This category of PrivacySavvy features thorough and unbiased reviews on VPNs, antivirus programs, personal firewalls, cloud backups, spyware tools, password managers, ad blockers, email services, and other services and products that fall in the digital privacy and security belt!

Browsersec VPN unbiased detailed review


The Browsec VPN is a freemium VPN service headquartered in Russia. It has amassed millions of downlo...

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AVG Antivirus Complete Review

AVG Antivirus

AVG is a popular antivirus program because of its intuitive interface and free offering. It claims t...

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ESET antivirus featured image

ESET Antivirus

We can all agree that the internet, beyond its many advantages, comes with many dangers and risks. S...

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Total Adblock

Total Adblock

Every internet user needs an ad blocker for an uninterrupted, hassle-free internet experience. Ad bl...

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mSpy review


If you’re on this page, you’re probably considering subscribing to mSpy, or you’ve...

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VPNBook review


Are you looking for a comprehensive VPNBook review after discovering this free VPN service for the f...

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VPN Gate review

VPN Gate

Have you been wondering, “What is VPN Gate?” This review explains it all, along with a q...

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Speedify review


Speedify is the latest VPN to pique our interest. Therefore, we decided to test and review this serv...

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iTop VPN

iTop VPN

In an evergrowing technological market, to the extent that risks emerge, so do the tools to improve ...

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ExtremeVPN Review


ExtremeVPN is one of the fastest VPN services and an excellent option for streaming or torrenting en...

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