How to Watch ESPN outside the US in 2024 (ESPN+ too)

Abeerah Hashim  - Security Expert
Last updated: January 1, 2024
Read time: 20 minutes

Don’t miss the action anymore. Learn how to watch ESPN outside the US and unlock continuous on-demand streaming of your favorite sports anytime, anywhere.


ESPN and ESPN+ are the ultimate bliss for sports lovers, serving them with loads of interesting content around the clock. But these exciting platforms are typically accessible in the US only. Nonetheless, you can unblock ESPN and watch your favorite sports anywhere if you change your online location to the United States. This article shares numerous workarounds to unblock and watch ESPN and ESPN+ anywhere in the world.

Are you a sports lover? Worried about missing your favorite games during your next trip? Don’t worry! Learn how to watch ESPN outside the US at any time.

We know the pain of leaving an exciting league in the middle just because you have to travel abroad without access to your favorite ESPN USA. That’s why we have compiled this guide for you.

Upon reaching the end of this guide, you can stream ESPN on-demand regardless of your current location.

A quick guide to watching ESPN outside the US

In a hurry to watch your favorite UFC fights again? Here’s a quick guide to enjoying ESPN streaming anywhere.

  1. Equip your device with a VPN. Our top recommendation for first-time users is ExpressVPN since it has proven to be the best for bypassing geo-restrictions. But you can use any other VPN of your choice too.
  2. Connect to the right server. For instance, if you want to watch ESPN USA content, you should connect to a US VPN server that shows the best connectivity.
  3. Head to ESPN Player. Simple as that! Since you have changed your online location, you’ll no more face content blocking when you visit ESPN or ESPN+.