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Last updated: January 1, 2024
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Joyn (formerly 7TV) is Germany's top video streaming service, and it only serves domestic users. This article shows how to gain access to this platform when you are away from Germany using a VPN.


Germany’s premium streaming service Joyn (formerly known as the 7TV) is pure bliss for local German content consumers. But they have to miss out on the fun if they travel anywhere outside Germany since Joyn isn’t available globally. Nonetheless, it becomes trivial to bypass this content limitation and stream Joyn unrestricted anywhere if you have a robust German VPN.

So you are somewhere outside Germany but would still like to enjoy 7TV (Joyn) and not miss its incredible shows, excellent documentaries, or blockbuster flicks? Congratulations, you’ve found the right article to read! This guide will show you how to unblock 7TV from anywhere worldwide using a single internet tool — a top-notch VPN.

Notice this: the former 7TV network is now called Joyn. So if you are a German media enthusiast away from Germany on holiday, business, or because you moved out. You can still enjoy JoynTV’s content by following some simple steps this article explains.

How to use VPN for Joyn TV streaming outside Germany – Quick guide

Perhaps you might already be conversant in the mysterious realm of VPNs. So, you will only need to learn the basic procedure to unlock JoynTV. Thus, here is a quick guide to unblocking JoynTV whenever you’re not inside Germany.

  1. Sign up for a VPN service. Choose a top-notch provider, preferably ExpressVPN, which we’ve found to be the best option.
  2. Download and install the apps or clients your VPN vendor provides for your device.
  3. Provide your credentials to sign in to the network.
  4. Once you log into the app or client, choose a server. This is the critical step in the process: you must select a server based in Germany for this to work.
  5. Start using JoynTV regularly as if you were in Germany!

Here is a quick list of our top VPNs

  1. ExpressVPN: One of the best VPNs for unblocking streaming platforms. It has many nodes in Germany, which ensure fast and reliable connections to watch your favorite content on Joyn.
  2. Private Internet Access (PIA): A reliable VPN dedicated to privacy. It has over 20,000 servers worldwide and excellent speeds for streaming Joyn content.
  3. NordVPN: It has over 240 servers in Germany, ensuring excellent connection speed and unblocking capabilities for an uninterrupted streaming experience.
  4. Surfshark: A budget-friendly yet highly versatile service provider with fast German servers. Gives you incredible value for money and an excellent streaming experience.
  5. CyberGhost: With more than 600 servers in Germany, you can unblock and stream Joyn content from anywhere in the world.
  6. IPVanish: A fast and lightweight VPN with over 50 German servers to ensure seamless connections while streaming Joyn content.
  7. PrivateVPN: Has 3 German servers and a solid reputation for unblocking popular streaming platforms, including Joyn.

JoynTV: What is it?

Joyn Germany, formerly known as 7TV, is a vast German TV network with over ten channels (Eurosport, DMAX, Gold, SAT.1, Sixx, ProSieben, and many others). The network is exciting. Unfortunately, not every channel is available as a digital video stream. If you’d like to see some of the network’s exclusive shows, you need a 7TV pass. Among the shows you can enjoy at Joyn are Sons of Anarchy, Elementary, and American Horror Story. If you’re in Germany, all the content is free.

In Germany, Joyn is free and available; otherwise, it is geo-locked. So, if you try accessing Joyn from anywhere outside Germany, you will get nothing but the annoying message: “Aus Lizenzgrunden ist die Wiedergabe im Ausland leider nicht moglich.” That means the following in English,

For licensing reasons, playback abroad is unfortunately not possible.

Of course, such restrictions compromise your freedom to enjoy entertainment. But don’t worry. You can solve this problem and enjoy Joyn without any issues if you adopt a good VPN service to make your physical location look like you are in Germany again.

Why do I need to have a VPN to watch 7TV (Joyn) if I’m outside Germany?

7TV is a legal streaming service. However, like every other legitimate streaming platform on the internet, Joyn is blocked outside the jurisdictions where it can show its content — Germany, in this case. The network’s licensing rights agreements only authorize it to showcase its material to the domestic audience. So you can only see the network’s channels if you are within the German borders –unless you are using a VPN.

