5 Best Free VPNs for Android Users in 2024

Saheed Aremu  - Security Expert
Last updated: April 16, 2024
Read time: 21 minutes

These best free Android VPNs ensure you enjoy safe browsing, streaming, and gaming on your phones without spending a fortune.


An Android device is as vulnerable to online tracking as any other device. In fact, Android devices risk many more security threats than Windows or iOS devices. So, what’s wise is protecting Android devices with a robust premium VPN. But we know that using a premium VPN is not always possible, especially for short-time use cases. Therefore, this article lists the best free Android VPNs so that you never leave your phone vulnerable again, even when you’re concerned with spending money.

If you want to access all the top-notch features of a VPN on your Android device, you need to pay for them. While free VPNs may be a quick solution to ensuring your online security, they do more harm than good.

With increased censorship, geo-restrictions, and government surveillance, you should use a reliable VPN to protect your data from prying third parties. Many free Android VPNs have limitations, such as limited data bandwidth, slow speeds, and small server networks. Besides, it can be challenging to identify well-intentioned providers, as many of them collect users’ data and sell it to government agencies.


Fortunately, several free VPNs cover the basics of improving your privacy online. These providers have decent connection speeds, support torrenting/streaming, and don’t log users’ data.

This article outlines the best free VPNs for Android users. We’ll also guide you on selecting the best iPhone-free VPN to avoid hackers’ attacks and government surveillance.

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