The 9 best streaming services in 2023

Ruheni Mathenge Last updated: March 25, 2023 Read time: 31 minutes Disclosure

This guide lists the nine best streaming services for ultimate wireless binge-watching. So find your best pick, subscribe, and start streaming.

Sneak peek at the best streaming services

Online streaming has revolutionized the entertainment industry, driving everyone from content producers to consumers to a cable-free realm. Today, many streaming services offer free or paid availability of movies, TV shows, kids’ stuff, sports, and more. But not all of them are safe to stream since some are illegal or host malicious content. Therefore, this guide lists the best streaming services you can access anywhere without fear.

Are you considering cutting off your digital cord to your cable provider? It’s a great idea! We like it! There are plenty of excellent video streaming platforms offering the best content you could want in more cost-effective ways.

HBO Max keeps releasing the most sought-after TV series, while Netflix, the streaming king, has almost everything. Moreover, Amazon Prime is hitting the jackpot with Wheel of Time. Also, other platforms like Paramount Plus, Disney Plus, and more have not exploded yet, but it’s unavoidable that they will, sooner or later. And these are just the most standard options; we haven’t mentioned live TV or sports websites.

Top 5 streaming services in 2023 – Quick list

  1. HBO Max. The most anticipated movies in your phone as they arrive in theaters along with HBO original content and the complete Warner Brothers Catalog.
  2. Netflix. The mother and father of all streaming services remains strong.
  3. Disney Plus. A cultural icon behind family-friendly entertainment now includes the Marvel and the Star Wars universes.
  4. Hulu. A general interest service with a lot of content.
  5. Sling TV. Affordable and famous, there’s much to like in Sling TV.

So, precisely, numerous excellent streaming platforms are there, enabling you to cut the cord. In addition, website or app subscriptions give you greater flexibility to cancel and come back at your pleasure, better pricing, personalized content choice. Most importantly, web streaming empowers you to pay for the content you want to see instead of paying for a package that includes most channels that won’t appeal to you.

The trend in entertainment is clear: Smart TV and web streams are gradually replacing the cable boxes in every home. The future belongs to the Rokus and the Chromecasts. The cable services are indeed lucky that, since they tend to be the world’s ISPs, they won’t go out of business altogether.

Having a good panorama of the best streaming services is essential in this context. This information enables you to build the ultimate TV menu, tailored to your taste, in which every cent you spend is justified by the content you are consuming. Your ideal menu will include the standard video platforms and live TV, news, and sports channels. So, there is no reason for you to miss out on any content you like.

Best video streamers on the internet: Who are they?

Netflix dominates the online web video streaming niche decisively. However, HBO Max has a solid place because it provides a unique alternative regarding its content.

However, Netflix’s position in the industry is not a fact of nature. It can and will be challenged by competitors soon because Netflix has grown complaisant, and they’ve bought their publicity — they believe they are invincible. The recent spike in Netflix pricing shows how the giant is abusing its advantages. This kind of behavior, which we’ve seen in the past from IBM, Microsoft, Intel, and other supposedly unbeatable forces, tends to be punished by the digital markets.

And there are some chinks in Netflix’s armor that are starting to show. For example, think about Matrix Resurrections. Let’s not discuss how good (or terrible) it is. The point is that it had two decades of fan expectations behind it. So it came online, and it became the central item in the industry, even if for a short period. And it had little to do with Netflix.

Yes, Netflix has Squid Game and a few other series that are the talk of the town worldwide. But none of its movies can come close to the noise Matrix Resurrections made, and this is an industry in which perception is everything.

We don’t mean that Netflix is going out or that we’re about to cancel our account. Squid Game remains a hit, and then there’s Locke and Key’s third season. Also, Netflix enjoys the massive advantage of having arrived there first. All its features are “standard,” although most of the competition is still struggling to achieve them or even realize that matters to users. And there’s the issue of the broad catalog it still has. Nobody comes close, at least within the legal services.

Sling TV is one of the best options in the live TV realm. It’s customizable and relatively accessible, even as it increased the subscription price by five USD since January 2022. But the new app is not exactly impressive.

FuboTV is a bit pricey, but the wide variety of sports events it offers makes it stand out.

9 best streaming platforms in January 2023 – Detailed list

1. HBO Max

It may not be the biggest, but it’s the best.

  • Pros: It has the whole Warner Brothers catalog (including friends), collections from Sesame Street, Adult Swim, and TCM, blockbuster movies as they are in theatres.
  • Cons: The fee is higher than the market’s average, and the 4k resolution options are meager.

HBO Max gives you everything HBO could and much more! Both services have many currently running favorite shows (Insecure, for example) and the complete Westworld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Veep.