This category of PrivacySavvy features thorough and unbiased reviews on VPNs, antivirus programs, personal firewalls, cloud backups, spyware tools, password managers, ad blockers, email services, and other services and products that fall in the digital privacy and security belt!

Bright Data review

Bright Data

Formerly known as Luminati, Bright Data aims to position itself as a one-stop proxy provider and dat...

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Urban VPN review


The service is a relatively new entrant in the free VPN market, introduced by Urban Cyber Security I...

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DuckDuckGo review


We all know the feeling of paranoia we get when we hand over our personal information to a website. ...

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Incogni review


Surfshark’s new service, Incogni, is a digital privacy tool that helps you to fight for your r...

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Fastmail review


Privacy is a massive issue with the internet’s most popular email providers. We salute you if ...

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VPNArea review


VPNArea doesn’t have a big name in the VPN arena. It’s rarely featured in “topR...

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Betternet review


Betternet is a free VPN network that boasts 38 million users worldwide. If it were a country, itR...

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Surfshark antivirus review

Surfshark Antivirus

Surfshark has made a name for itself in the digital security industry in no time at all. The Surfsha...

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Kaspersky Antivirus Review


A computer virus or malware can be dangerous as it can delete your files, damage programs, and even ...

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Whoer VPN review


It is necessary to have a good VPN to protect your privacy and security on the internet. A VPN will ...

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