The 5 Best VPN Services for iPhone and iPad in 2023

Ruheni Mathenge Last updated: May 17, 2023 Read time: 20 minutes Disclosure

An iPhone VPN will keep your activities private, data safe and enable you to access tons more streaming content. This article lists the best VPNs apps for iOS.

Apple iOS is well-known for providing the best security features to iPhone and iPad users. Nevertheless, these measures can’t hide your online existence in front of spies, hackers, cyber attackers, third parties, and your ISP. Moreover, you can’t access the geo-restricted websites until you get a VPN. Although, we now have an enormous number of VPNs available. However, not all of them have iOS compatibility. But, don’t worry; you can find the best iPhone and iPad VPNs in this guide. These VPNs offer a dedicated, user-friendly iOS app, amazing content unblocking capabilities, and top-notch options for secure and anonymous internet surfing.

Apple’s iOS is a highly secure operating system, but it is not enough to keep you completely private. When using the internet, your ISP and other third parties will try to access your information. So, using a VPN on your iPhone is necessary to maintain your online anonymity.

However, not all VPNs are worth your time. Most apps didn’t even work, whereas others exhibited security issues or slowed down device speeds during our extensive research.

Nonetheless, we did find some excellent VPNs too that can serve a privacy-savvy iPhone user well.

So, this article lists the best Apple VPNs that you can install on your iPhones or iPads. Also, you’ll learn here why you need to install a VPN on your iPhone and much more.

Quick list for the best VPN apps for iPhone

  1. ExpressVPN – Best iPhone and iPad VPN. The VPN comes with impressive features and superb speeds.
  2. NordVPN – Our most favourite VPN for iOS (based on extensive tests and research). It offers lightning-fast speed, robust security, and bypass restrictions of popular streaming sites.
  3. Surfshark – User-friendly and secure iOS app. One of its most striking features is the unlimited simultaneous connections.
  4. PrivateVPN – Dedicated app for iPhone. It boasts of high security and privacy despite the small server network.
  5. VyprVPN – Great budget VPN for iOS. The provider offers top-notch security and incredible unblocking capability.

Note: This is an evolving list (as all the lists on PrivacySavvy are). We actively work on more research and tests, so expect our list of iPhone VPNs to change periodically.

Why do you need a VPN on your iOS device?

However, using VPNs is often the primary cybersecurity recommendation from every expert. But, given the generally secure impression of Apple devices, you might think of this tool as something you don’t need.

However, several reasons make it necessary to install a VPN on your device, whether you are using an iPhone or iPad. Here are a few.

  • Improved privacy – Generally, iOS is a secure platform. However, it still has to use your internet service provider (ISP) to connect online. In addition, your online activities leave breadcrumbs everywhere, which anyone can use to trace your IP address easily. So, installing a VPN will prevent your ISP and other third parties from accessing your data or see what you are doing.
  • Bypass georestrictions – Most streaming services like Netflix and other websites use geographic restrictions to limit their content to specific regions. However, you can connect to a server in any country and access whatever you want with a VPN.
  • Save data – Sometimes, you use more data than you should because your device downloads text and images as you browse the internet. Fortunately, most premium VPNs have web filters to prevent this from happening.

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Best iPhone VPNs today – The detailed list

You should only settle for a top-notch virtual private network (VPN) service for your iOS device that excels in performance and security and boasts added privacy features.

We ran numerous tests and did comprehensive research to develop the 5 best iPhone VPN services we reviewed below. If you are wondering where to find the right VPN for your iPhone, you can easily pick any of these.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN new features block logo 120 by 120 now

The provider boasts excellent privacy features, robust security measures, and blazing fast speeds that make it the best VPN for iOS devices.

servers 3,000+ servers in 94 countries
encryption AES-256-bit encryption
Trusted servers nord TrustedServer technology
protection DNS leak protection
P2P optimized servers P2P (torrenting)
Zero-logs policy Zero-logs policy
simultaneous connections Allows up to 5 simultaneous devices
money-back guarantee 30 days money back guarantee

  • Impressive speeds
  • User friendly iOS apps
  • Robust security and privacy
  • Not the cheapest option

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to unblock sites on Apple devices. Setting up the app on your phone is straightforward, and it will take you only a few minutes to complete.

The VPN offers a native iOS app that has a minimalist layout making it super easy to use. Like NordVPN, it has a quick connect option for establishing switch VPN connections. However, unfortunately, the app lacks split tunneling and a Network Lock (kill switch).

ExpressVPN operates thousands of servers globally. With a network of more than 3,000 servers in over 94 countries, the traffic load per server will be less. This means you’ll get faster and more stable connections regardless of the server you use.