How to Unblock Spotify in Any Country in 2024 (Quick Hacks)

Douglas Mabiria  - Expert Tech Reporter
Last updated: January 1, 2024
Read time: 19 minutes

Want to get past geo-blocking and unblock Spotify? You can get Spotify web player unblocked (or the app) with a proxy server or VPN. This article explains how.

Spotify has emerged as the largest and most popular music streaming service today. But despite its global availability, it doesn’t serve its customers with the same content due to the underlying copyright and licensing issues. Hence, not all Spotify users can enjoy their favorite music if they are outside a specified location. Nonetheless, users can easily unblock their desired Spotify library anywhere using a robust VPN.

Spotify services are geographically unavailable in several regions across the globe. So, while it is accessible in several European countries and South and North America, it has limited availability in Asia and Africa. Therefore, you’ll only be left drooling, unable to listen to your favorite music in countries like Pakistan, Russia, and China.

Spotify may also have restricted availability within authorized locations. For example, schools, workplaces, universities, and alike may also block Spotify on their networks.

But worry no more, as this detailed guide explains how you can unblock Spotify anywhere, regardless of location.

How to unblock the Spotify app easily (the quick guide)

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