Before we move on, let’s quickly review what a VPN is. It’s a network of servers scattered globally that can perform two services for its users. First, they encrypt all the traffic coming in and out of the user’s device. Second, the server will replace the user’s accurate IP address with its address. Thus, all external servers online with which the user interacts will see his traffic as if it was originating from the VPN server. So the VPN spoofs your IP so that 7TV’s servers believe you’re in Germany (when you pick a German VPN server). Thus, 7TV will serve you as a domestic user. That’s how you can smoothly bypass the Joyn TV location block.

Is this legal? Fortunately, VPNs are legal in almost every country globally (except in the most repressive jurisdictions). However, that doesn’t mean that you should use just any VPN. Only the best VPNs in the business are reliable enough to perform this task correctly –and that excludes almost every free VPN out there, don’t even try them.

So what is the VPN you should choose? Keep reading!

Best VPNs to watch Joyn outside Germany

Not too long ago, VPNs were far away from the mainstream’s awareness. They were toys for the most paranoid and geekiest nerds on the internet. However, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden changed the world by bringing digital privacy and security concerns to the public’s consciousness. So the demand for VPNs has exploded, and the number of VPN services has increased dramatically.

So how do you choose the VPN you need to unblock Joyn outside Germany in the overcrowded VPN market of today? It’s hard and requires time, energy, resources, and at least a little expertise. The good news is that we’ve done all the hard work, so you don’t have to!

You need the best service if you want to have a smooth experience watching Joyn from abroad. These are the best five options available in today’s market for you.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN new features block logo 120 by 120 now

Another excellent VPN for enjoying the great selection of German comedy series, live sports, and shows on Joyn. It boasts remarkable unblocking capabilities and speeds.

servers 3,000+ servers in 160 locations across 94 countries
encryption AES-256-bit encryption
protection Web leak protection
P2P optimized servers P2P friendly servers
Kill switch Reliable kill switch feature
Zero-logs policy Zero-logs policy
simultaneous connections 5 simultaneous connections per account
money-back guarantee 30-days of money-back guarantee
  • Fast speeds across the whole server network
  • Stealthy security and privacy
  • Includes standalone SmartDNS service
  • Unblocks Joyn effortlessly
  • 24/7 proactive support
  • Bit expensive considering the industry average

The biggest name in the VPN-verse delivers the goods with 7TV.

ExpressVPN held the pole position in the VPN race for an extended period. But, after that, it became everybody’s favorite, and it still is for good reasons; it’s an excellent VPN.

The network includes more than 3,000 servers in 94 countries –with plenty of nodes in Germany, which is the relevant part of the network for us. This VPN is the best video streaming unblocked, along with NordVPN. The connections are fast and reliable, and the bandwidth is unlimited. So your video streams will be smooth, and you’ll have no buffering issues.

2. Private Internet Access (PIA)

Private internet access pros cons block logo

An exceptional VPN provider that boasts an extensive server network and unbreakable encryption to bypass the Joyn geo-restrictions outside Germany.

servers A vast network of over 20,000 VPN servers present in 82+ countries
P2P optimized servers Peer to Peer connection supportive servers
encryption Secure connection with reliable encryption; AES 128-bits and 256-bits
Ad Blocker feature Robust protection against malware and adware with in-built MACE
Zero-logs policy Enforces a policy of zero logs
Trusted servers nord Runs on RAM-only VPN servers (benefits privacy)
Split tunneling feature The split tunneling feature works as expected
Kill switch Boasts a feature-rich kill switch
simultaneous connections Each account allows connection to ten simultaneous devices
money-back guarantee 30 days no-questions-asked money-back guarantee
  • Exceptional value for money with multi-device protection
  • Has dedicated apps for major platforms
  • Has built-in ad-blocking and malware protection
  • Inconsistent speed on some servers

Private Internet Access (PIA) is a great value for the money with its customizable security options, strong torrenting performance, and excellent streaming abilities. The provider has over 20,000 servers worldwide and applications for all major platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. The extensive network enables you to unblock many popular streaming platforms, including Netflix, Hulu, and Joyn. The VPN has decent speeds, and you can stream HD content on Joyn without interruptions.

