How to Stream Al Jazeera Live From Anywhere in 2024

Raji Oluwaniyi  - Tech Expert
Last updated: March 1, 2024
Read time: 12 minutes

Discover the most effective ways to unblock and stream Al Jazeera Live from anywhere.


Al Jazeera is the leading news channel in the Middle East today. The Qatari state-owned media house offers viewers all the latest and groundbreaking stories from the Middle East and worldwide. However, it is blocked in some countries due to its unbiased style of reporting, which keeps a good number of people in the dark about a lot of happenings today. To get around this, we recommend using a VPN to swap out your real IP address for a VPN-suggested one. Once done, you can watch Al Jazeera wherever you are.

Qatari state-owned international news channel, Al Jazeera Media Network (or Al Jazeera for short), is the leading channel in the Middle East for all the world news. It is accessible mostly across the world, and in the UK, you can use Freeview TV to access it. Proxy sites are another effective method to access Al Jazeera Live anywhere.

However, Al Jazeera is not accessible in certain countries, including Iran. People who live there would need a way to get around the internet restrictions. Don’t fret; a VPN is your go-to tool to invade such censorship.

This extensive guide features effective ways to unblock and stream Al Jazeera from anywhere with a VPN. Also, we have listed the best VPN services overall to bypass any restrictions.

How to unblock Al Jazeera Live from anywhere – Quick guide

Naturally, you should be able to access Al Jazeera using YouTube, but if YouTube is blocked in your location, we recommend using a VPN. Below is a guide on how to do this:

  1. Subscribe to a premium VPN service. We recommend NordVPN for Al Jazeera.
  2. Download and install the client app onto your device (PC, mobile phone, router).
  3. Select a server in the United Kingdom. The UK is the best option, allowing you to access multiple Al Jazeera English live streams.