PureVPN review: Find out if you should trust it for your privacy

Abeerah Hashim Last updated: September 21, 2022 Read time: 20 minutes Disclosure
Facts checked by Ali Qamar

After going through tough times, PureVPN has finally demonstrated a zero-logs policy with independent audits. Nonetheless, the VPN still needs service improvements to take the lead.

The rise in online security threats has also increased the availability of means to let you steer clear of online thieves. Among all, the most promising one is a Virtual Private Network or VPN.

Fortunately, today, numerous VPNs with free and premium services are available to help you protect your online identity. All of these claim to provide the most secure tunnel for transmitting your online data.

This huge variety has made it difficult to choose the best VPN from the good ones. At this point, what matters is that you should know all the pros and cons of a particular VPN before you subscribe to it. This is not only important for your online security but also your budget limitations.

To help you decide better, PrivacySavvy keeps reviewing different VPNs in detail.

Continuing this practice, we have now come up with this extensive PureVPN review. Read along to find out what this VPN has for you.

PureVPN overview

Sometimes, experiments can give you a lot more than the expected results. PureVPN is the perfect example of it.

The service began its commercial journey back in 2007 with servers at just 2 locations. Within the same year, their number of servers grew from 2 to 16. Since then, PureVPN has set a milestone of success by covering every aspect of online security.

Today, not just desktop and laptop users, but mobile users can also hide their online identities via PureVPN apps. This could be their main reason for having over 3+ million satisfied users, as per their website.

Based in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, GZ systems limited, an Android sports apps creating software company, experimented with a personal VPN service in November 2006. The following year, they launched their fantastic product as PureVPN for commercial use.

Pakistan-based Uzair Gadit co-founds the service. That’s how it relates to the Karachi-based technology firm Gaditek. According to some reports, the same tech firm also links back to another prominent VPN service, the Ivacy VPN, along with some others.

Since PureVPN is officially based in Hong Kong, they can freely enjoy no data logging policy. Also, none of the international surveillance alliances like Five, Nine, or Fourteen Eyes can compel the VPN to log or provide users’ data.

(However, back in 2017, their claim was challenged as they helped the FBI in investigating a case of a PureVPN user. We will discuss this story in detail later in our unbiased review of PureVPN).

Apart from the data services, the premium features of PureVPN also make it stand out from all major VPNs.

In this PureVPN review, we will touch on all the bits of their attractive features. Hopefully, this will help you decide better about whether or not you should go with PureVPN.

Servers and network coverage

If you do online research and go through some older reviews of PureVPN, you will see that they have mentioned 2000 or 4000 servers.

However, with time, PureVPN has upgraded its network. Today, they provide their users a vast number of self-managed 6,500+ physical and virtual location servers. These servers work in over 140 countries, letting you connect to 180+ locations around the globe.

The total number of servers of PureVPN in the USA is 1424, spread across 13 cities. For the European region, 2736 physical servers are available. Besides, they also offer locations from Asia, Oceania, Africa, and other areas.