Four Best Ad Blockers for Twitch in 2023

Ruheni Mathenge  - Streaming Expert
Last updated: October 26, 2023
Read time: 13 minutes

A robust ad blocker lets you enjoy interruption-free Twitch streams. This article lists the best Twitch adblockers for the purpose.

Granted, Twitch is a favorite for many users, but even the die-hard Twitch fans often get annoyed when barraged with ads. Unfortunately, the platform is riddled with advertisements, not even sparing paid subscribers. Though the problem sounds easy to tackle via an ad-blocking tool, Twitch even blocks such attempts, compelling users to allow ads to continue using the platform. Nonetheless, some powerful ad blockers still exist that evade such harsh attempts from Twitch, serving users with an uninterrupted experience.

Twitch contains tons of ads that will impede your streaming experience. The best way to block advertisements and watch Twitch content unrestricted is by using an ad blocker. However, Twitch uses robust ad-block prevention technology that hinders many ad-blocking tools. 

Fortunately, some ad blockers can bypass Twitch’s detection system to prevent adverts on the platform. It means you can enjoy your favorite streams on Twitch ad-free. Read on to learn how to block ads on Twitch, the best Twitch ad blockers, and much more.

Quick list of the best Twitch ad blockers

Here is a quick summary of the best ad blockers for Twitch if you are short on time. Nonetheless, you can continue reading for a more in-depth analysis of each tool.

  1. AdGuard – The best Twitch ad blocker that is compatible with all major operating systems and offers a free plan.
  2. AdLock – A trustworthy standalone ad blocker for eliminating adverts on Twitch. It offers tons of customizations and useful statistics.
  3. CyberSec (NordVPN) – Comes as part of NordVPN’s subscription. It can effectively block ads on Twitch alongside protecting you from DDoS attacks, trackers and malware.
  4. uBlock Origin – It is a lightweight and highly effective ad blocking solution that will have a low impact on your system.