Troubled with Netflix proxy error? Here’s how to avoid Netflix ban with a VPN

Abeerah Hashim Last updated: December 22, 2022 Read time: 20 minutes Disclosure

If you are troubled by the Netflix Proxy Error, don’t worry. Read this article and learn how to unblock American content by using Virtual Private Network.

Sneak peek at fixing Netflix proxy error

Streaming your desired Netflix libraries in the comfort of your home is the ultimate bliss for all binge-watcher. However, given Netflix’s geo-restrictions, this ideal situation remains a dream. While VPNs sound like a solution, Netflix applies robust anti-VPN technologies to prevent unblocking content. Nonetheless, using the workarounds explained in this guide, you can easily fix the Netflix proxy error and stream your favorite media anywhere.

Netflix is one of the biggest streaming libraries of today featuring content from almost all major entertainment industries in the world. That means this single platform hosts a huge content library through which it attracts users from over 190 countries of the world.

Sadly, you can’t watch them all unless you use a proxy because Netflix has its own content accessibility restrictions in place.

Yet, this workaround has another dreaded consequence – Netflix proxy error!

You get this error whenever you use something (even a VPN) to bypass content restrictions.

Does it mean you can never watch Netflix the way you want?

No, you can! That’s what I have set up this guide for!

Today, you’ll learn how to how to bypass Netflix proxy issue and stream your favorite content anytime, anywhere!

Quick guide to resolve Netflix proxy error

  1. Get a robust VPN: This is the most important thing since an average VPN or a proxy will continue to give you errors.
  2. Subscribe and set up the VPN: You first have to register with your chosen VPN to subscribe to a specific plan (our number one recommendation here is ExpressVPN). Once done, you can then install the VPN client on your device.
  3. Connect to the right server: For instance, you need to connect to a fast-speed USA server to unblock Netflix USA.
  4. Resume Netflix streaming: Simple as that. A good VPN won’t show that annoying Netflix proxy error.

Why Netflix proxy error occurs

Since the use of VPNs, especially free VPNs, and proxies is common now, people frequently try to bypass content restrictions using these tools.

Though, these free tools used to work in the past. However, as the violations became common, service providers like Netflix started implementing robust measures to detect and block such attempts.

That’s because these service providers are bound to implement content limitations due to copyright, licensing, government policies, and other such issues. If the users keep bypassing these restrictions with such tools, the service providers would suffer legal and financial losses.

That’s why you can no longer use a free VPN or a proxy to unblock Netflix. The service frequently detects and blocks all requests that it finds arriving from proxy or VPN networks. In turn, you get that annoying Netflix proxy error.

While this VPN banning practice remains the same, it does work differently on the Netflix website and app, however. Thus, depending on the platform you use, you should act accordingly to bypass VPN blocks and avoid Netflix proxy error.

How Netflix website detects VPN

When you use the Netflix website for streaming, the site detects your location via your IP address. At this point, if you change your IP location, you should technically access Netflix content.

However, you instead receive the terrible proxy error because the website detects your IP spoofing tool. It happens because Netflix has seemingly built up a database of IP addresses belonging to VPNs and proxies. Thus, whenever your IP address matches with the one in their list, they simply block your request.

Nonetheless, bypassing these errors on a website is relatively easy. That’s because the robust VPN services still succeed in offering tons of IP addresses to their customers. Thus, even if one of their IP addresses gets blocked, you’ll get another IP address from the same location.

Besides, you can also apply various other means on your devices to prevent the Netflix website from tracking you. So, you have a higher chance for an easy Netflix proxy error code m7111-5059 fix.