5 Best VPNs for Colombia in 2024 (Get a Colombian IP, too)

Kinyua Njeri (Sam Kin)  - Tech Expert
Last updated: January 1, 2024
Read time: 21 minutes

Internet freedom isn't guaranteed in Colombia. But these VPNs for Colombia work the best to unblock online restrictions.


Colombia is a South American country with a 65% internet penetration. But while the government claims to support free speech, reports show their internet is only partially free. For example, hundreds of foreign websites are blocked in Colombia. The Colombian government also suppresses journalists, activists, and critics, especially when they expose state corruption. But a strong VPN will break these restrictions and give you a private and secure internet connection.

How would you love to watch a complete library of Netflix in Colombia? Are you a journalist or human rights activist who wants to hit the Colombian government without fearing victimization? Do you desire freedom of speech, press, and expression in Colombia? Would you like to try your betting skills on different international platforms? Or, are you an ordinary Colombian national wanting to secure their online space? If yes, subscribing to the best VPN for Colombia is all you need!

Colombia may not be as bad as North Korea, China, or the Arab world regarding internet censorship. But, the country’s internet has shortcomings that go against ethical values. The authoritarian government and measures in place plague Colombian citizens’ freedom by limiting internet access and use.

Nonetheless, our recommended VPN services will unblock your dream websites and beat geo restrictions and government censorship.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) encrypt and channel your web traffic through an intermediary server, thus hiding your web activities and changing your IP address. So, you can spoof trackers, websites, and the government to believe you are browsing the internet from a different country.

So yes– you can watch US Netflix, ESPN, or Hulu in Colombia! In the same way, you can access Colombian government and bank services by choosing to run on a Colombian server location.

This post reviews the best VPNs for use in Colombia and how to retain full anonymity and freedom on the internet.