The 31 Best Kodi Addons in March 2023

Ruheni Mathenge Last updated: March 21, 2023 Read time: 27 minutes Disclosure

Struggling to get a functional Kodi addon for your entertainment needs? This article has an extensive list of tested extensions for movies, documentaries, and all the content genres one would wish to watch.

Sneak peek at using Kodi addons safely

While Kodi appears like a one-stop solution for your streaming needs, it actually draws its strength from different addons. The trick to using Kodi safely lies because not every addon is reliable. This guide lists the best Kodi addons to rejuvenate your streaming experience. Though installing them isn’t difficult, remember to keep a VPN activated during the process to remain safe.

Kodi allows you to create a comprehensive home theater by uniting different viewing streams from various sources. It is open-source software that works well with most devices, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, TVs, etc. But to make the best of it, you must use the right add-ons that suit your purpose. With the best Kodi addons, you can combine your entertainment media on a single dashboard, including movies, sports, documentaries, and music.

However, there are thousands of add-ons available, making it challenging to find the right one. In addition, during our research, we also discovered that some add-ons being presented to users online had broken links while others did not exist.

So, to help you pick the right resources, we have compiled a list of reliable Kodi add-ons of movies, TV shows, documentaries, sports, and more in this article.


Kodi is based on an open-source code, and in this guide, we have highlighted both official and third-party add-ons. Most of them are available publicly and free of charge. Here at Privacysavvy, we are not accountable for how our readers decide to use Kodi software or the extensions. In addition, we don’t encourage downloading or sharing copyrighted content. Moreover, PrivacySavvy is not affiliated with Kodi in any way.

Top 10 addons – The quick list

  1. Exodus Redux – It allows you to watch movies and TV shows on Kodi completely free.
  2. Odin – Contains various free on-demand movies and TV series.
  3. Popconflix – Allows you to stream the latest Hollywood and blockbuster movies and TV shows from anywhere.
  4. BinkyTV – Comes with a wide variety of free-to-watch cartoons and Kid’s shows.
  5. CTOON – Brings a wealth of cartoons and Japanese anime with English subtitles.
  6. Deutsche Welle (DW) – Boasts Live TV with German local and international news.
  7. ESPN3 – Hosts many sporting events, including NFL, NBA, soccer, and more.
  8. YouTube – Gives you access to on-demand videos and live content of almost everything from food, cars, music, etc.
  9. National Geographic – Comprises a massive selection of free documentaries and other content.
  10. Disney+Hotstar – Offers the most recent Bollywood and Indian content.

Beware: Protect your privacy

Your ISP (internet service provider) could share and sell details about the videos you stream or download, and the sites you visit. Hence, using a VPN during streaming and all other activities online in recommended. Having such a tool is critical today as it ensures your web activities remain hidden, and cannot be stolen, shared, or sold. Since a VPN encrypts your connection, your internet provider won’t have any clue about your online activities. We’ve tested dozens of VPNs for privacy, speed, and security, and ExpressVPN is our #1 recommendation for Kodi users.

Types of Kodi addons

Generally, add-ons expand Kodi’s functionality. Here is their classification. 

Official add-ons

These are Kodi add-ons created and supported by the XMBC Foundation. They are called ‘Official’ because they respect laws, restrictions, and copyrights. In most cases, they will give you access to official streaming services. This means you can access pay-per-view and subscription services within Kodi when you install the app.

Third-party add-ons

The Kodi community is very diverse and develops various third-party add-ons. These will help you access virtually any stream and even break the most notorious barriers to present you with desired content. Essentially, third-party add-ons act like master keys that unlock closed doors without the owners’ permission. That is why they are often taken down. Nonetheless, these add-ons are widespread in the Kodi community, and you can use them to access any content you want for free.

Top Kodi addons categories

We have sorted all the best 31 Kodi extensions into the seven categories below to help you quickly find what you want.

  • Movies and TV serials – Stream popular movies and TV shows with easy-to-install add-ons such as Netflix, Venom, Exodus, and more.
  • Cartoons and anime – Keep your children engaged and entertained with cartoons and Japanese anime with add-ons like FunimationNOW, Crunchyroll, and BinkyTV.
  • Live TV and News – Follow local and international news and current affairs on add-ons such as Deutsche Welle, USTVNow, and XumoTV.
  • Sports – Stay in touch with the most significant sporting events on ESPN3, SportsHD, The Crew, and DAZN add-ons.
  • Videos – Stream your favorite YouTube content add-free on your Kodi device.
  • Documentaries – Enjoy high-quality documentaries with Kodi addons like National Geographic and Seeker.
  • Bollywood, Indian, and Hindi movies – Watch the popular and latest Bollywood movies on the Disney+ Hotstar add-on.

Best Kodi add-ons for movies and TV shows

The best Kodi movies and TV shows add-ons should offer a vast content selection.