How to watch Tubi TV outside the US in 2022

Aliu Isa Last updated: October 13, 2022 Read time: 14 minutes Disclosure

Tubi TV offers excellent movies and popular shows for free, but it's restricted to USA users. Here is how you can watch it outside the US, anywhere globally.

Video streaming platforms on the internet that can offer a vast catalog of titles (in both movies and TV shows) for free while remaining legal are few and far between. Tubi TV (owned by Fox) is one of those rare services, which is why it’s a very sought-after service.

Tubi TV has copyright agreements with Paramount, Lionsgate, and MGM, so it can offer a lot of legal content that is both fresh, interesting, and exclusive. The platform’s flagship shows include The LostRoom, Death Note, and Taboo, so this website will surely be your cup of tea if you’re a fan.

So it’s plain to see why Tubi TV is a desirable website to visit (or app to have on your device). There’s a catch, though. Tubi TV is a geo-restricted service that only serves users from the US. So American users can use it freely, but if you’re overseas, then you can’t.

However, the platform’s geo-restrictions are no reason for users abroad to give up on this service. On the contrary, a good VPN service will open the Tubi TV doors for you without problems, and this article will show you which are the best VPNs for that task and how to do it.

A simple, quick guide to watching Tubi TV outside the US

The following simple steps will grant you the access you want to Tubi TV wherever you are around the globe:

  1. Consider your choices in the VPN market, especially the best premium service. Then, choose one (ExpressVPN would be best) and open an account.
  2. Find the apps, download, and install the apps provided by your VPN for the device of your choice.
  3. Launch the VPN app. User your credentials to log in.
  4. Choose a server located in the USA to join the VPN network.
  5. That’s it. Head over to and start watching it!

So why do I need a VPN to watch Tubi TV when I’m not in the USA?

Legality is the ultimate reason you can’t get access to TubiTV outside the US. Having the legal distribution rights to any given content requires agreeing with the company or individual that owns the rights on how much compensation the owner will get and the geographic regions where the content can be shown.

So Tubi TV has paid MGM, Paramount, and Lionsgate for the right to stream their content. However, the agreement only allows Tubi TV to show its content within the USA. Therefore, the website analyzes the IP addresses of every incoming connection to ensure they are from the US. 

This is where the VPN comes in. A good VPN service performs two services for its users: first, it encrypts all the incoming and outgoing traffic from your connected device. Second, it spoofs your IP address.

That means that the VPN network always hides your actual IP address, and the VPN shows the world a different IP address as yours. The new address comes from the VPN server you’re using in your VPN network. So, for example, if you choose a US-based server from your VPN network and then connect to the Tubi TV servers, the server will see you as a US-based user–and it will give you the corresponding service.

So a premium VPN will unlock this video platform for you. But a top-notch VPN will also give you many other additional features that will enhance your digital life significantly, so it’s a win-win situation for you.

The best five VPNs to watch Tubi TV

The VPN market is overcrowded. There are too many providers out there, and most are below par. However, telling the wheat from the chaff is not an easy task. It demands time, energy, resources, and expertise; sometimes, it also needs international collaboration. So how can you tell which are the best VPNs you could use to unlock Tubi TV when you’re not inside the US?

We have good news for you. First, you don’t need to do the work. Our staff already did all the required research and test to determine the best five VPNs to unlock Tubi TV, and we’re about to share our staff’s findings with you.

We chose the best VPNs for this task according to their connection speeds and reliability, the number of servers available in the US, and their privacy policy–they are all excellent regarding security.

So these are our winners.

1. ExpressVPN


Our top choice for watching Tubi TV in and outside the USA.

servers More than 3,000 VPN servers available in 90 countries worldwide
encryption Robust AES-256-bit of encryption
protection Strong protection against Web/DNS leak
P2P optimized servers All server are P2P friendly
Kill switch Effective kill switch feature
Zero-logs policy No data retention
simultaneous connections Allows up to five simultaneous devices per account
money-back guarantee 30 days of refund policy

  • Multiple US servers
  • Top-notch security for its users
  • Reliable customer support by live chat
  • Small numbers of simultaneous connections