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9 best antivirus software with parental controls for 2021

Today, more than ever, it has become even more complicated to protect every single phone and gadgets your kids use, let alone monitor their activities online. Luckily, there are many good antiviruses with free parental control available. This option is a modern-day solution to modern-day problems. Yes, it is now… 10
Last Updated: December 31, 2020 by Nwachukwu Glory

10 best antivirus software for 2021 (Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS)

Whether it’s about your Windows PC, laptop, Mac, tablet, smartphone, or anything, all devices are continuously exposed to malware attacks. Thus, having a stealthy antivirus program today is inevitable for every device you use. Indeed, with time, traditional viruses and malware have evolved drastically to become unbeatable. Therefore, you cannot… 10
Last Updated: December 31, 2020 by Abeerah Hashim

What is malvertising, and how to protect against it?

Ads can be frustrating and annoying, especially when they keep distracting you. But, have you ever wondered if the ads you see on your web browser are legitimate and safe? Some of them are disturbing; some look normal but the irony is there could be malicious codes embedded within ads… 10
Last Updated: December 24, 2020 by Nwachukwu Glory

Is Windows Defender good enough to use in 2021 (yes and no)

Cyber threats have been on the rise lately. Individuals/organizations regularly lose their information through computer-related attacks. Some of the attacks could cause the documents to get corrupt. Others may make them completely missing and cause system malfunction. In some instances, the documents would be encrypted with … 10
Last Updated: December 28, 2020 by Nwachukwu Glory