VPN testing methodology: How we analyze and rank VPNs at PrivacySavvy


This page tells you all about the process we use to test and analyze VPN services before ranking them in articles or anywhere on privacysavvy.com.

We at PrivacySavy do our best to achieve the best, most accurate, comprehensive, objective, and informative VPN reviews on the internet. Thorough tests and first-hand involvement support each review.

In fact, that also applies to all other security products PriacySavvy reviews alongside VPNs.

We are not a marketing agency. Our reviews are written for you.

Each of our reviews is written thinking about a specific type of consumer that has the following priorities in mind:

  • Expects the best security
  • Cares about digital privacy
  • Wants fast speeds and reliability
  • Want to bypass geo-blocks in several types of platforms
  • Is looking for value for money
  • Desires excellent customer service
  • Wants the ability to bypass censorship

While giving unbiased VPN rankings in a particular article, we evaluate as extensively as above, based on that specific use case. Keep reading as we tell you how our staff considers all those variables.

Our VPN testing methodology


IPVanish kill switch feature tested compressed image