It takes your privacy and security very seriously by employing AES-256 Encryption, DNS/IPv6 leak protection, OpenVPN protocol, and IP masking. Additionally, it maintains a strict no-logs policy even though it is registered in the USA, which is part of the 5/9/14 Eye Alliance.

PIA has a 30-day money-back guarantee and supports unlimited simultaneous connections. Also, it comes with an automatic kill switch that disconnects your device from the internet when your VPN connection drops to ensure your actual IP address does not leak.

3. NordVPN

NordVPN for Streaming

One of the best VPNs for Joyn as it boasts over 240 servers from 2 German locations. An excellent option if you want to stream your favorite shows on vacation.

servers Over 5,200+ servers spread across 60 countries worldwide
P2P optimized servers P2P optimized VPN servers
Zero-logs policy Zero-logging
Kill switch Kill switch feature
simultaneous connections 6 connections simultaneously
protection Web protection
MultiHop mode MultiHop-mode (double encryption)
money-back guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Zero logs policy
  • Fast speeds across all the servers
  • Unblocks 7TV on any server
  • User-friendly desktop and mobile apps
  • 24/7 support
  • Adblocking and other additional features
  • We spotted a few unreliable (slow) servers

The most advanced VPN in the industry to enjoy Joyn TV streaming abroad. 

NordVPN is the best VPN on the internet regardless of the task you want a VPN. The extensive server network unblocks many other video platforms besides 7TV (Netflix, ProSieben, 6Play, and BBC iPlayer will become available for you).

It’s the best and most advanced VPN in the current environment. Moreover, it will give you many additional features to enhance your digital life significantly. 

4. Surfshark


Best budget-friendly VPN for 7TV. Highly versatile service provider with fast German servers. Incredible value for money as a whole.

servers Over 3,200 servers in more than 100 countries
encryption AES-256-bit industry-standard encryption
P2P optimized servers Supports P2P activities
Kill switch Built-in kill switch
Zero-logs policy Zero-logging policy
MultiHop mode Double VPN (multi-hop encryption)
simultaneous connections Unlimited simultaneous connections
money-back guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Boasts military grade encryption
  • Fast speed across servers
  • All German servers unblock Joyn
  • User-friendly interface of apps
  • Unlimited device connections per subscription
  • Some of the P2P servers have poor speeds

A budget-friendly service that evades Joyn region lock.

Surfshark’s short history proved disruptive through technical competence and a different business model. However, this VPN disrupts the market by providing quality services close to NordVPN and ExpressVPN. But at a fraction of the cost.

Surfshark has more nodes in its network than ExpressVPN but in fewer countries. The connections are solid and high-speed –Surfshark, like NordVPN, managed to implement the state-of-the-art WireGuard VPN protocol, thus increasing server efficiency.

This VPN can unblock 7TV easily and Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and many other video streaming platforms. So, you will have plenty of choices for your digital entertainment.

As with the best VPNs, Surfshark also offers plenty of additional services you will learn to enjoy quickly.

5. CyberGhost

cyberghost small

With its more than 600 servers in Germany, you’ll get to enjoy unrestricted and unlimited streaming from anywhere.

servers Over 9,000 servers in more than 91 countries
protection DNS leak protection
P2P optimized servers P2P (torrenting) friendly VPN provider
Kill switch Kill switch
simultaneous connections 7 connections simultaneously
money-back guarantee 45-days of money-back guarantee
  • Unblocks 7TV worldwide
  • Consistently fast speeds
  • Zero logs policy
  • Robust security and privacy
  • Special servers labeled in apps
  • Limited configurations
  • Doesn’t work as good in China as other top providers do

A user-friendly alternative to stream 7TV outside Germany.

CyberGhost’s network is awe-inspiring as it has more than 7,100 nodes. More than 1700 of those servers are in Germany, which is the ones you want in this case.

This VPN strives to make things easier for you. While specialized servers are available in the VPNs mentioned above, CyberGhost is the only generalized option. First, you pick what you want to do (streaming, torrenting, safe browsing). Then, the app will connect you to a server that suits your purpose.

While CyberGhost is not necessarily the most potent VPN on this list, it’s undoubtedly the best option for VPN newbies. The excellent customer service is also why new users pick this option. Although, the equivalent help from the other vendors is also outstanding indeed.

