How to Watch DAZN Outside Canada in 2024

Nicholas Nabakwe  - Streaming Reporter
Last updated: January 1, 2024

Learn how to stream DAZN from outside Canada, anywhere in the world. While the article also covers other methods, using a premium VPN is the best way to access the sports content you love.

While watching DAZN is indeed an entertaining experience, the platform’s restricted availability inside Canada stops many content fans from streaming their favorite sports abroad. However, changing one’s IP address to a Canadian one can help the user spoof its online location as Canada, thus unblocking DAZN even abroad. This guide explains how to do it using VPNs and other viable methods.

DAZN is a sports subscription streaming service that operates in several countries, including Germany, Japan, Austria, Switzerland, and Canada. The service provides live streaming of sports events. While this facility is available to subscribers in Canada, you lose it if you travel abroad. That’s where sports lovers start scratching their heads to access DAZN outside Canada.

When you travel to a country not supported, you cannot access the service. The only reliable way to watch DAZN outside Canada is by finding a premium VPN service that can help you change your IP country.

For that, you need a quality VPN because if you try to access the service from an unpermitted region, you’ll get an error message like this.

The company applies geoblocking to ensure anyone outside of the approved locations cannot unblock the DAZN channel online. It boasts such a robust geo-blocking algorithm that you need the best VPN service to overcome the restrictions.

But where would I find such a VPN, we hear you ask.