How to watch Pluto TV online from anywhere around the world

Ruheni Mathenge Last updated: October 30, 2022 Read time: 12 minutes Disclosure

Pluto TV is a free but legal video streaming platform only available in the US, UK, and some European countries. This article explains how to use this website if you're not in one of those selected countries.

How would you like to have a free and legal TV streaming service that offers you more than 200 live channels and an extensive catalog of vintage movies and TV shows? Over Twenty-two million users have chosen it as their preferred source of entertainment since 2014, and it’s now available for you as well. We’re talking about Pluto TV, of course! Pluto’s TV aesthetic idea is to give you the closest possible experience to actual TV, at any time, with a single click.

But as happens with most of the internet’s legal streaming services, Pluto TV’s business model has a strong geolocation component. The platform can offer its content only in those countries for which it has negotiated a copyright agreement. Therefore it’s not online everywhere. So far, you can use Pluto TV from the UK, Canada, Australia, and a handful of other countries. Or can you? A top-notch VPN service will enable you to see Pluto TV wherever you are in the world, and that’s what this article will show you. Keep reading!

How to watch Pluto TV online – The quick guide

With the following three quick steps you can access Pluto TV from anywhere in the world. Follow these if you don’t want to wait any longer:

  1. Get a fast and reliable VPN subscription. NordVPN is our number one recommendation here.
  2. Download VPN and log into your account.
  3. Select a US VPN server from the list, connect, and go to to start enjoying all the nostalgic series and movies you wanted!

That’s all it takes. Want to learn details on accessing Pluto TV worldwide? No problem. We tell you about it all in this article below.

I can’t get Pluto TV in my country. Why?

Pluto TV is not available in every country in the world. As we write this article, you can have the whole Pluto experience out of the box only if you’re in the United Kingdom, Australia, a few countries in Western Europe, and a region in Canada. 

So why is Pluto TV not available in every country if it’s free? The answer is: because it’s not only free, it’s also legal. So Pluto has to worry about distribution rights and regional copyright ownership for every title in their catalog and every channel they broadcast.

Pluto is a content distributor (and so are Netflix, HBO Go, Disney Plus, and the rest). So it has to “distribute” its content according to the copyright laws prevalent in every country it serves and the copyright agreements it has achieved with the copyright holders. So if Pluto is not available in your location, it’s because it has not secured the legal rights to stream its content where you live. The company says that this is a work in progress. Its leadership is in ongoing negotiations to expand significantly during the next few months. If you want to know more about the site’s status in your country, you should check the website frequently for news.

So that is why you can’t see Pluto TV in your country. But there’s no need to despair. Pluto could come online for you soon if your location is in the site’s expansion plans. And even if it’s not, you can still use a VPN to enjoy the fully-featured Pluto TV experience wherever you live!

So how do I see Pluto TV from anywhere in the world?

Pluto TV anywhere

You can see Pluto TV from any location in the world using a good Virtual Private Network (VPN). Yes, it has to be an excellent commercial dedicated VPN service, which means no, you can’t use a free VPN (more on that later).

So what is a VPN, and why does it work? A VPN is a digital network that performs two tricks on your behalf. First, it encrypts all the traffic (incoming and outgoing) from the device or computer you connect to the network. Second, it routes all of your traffic through a server in the network.

It means that whatever site you reach through your VPN doesn’t know who you are or where you are. All they see is the incoming connection from the VPN server, and it assumes that its location is yours. The second trick is all about IP addresses. Your VPN hides your IP address and shows the world a new IP number as if it was yours, but it’s the VPN’s.

So having your traffic encrypted is excellent, and it improves your online security. Still, it has nothing to do with unlocking Pluto TV. IP spoofing, however, has everything to do with it. Since you know that Pluto TV is available in some countries and you will also know that your VPN provider has servers in those countries, connecting to Pluto through one of those VPN servers will persuade it that you’re in the correct region. Thus, you will enjoy the complete Pluto experience as if you were in the UK.

Do you have a VPN already? Go ahead and try! Pick a UK VPN server from your network and see what happens when you load the Pluto TV website!

Are you not very knowledgeable about VPNs? Or do you have a VPN service that is not doing the trick so far? No worries, we’ve got solutions for you in either case.

First, we will tell you our five simple steps to see Pluto TV in detail.