6. IPVanish


A fast and lightweight VPN offering encrypted access with over 50 German servers for non-stop Joyn fun.

servers 2,200 plus servers in over 75 locations
P2P optimized servers P2P (torrenting) friendly
Kill switch Kill switch feature
encryption AES 256-bit industry-standard encryption
Zero-logs policy Does not keep logs
simultaneous connections Allows unlimited connections per subscription
money-back guarantee 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Unblocks Joyn worldwide
  • Fast servers
  • Vigilant live chat support
  • Powerful and easily configurable apps
  • Does not offer a free trial

A fantastic option to watch Joyn abroad on any device.

The IPVanish network is the smallest in our list, with 2,200 servers in 75 countries; 56 of those are in Germany. This service can stream videos from Joyn and ARD, YouTube TV, and other platforms. A nice feature of IPVanish is that it connects as many devices as you want to the network concurrently. You can have your whole family protected with a single account.

We would not recommend this vendor if the reliability and speed in the network weren’t strong enough to support smooth video streaming in HD.

IPVanish has anything you need to enjoy your Joyn experience from anywhere.

7. PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN small

A decent VPN vendor that boasts fast servers and does not keep user logs. It has multiple servers in Germany.

servers Has over 200 server locations across 60+ countries
encryption 256-bit AES encryption for robust internet data security
P2P optimized servers Peer to Peer-supportive network of servers
protection Dependable web leak protection
Kill switch Provides a kill switch you can depend on
Zero-logs policy Doesn’t keep users’ logs
simultaneous connections Each account allows up to ten devices at once
money-back guarantee Money-back guarantee of 30 days
  • Servers with high bandwidth for browsing and streaming content on any platform you want
  • P2P file sharing is permitted on all servers
  • Accepts Bitcoin payments
  • Does not have 24/7 customer support

This VPN has three German servers with excellent unblocking capabilities to ensure seamless connections when streaming Joyn content. Its decent speeds allow you to stream 4K content without buffering and video lags.

PrivateVPN enforces a strict no-logs policy and supports a maximum of six simultaneous connections.

The provider uses uncrackable AES-256 encryption to protect your data inside a connection tunnel. Also, it has a robust kill switch that disconnects your device from the internet when your VPN connection drops. Moreover, the VPN protects you against IPv6, WebRTC, and DNS leaks to hide your identity when streaming.

PrivateVPN applications, including Linux and select routers, are available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. Its subscription comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you can pay via Bitcoin to increase your anonymity. The PrivateVPN support staff is impressive and available on live chat to help fix problems you may encounter when using their product.

Criteria for Choosing the VPNs

Choosing a VPN service is not easy, given the number of competing products in the market today. All these VPNs claim to be the best in security, privacy, speeds, and unblocking abilities, which can confuse first-time and experienced users. Our experts have therefore devised a VPN testing methodology to help you make the right decision when choosing your next VPN. We analyze different VPNs to determine their privacy and security level, including encryption and protection against IP, DNS, and WebRTC leaks.

Consider the following factors when choosing a VPN for streaming Joyn content.

  • Strict no-logs policy: The VPN you choose should not store personally identifiable information on its servers. This ensures that the connection cannot be traced back to you and that third parties cannot access your personally identifiable information.
  • Apps for all platforms: Your VPN of choice should support all major devices and operating systems, including desktop and mobile devices. The applications should also have essential features such as obfuscation and a kill switch.
  • Military-grade encryption: The VPN should employ the uncrackable AES-256 encryption protocol to ensure no one can intercept your data when streaming.
  • German servers: You cannot watch Joyn without a German IP address. So, your VPN must have servers in Germany to acquire a German IP address.5.   Unblocking capabilities: Like other major streaming platforms, Joyn uses sophisticated anti-VPN software to detect and block VPN connections. Therefore, you should choose a premium VPN capable of bypassing the blocks without detection.

Can I use a free VPN to stream Joyn outside Germany?

Free VPNs sound like an exciting prospect, especially if you believe their publicity, which often says they’re as good as the best-paid services. But unfortunately, the reality is rare, as in the ads.

