What is Identity Theft, and How to Stay Sway From It?

Ruheni Mathenge  - Streaming Expert
Last updated: October 26, 2023
Read time: 13 minutes

identity theft has always existed, but the internet has brought it to a whole new level in which everybody becomes a potential victim. This article explains everything an average user needs to know on this subject.


The brave new digital world affords us many incredible gifts but creates new problems too. Identity theft is one of those problems. Identity theft occurs when someone poses as you illegally, usually for financial gain. Of course, it’s a problem that already existed in the analog world, but the internet gave it steroids. Identity theft occurs when someone poses as you illegally, usually for financial gain. So identifying its warning signs and preventing it is essential today.

The act of identity theft involves someone taking advantage of your private information, such as your Social Security number, name, birthdate, etc., to impersonate you. In most cases, they use this data to steal from you.

The problem is on the rise worldwide, and pandemic relief worsened in the U.S. as identity thieves pounced on unemployment benefits and relief checks.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission says that over two million citizens in the America alone fell prey to ID theft in 2020. And the situation in Europe was every bit as bad, with 20% of the citizens also feeling the sting of stolen identities. It’s the second kind of fraud by frequency in the EU.

The usual targets for identity theft tend to be senior citizens and minors. The criminals know their craft and regard these groups as the easiest to exploit. It’s easier to squeeze out of them the information you need to usurp their identity. But make no mistake: Everybody is vulnerable, and identity theft can happen to anyone.

Join us as your read this article, and allow us to tell you how it works, how you can protect yours, and what you can do if you become a victim.

Identity theft: What is it, anyway?

Also named “identity fraud,” identity theft happens whenever a person acquires enough information about another individual to pass for him. Once the wrongdoer has managed to impersonate the victim, he can loot money, obtain credits on the victim’s behalf, remain hidden, and buy services. Getting a new job is not out of the question either.