Learn all about antivirus and how you can protect yourself from malware and viruses today.

The 10 Best Android Antivirus to Use in 2023

Raji Oluwaniyi Last Updated: August 11, 2023
Many Android users install antivirus software on their smartphones to protect them from malware attacks. However, the utility of an…
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How to Remove the Geek Squad Scam (2023 Updated Guide)

Ruheni Mathenge Last Updated: July 31, 2023
Have you recently received a message informing you about a renewal for a service you don’t remember subscribing to? If…
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Bitdefender vs. ESET: Which One Comes Out at the Top in 2023?

Muhammad Ahmad Last Updated: May 2, 2023
ESET and Bitdefender are two of the most popular antivirus programs currently available on market. The great majority of clients…
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How to Remove a Virus From Your iPhone or Android Phone

Abeerah Hashim Last Updated: June 18, 2023
Today, almost every individual on Earth has a mobile phone, specifically a smartphone. And every user knows how to protect…
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How to remove Yahoo Search from Google Chrome

Nwachukwu Glory Last Updated: February 7, 2023
Once upon a time, Yahoo was the world’s most crucial web page on the internet. It held a place similar…
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What is Virus and How to Remove It?

Ruheni Mathenge Last Updated: July 10, 2023 is one of the popular YouTube to MP3 converter websites. If you provide with a YouTube link, you…
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What is malware, how it works, and how to remove it?

Ruheni Mathenge Last Updated: February 7, 2023
The term ‘malware’ refers to any malicious software designed to intentionally manipulate or interrupt a device’s normal functionality. These include…
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7 best free antivirus software for top-notch protection in 2023

Ruheni Mathenge Last Updated: April 26, 2023
An antivirus is a great tool for protection against malware and other computer viruses. Your device faces tons of threats…
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Avast vs Windows Defender: Which antivirus is best among the two

Abeerah Hashim Last Updated: January 9, 2023
If you use Windows as your regular operating system, you know that antivirus software is not optional. Seriously, unless you…
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The 5 Best Antivirus Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2023

Ali Qamar Last Updated: July 10, 2023
Let us tell you something the antivirus software industry doesn’t want you to know: you can’t scan an iOS device…
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