The 5 Best VPN Services for iPhone and iPad in 2023

Ruheni Mathenge  - Streaming Expert
Last updated: September 25, 2023
Read time: 20 minutes

An iPhone VPN will keep your activities private, data safe and enable you to access tons more streaming content. This article lists the best VPNs apps for iOS.

Apple iOS is well-known for providing the best security features to iPhone and iPad users. Nevertheless, these measures can’t hide your online existence in front of spies, hackers, cyber attackers, third parties, and your ISP. Moreover, you can’t access the geo-restricted websites until you get a VPN. Although, we now have an enormous number of VPNs available. However, not all of them have iOS compatibility. But don’t worry; you can find the best iPhone and iPad VPNs in this guide. These VPNs offer a dedicated, user-friendly iOS app, amazing content unblocking capabilities, and top-notch options for secure and anonymous internet surfing.

Apple’s iOS is a highly secure operating system but cannot keep you completely private. When using the internet, your ISP and other third parties will try to access your information. So, a VPN on your iPhone is necessary to maintain online anonymity.

However, not all VPNs are worth your time. Most apps didn’t even work, whereas others exhibited security issues or slowed down device speeds during our extensive research.

Nonetheless, we did find some excellent VPNs that can serve a privacy-savvy iPhone user well.

So, this article lists the best Apple VPNs you can install on your iPhones or iPads. Also, you’ll learn here why you need to install a VPN on your iPhone and much more.

Quick list of the best VPN apps for iPhone