How to watch FOX Sports GO anywhere outside the US online in 2022

Ruheni Mathenge Last updated: October 30, 2022 Read time: 17 minutes Disclosure

Cannot access FOX Sports GO? This straightforward guide will let you watch FOX Sports Go online with rigorously tested VPNs from anywhere outside the US.

Sports enthusiasts can’t get enough news, highlights, and content related to their favorite teams, players, and tournaments. FOX Sports GO is a fantastic resource to keep up with all the sports news you want — but only if you’re within the US, and not anywhere else. If you’re overseas, then the live sports events and replays are not on the menu for you.

But there’s no need to worry. You can still see all the domestic FOX Sports GO content you want if you add a good VPN service into the equation. VPNs can spoof your IP address (the bit of data that gives away your location to the web servers on the Internet). So if you pick a US-based server to connect to your VPN’s network, then FOX Sports Go will regard you as a domestic US user.

And then you can watch anything you want. Every NFL game on the platform (including the Super Bowl), see the MLB highlights, see NBA replays. All the sports on offer are yours to enjoy, wherever you are in the world, at the price of a VPN, which will give you many other advantages anyway. But before you get too excited, you need to know the small print in the Fox Sports Go terms of use: if you want to have all the catalog available to you, it’s not enough for you to be in the US, you must also have a TV service subscription (Hulu or Sling TV, for example).

Among other helpful information, this article will show you how you can use the three best VPN services on the Internet to work around Fox Sports Go’s geo-location restrictions and unlock all the available content for US-based users.

Watching Fox Sports Go anywhere in the world – Quick guide

If you already have an idea of what you need to do, in this section, we will give you three easy steps that will get you the Fox Sports Go content you want to see. After that, another section will describe everything in further detail, but for those readers in a hurry, here’s the gist:

  1. Get an account with a top-notch VPN vendor whose network includes US-based servers. NordVPN is our top choice for this task.
  2. Once you’ve downloaded and installed any apps provided by your new vendor for your device, go ahead and provide your credentials to enter the VPN network. Choose any US server you want and connect.
  3. Sign in to your Fox Sports Go account. And that’s it! Now you have all the content available to you!

How to watch Fox Sports Go without a cable subscription, using Hulu or Slint TV instead

If you don’t live in the US, you obviously can’t have a cable subscription in that country. The bad news is that the Fox Sports Go platform requires viewers to be with some TV service.

But there’s no need to worry. Hulu Live TV or Sling TV will do the trick as well, so you can sign up with either of those and get full access to Fox Sports Go. You don’t even need a US credit card or PayPal account if you sign up using a gift card!

So here’s how you sign up for Hulu or Sling:

  • Get an account with a top-notch VPN vendorNordVPN is the way to go for us, but there are other good options too.
  • Connect to your VPN. Pick a server based in the US.
  • Visit They have Hulu and Sling TV gift cards on offer, so search for the one you prefer.
  • Buy the gift card of your choice according to the provider and the card value you want. You can pay for it with a credit or a debit card and PayPal. PayPal users could be required to verify their identity as a security measure.
  • The fit card will arrive in your email inbox within a few minutes. So please sit back and wait a bit until it gets there.
  • Point your web browser to your preferred TV provider’s webpage.
  • Sign up for an account there.
  • Provide the gift card details as you can read them in your email. Please notice that you will need to enter a valid US zip code, so look one up in Google so that it’s ready for you when you need it.
  • Now turn your browser to the Fox Sports Go website. Sign in or up with your new Hulu or Sling details.

Why you need a VPN to watch Fox Sports Go while away from the US

Sports video streams within the Fox network are only available for those who connect from the “legal” broadcasting region — the geographical space for which Fox holds the broadcasting rights of the sports, leagues, or teams it shows. So if you connect from elsewhere in the world, the network will not offer you that content to avoid incurring a violation of its broadcasting agreements.

Reaching the Fox sports network with the mediation of a VPN service unlocks that content for you if you choose a US-based server. The reason is that when the VPN connects to the Fox streaming platform on your behalf, it won’t show your real IP address. Instead, it will show Fox an IP address from the VPN network. Therefore, if you picked a US-based server, Fox will see you as a US-based user and treat you accordingly.

What are other uses for a VPN service?

VPNs are one of the most versatile tools in the digital world. They can get you connected to many sports streaming websites and services across the globe. For example, you can use a VPN to watch location-specific sports, such as NFL games or blacked-out MMA matches. In addition, you can get the entire Netflix video catalog regardless of your location in the world.

The best VPNs will let you bypass Internet censorship in the world’s most Internet-unfriendly countries, such as China or the UAE.

Last but not least, a good VPN will protect your security, privacy, and anonymity online. It will encrypt all your traffic and hide your accurate IP address from the world.