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No ads. No aggressive tracking except basic cookies to ensure you have the best experience while on our site. No paid content. The website adheres to strict journalism ethics and principles to ensure our readers get their hands ONLY on the unbiased, useful, and highest quality possible content only. All we want is to make every internet user privacy savvy. We do extensive research on online privacy, digital security, VPNs, and internet freedom. Read more about our mission.

How We Do Our Testing

From passwords to the entire internet traffic, every bit of you, as a free internet user, deserves privacy and security. Therefore, we input all our efforts to test every software before it gets placed on our site. Every VPN service, antivirus, password manager, ad blocker, web browser, and any other tool goes through a rigorous review process by our team. That’s how we ensure recommending only the best of the best privacy tools to you. Read our thorough 10-step review process.

How we do our testing

ExpressVPN Bug Leaking DNS Requests for Years

Abeerah Hashim February 12, 2024
  • ExpressVPN found a bug in its software that leaked DNS requests for an extended period.
  • The bug affects Windows users with an active split tunneling feature, potentially exposing their browsing h…
  • ExpressVPN recommends disabling the split tunneling feature or upgrading to the latest version to mitigate … Read More
Google Issues Warning Over Potential Malware on Google Calendar
Google Warns Over Potential Malware on Google Calendar
Ali Raza November 8, 2023

Google has issued a warning about its Google Calendar service. The tech giant says hackers…

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Lazarus Group Deploys macOS Malware to Target Blockchain Engineers
Lazarus Group Deploys macOS Malware to Target Blockchain Engineers
Ali Raza November 5, 2023

North Korean state-sponsored hackers have targeted the blockchain engineers from an unnamed cryptocurrency exchange through…

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LastPass Breach Drains $4.4M Worth Crypto Assets within Day
LastPass Breach Drains $4.4M Worth of Crypto Assets in a Day
Ali Raza November 1, 2023

$4.4 million worth of crypto assets were stolen from more than 25 victims on October…

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About PrivacySavvy.com

We’re a global team of privacy enthusiasts and security experts with over fifty analysts, writers, researchers, and editors across 12 countries. We’re proud to call ourselves privacy geeks. To make internet users more aware of their privacy, we conduct extensive research on digital freedom, online privacy, internet security, and VPNs.

Meet the Team
Best free streaming sites
The 57 Best Free Online Movie Streaming Sites in July 2024
Aliu Isa July 8, 2024

Nowadays, a lot of entertainment content is available online, from classic films to newly released…

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best torrent sites
The 27 Best Torrent Sites in July 2024
Abeerah Hashim July 8, 2024

Torrents become a savior when every service exploits users’ demands with premium offerings. Whether you…

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change Pokemon GO location
How to Spoof Pokemon GO Location in 2024 (Safe, Easy Way)
Ruheni Mathenge March 4, 2024

Depending on where you live, you may not enjoy Pokémon GO sufficiently. Fortunately, a workaround…

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