Using a free VPN instead of paying for a premium service poses many problems you shouldn’t bring into your digital life.

First, too many free VPNs act as malware distribution hubs, which means they imperil your security instead of enhancing it.

Second, the networks in free VPNs are much smaller, the servers are more demanding, and they are often overworked. That translates into waiting lists to get a connection to a server. Furthermore, the link is unreliable once you’re in; you can lose it anytime.

Third, bandwidths are low in free servers, and most of them have a data cap. So, even if you manage to unlock the platform, you can’t watch more than 20 minutes of your favorite Joyn show. Moreover, you will have to bear with buffering pauses, which is also annoying.

Fourth, free VPNs need to make money too. They are not profiting from your subscription fees, so they have to be getting money from somewhere else.

There are two business models: keeping the network online with advertising is one. In this case, you get swamped with ads all the time. Besides the annoying nature of excessive ads, these are pieces of code that can leak your information or install tracking software on your device. So they’re not just irritating; they’re also unsafe. The second model is even worse, in which the VPN keeps detailed records of user information that it sells to a third party. In this case, you don’t pay for the VPN service (which is subpar, anyway) with money but by giving up your privacy altogether.

So as you can see, there are plenty of reasons to stay away from free VPNs that range from functionality to privacy issues.

Let’s face it: the only way to have a good VPN to enhance your privacy is to pay for it. Nevertheless, Surfshark and other options on our list are cheap and compatible with even the tightest budget. So there’s no pretext to log into free VPNs.

Which devices are compatible with 7TV/Joyn?

You can use several devices to watch Joyn anywhere outside Germany. The list includes the following technologies:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Roku
  • AppleTV
  • SamsungTV
  • Other Smart TVs

Watching Joyn on Android

If Google’s Android powers the device in which you intend to enjoy Joyn, here’s what you do:

  • Open the Google Play Store app, and search for the name of your chosen VPN provider. We suggest you select NordVPN, but every option in our list has an Android app.
  • Install the app.
  • Launch the app and provide your credentials to log in.
  • Now, connect to the VPN. Be sure to choose a server based in Germany.
  • Get the 7TV application.
  • Sign in.
  • Enjoy your streaming videos!

Watching Joyn on iOS

If you belong to the Apple camp, then here’s the way to go:

  • First, install your VPN app from the iOS store. (While ExpressVPN is the best, you can choose any good iPhone VPN).
  • Sign in to the VPN network using your credentials.
  • Connect to the VPN. Choose a server based in Germany.
  • Now, download and install the 7TV iOS application.
  • Sign in and start enjoying the videos!

Watching Joyn outside Germany with Roku

You can’t install a VPN app on a Roku device, so you’ll have to do something different in this case. First of all, you need to connect Roku to the Joyn servers through the VPN, or it won’t get the content. Then, you must install your VPN directly into your home WiFi router.

Installing a VPN into a router is not as straightforward as installing an app on your Android phone, but it’s not rocket science. The procedure differs depending on the VPN you choose and your home router.

And why the router, we hear you ask? Because if your router connects directly to your VPN service, then every device that goes online through your router will enjoy the VPN’s protection. It allows you to kill all the birds with a single stone, and it has the advantage that even those devices that do not accept a VPN app (such as Roku) will be in the VPN.

Another benefit of this approach is that the VPN will see all your traffic as a single connection — the router. So it doesn’t matter how many computers, phones, Rokus, security systems, Alexas, Smart TVs, or other toys you bring online. They will all be protected, and the VPN will be a single connection.

We can’t explain all the steps to install your VPN in your router here because the procedure varies from one VPN to another and the router. However, the five VPN vendors listed above have excellent customer service. So, you can talk to them and tell them the basic information about your router. They will then provide you with the correct procedure and, in some cases, pre-configured files or firmware updates, depending on what you need.

How can I watch Joyn outside Germany on a Samsung TV?

As with Roku, the first step you need to complete is installing your VPN in your router. If you picked a VPN from our top five list, consult with customer service. They will happily provide you with all the help, additional files, and software needed to complete this task. ExpressVPN is the best option to install in a home router, but our other vendors also support router installation.

