How we test and review security products


At PrivacySavvy, we always strive to include every best tool on our site that enhances users’ online security.

As a free internet user, every bit of you deserves privacy and security, from passwords to the entire internet traffic. Therefore, we input all our efforts to test every software before it gets a place on our site.

Every virtual private network (VPN) service, antivirus software, password manager, ad blocker, web browser, and any other tool goes through a rigorous review process by our team.

That’s how we ensure recommending the best of the best privacy tools to you.

To hint at how we test these security tools, we elaborate on our review policy and methodology below.

Creating unbiased reviews

We never go for biased, opinionated, promotional, and paid reviews. Our sole policy for reviewing any software revolves around its independent assessment to create an unbiased review.

For this, we do not accept offers from vendors to review their products. Instead, we test dozens of software and apps in a specific niche to analyze them ourselves.

After that, we write down our honest opinion about the product based on our experience.

To make things clear for our readers and help them decide better, we separately mention the tools’ pros and cons.

Self-testing security tools

We never use any complimentary services or user accounts created by the vendor to test a product. 

Instead, every product is tested by our team.

We complete all subscription procedures, including service fee payments, to acquire a product in the same way an average customer would. This helps us better judge the suitability of the tool for our readers.