CyberGhost Review: A Budget-friendly VPN in 2024

Abeerah Hashim  - Security Expert
Last updated: January 2, 2024
Read time: 50 minutes
Facts checked by Ali Qamar

CyberGhost VPN has been around for since long. Yet, it still lags behind the leading players due to some minor glitches and shady company history. However, for average users, it’s a nice on-budget choice.

Today, VPNs no longer remain a privacy tool for tech freaks or a veil for hackers. Instead, VPNs have become more of a necessity for every internet user. That’s why the market is flooded with various good and bad VPN services, including shady or malicious ones.

Amidst them, the CyberGhost VPN exists – a simple VPN service with a freaky name. Given how it works, it surely turns you into a ghost online.

But does that mean you can blindly trust CyberGhost VPN for your privacy?

Well, the VPN does offer numerous impressive features for the users – all without blowing your budget. However, it still has some snags that let the others, like ExpressVPN, take the lead.

Confused about whether you should give this VPN a try?