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What about users’ data privacy as Google completes Fitbit acquisition
WhatsApp to share users’ data with Facebook after recent Privacy Policy update
Demand for privacy coins may spike in 2021 following the establishment of CBDCs
Spotify hack paved the way for users to upload bootleg remixes as podcasts
NordVPN goes supersonic with latest 10Gbps servers speed upgrade
Europol and FBI take action against Safe-Inet VPN service for helping cybercriminals
US’s FTC seeks privacy information from video streaming and social media giants
Menstruation apps share users private data with third-parties, reports Privacy International
Australia’s consumer guardian accuses Facebook over deceptive VPN app
Facebook to shift UK users from EU’s privacy jurisdiction to California post-Brexit
Privacy wallets are used for more than 13% of money laundering crimes, reports Elliptic
French ePrivacy monitor charges Google and Amazon with hefty penalties for breaching Cookies Policy
Apple tightening websites and app privacy as it gears up to release anti-tracking feature
Taiwanese electronics leader Foxconn becomes a victim of ransomware; attackers demand $34 million
Edward Snowden asks Donald Trump to free Wikileaks founder before leaving the White House
Google updates its Privacy Policy; introduces additional privacy for Chrome extensions
After Chrome and Firefox; fake add-ons turn up to Microsoft’s Edge
Facebook fixes a major bug; saves millions of Android Messenger users from getting spied
Sci-Hub tracks researchers using spyware; SNSI claims
Canadian government to amend privacy laws; bill legislation expected this week
EU privacy activist group Noyb claims Apple tracks users, files two complaints
Popular pirate sites suddenly vanishing from DuckDuckGo search results
New malware dubbed ModPipe identified; targets Oracle PoS systems
League of Legends: Riot announces new VPN policy; blocks access to Wild Rift Beta
Australia’s Scamwatch warns Netflix users of a new phishing scam
Google to launch its very own VPN service for U.S. Google One customers
Exclusive: A new bitcoin jackpot scam hits users’ cell phones
Google Accused of Data Breaches by Australia’s Consumer Watchdog
COVID-19 contact tracing applications are privacy snares, Defcon
The European Union to Scrutinize Tiktok’s Privacy and Data Processing Practices


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