  1. Once you have installed your VPN in your router, log in to your VPN’s network using a German server.
  2. Press the Home button on your remote control.
  3. Sign in with your Samsung TV account credentials. 
  4. Click on the “Apps option.
  5. Search for the Joyn app. Click on it.
  6. Install the Joyn application, and add it to your TV’s home screen.
  7. Launch the application and begin streaming!

What can I watch on Joyn?

Joyn brings together many German channels into a single platform. If you connect through a VPN, you can watch them all according to your wishes. However, not every show is available online because some channels do not have streaming rights for every show they broadcast.

Also, there’s plenty of variety in 7TV. German TV is represented, obviously, but there are also many popular American shows (Homeland, Elementary). Here are some of the shows that you can see in Joyn.

  • WWE Raw
  • Elementary
  • To all the boys: PS I still love you
  • Love is blind
  • High fidelity
  • Cherish the day
  • Homeland
  • Young Sheldon
  • Two and a Half men
  • Jerks
  • Refuge Roads
  • The Flash
  • NCIS
  • Mom
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Beauty and the Nerd
  • Jane the Virgin
  • Madam Secretary
  • Dead Beat
  • Black Box
  • Being Human

Can I stream Joyn live?

Joyn+ includes more than 70 live TV channels, including eight pay channels. As long as you’re behind a German VPN server, you can stream almost everything the platform can offer. Here are some of the most popular channels in Joyn.

  • ARTE
  • ARD alpha
  • 3Sat
  • KIKA
  • ZDF Info
  • Tagesschau 24
  • Phoenix
  • WDR
  • MDR
  • BR
  • ProSieben
  • Eurosport 1
  • Kabel 1
  • Sat.1
  • DMAX
  • Sixx
  • TLC
  • Doku
  • ProSieben Maxx
  • Kabel 1
  • Sat.1 Gold
  • HGTV
  • Comedy Central
  • WEL
  • Servus TV
  • Tele 5
  • MTV

With Joyn+, you will get even more content and eliminate the ads. Furthermore, the plus option has Sat.1 emotion, Kable 1 classics, Animal Planet, Pro7 Fun, and Discovery. The sports department has Eurosport 2, Sport 1 Plus, and other exclusive content.


The 7TV/Joyn video streaming blends German TV shows and channels perfectly. So if you happen to be a German ex-pat, a German abroad on holiday, or not German but interested in practicing the language and learning the country’s pop culture, Joyn is a resource like no other you can have if you are away from Germany.

Fortunately, watching Joyn when you’re outside German territory is a simple thing. All you need is a premium VPN, and you’re in business. And we hope this guide will make it so easy for you to do it that you won’t hesitate to try it. Once you have the Joyn channels available, you’ll be happy you found this article!


7TV, Joyn’s predecessor, was 100% free. And Joyn remains free, but it also has a premium paid service known as Joyn+. Unfortunately, a lot of the best content in Joyn is available only in the plus service — the live sports events at Eurosport, for instance. The subscription is 6.99 EU monthly, and you have a 30-day trial. But even with those limitations, you will still get a lot of content in the Joyn free version. There’s a reason for this platform to be the most famous German streaming service!

You don’t need to register to see the free content Joyn offers. However, if you want access to everything the platform has, you must sign up for Joyn+. You can do it from anywhere globally if you have a valid payment method.

All EU residents can access all their favorite content without a VPN by subscribing to the Joyn+ version.

You can watch the following channels for free on Joyn:

1. MTV

2. TLC


4. KiKA

5. RED

6. Bloomberg Television

7. Deutsche Welle

8. Phoenix

9. Comedy Central

10. Eurosport1

The following channels are exclusive to Joyn+

1. Wettercom TV

2. eSports1

3. Eurosport2

4. Animal Planet

5. Discovery Channel

6. Sat. 1 Emotions

7. ProSieben FUN

Joyn consists of a few free live channels with ads at various intervals, while Joyn+ is a paid service with unlimited access to exclusive channels, movies, and series and an ad-free experience.

You can download a separate app and access all 7TV content on your mobile device. DankChat and Chasten are the main alternatives to 7TV on mobile devices.

You can smoothly stream 7TV Life anytime within Germany but need a reliable VPN to stream outside Germany.

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