The topic of internet security comes with a ton of complex concepts and topics, and understanding them all can be a real challenge. We recognize this challenge and have decided to help you out with a glossary of relevant terms, abbreviations, acronyms, and their definitions.

Ad blocker

An Adblocker is a tool designed to block any intrusive advertisements, often in the form of pop-ups. Ad blockers can also come as browser extensions and can also work in tandem with a content blocker. While the ad blocker handles the ads, the content blocker can block ads and cookies.


AES is an acronym that stands for Advanced Encryption Standard. It refers to a technique used to encrypt the communication of data between any devices. It is thus a way to achieve a much safer form of digital communication. AES comes in “key sizes” namely 128, 156, and 192 bits, and gets used often in encrypting VPN connections.


To be regarded as anonymous or to have anonymity is to have your name withheld on public domains. You are also anonymous if it is difficult or impossible to identify you from a group of users.

Anonymous email

An anonymous email is a kind of email address with an untraceable owner. It is a kind of email address that can forward messages to the actual email address automatically. There are a good number of places where one can create an email like this.