireTV device in any way you see fit. Enjoy it. But whatever you do with it, always stay safe.


Yes, it’s perfectly legal. That’s why Amazon gives you the option to install apps from unknown sources. After all, the device is yours.

The answer to this question is ExpressVPN. If your device is jailbroken, some of its protective measures by default are no longer protecting you. Thus, you need to ensure you are safe as you go online through your smart TV, and ExpressVPN is the best app that can do that for you.

If you want the smoothest Live TV experience on your FireStick, try Live Net TV, Ola TV, or HD Streamz.

Many of the apps we listed are very good at movie streaming. But if you want us to hand-pick a couple of them, then Typhoon TV or Cinema APK would be our choices.

Apps like Cinema HD will let you download a movie to your device. But you shouldn’t do that. Storage space is not among the most remarkable features of any smart TV, so the chances are that downloading a whole movie to your device will create more problems for you than it will solve.

Plenty of other devices can use FireStick apps: Android TV, NvidiaShield, Fire TV Cube, and Amazon Fire TV are the most usual ones.

You can get anything you want on your FireStick as long as an app can give it to you, including local channels. Several of the Live TV apps we suggested in the article include local media to watch on your smart TV.

Try restarting your device. Disconnect the power cord, wait a few seconds, and then reconnect it. Then, use your remote to restart your device.

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