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Uber-investor backed Airlift fixes OTP vulnerability in its e-commerce store

  • The bus ride-hailing startup applied security patches in its grocery delivery service's web app quickly.
  • These PrivacySavvy findings suggest one-time passwords do not provide enough security any longer.
  • Multi-factor authentication is a better alternative to OTPs and a quick fix to such vulnerabilities.
March 31, 2021 by Ali Qamar

Popular travel apps are exposing sensitive data of millions of users, report

Many of the widely-used ride-sharing and other travel apps out there have major server-side security vulnerabilities. PrivacySavvy research team discovered a group of travel apps leaving their servers completely open and accessible, ultimately exposing private user data for anyone to see. Most of the apps are leaking data through their…
March 16, 2021 by Ali Qamar

The world’s most heavily surveilled cities (fresh report with latest statistics)

The number of surveillance cameras has increased tremendously since the first closed-circuit television (CCTV) system was developed in 1927. Currently, it is estimated that there are over one billion CCTV cameras around the world. Without a doubt, these surveillance cameras come with some benefits. For example, they help to mitigate…
January 25, 2021 by Ruheni Mathenge

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