Turbo VPN Review: Should You Use it or Not?

Ali Qamar  - Cybersecurity Analyst
Last updated: November 10, 2023
Read time: 25 minutes
Facts checked by Abeerah Hashim

A free VPN can be too expensive if it doesn't really protect your privacy, exposes your data to its commercial partners, or is under the authority of a government such as China. All these things make TurboVPN a VPN to avoid at all costs.

The Google Play store shows four million reviews for Turbo VPN. That’s no small feat, and it’s even more significant when you realize that the app is rated 4.5 stars. So this is a virtual private network (VPN) with an extensive user base in the Android ecosystem at least. That alone makes it worth it to write an honest review of Turbo VPN. And that’s what you’ll get in this article.

If you know some of my other writing for this site, you’ll know that ExpressVPN is always my first choice whenever I need VPN services. However, my unbiased review of Turbo VPN will give you all the relevant information you need to know about this VPN service so you can decide if this is the vendor you need.

Turbo VPN is headquartered in Singapore and China. Singapore, as is China, is one of the leading tech hubs in Asia. But the latter country is openly hostile towards VPNs, so it’s a bit surprising that a VPN as successful as Turbo VPN is located there.

The provider’s claim to fame is closely associated with its free service. So yes, you can use Turbo VPN for free if you choose, but hold your horses: free VPNs are awful news most of the time. Free VPNs have to pay their bills somehow, and if you’re going to use one, it’s vital to make sure that they won’t fulfill their obligations by turning you into their selling product (more on that later). This is why understanding a free VPN business model matters before joining it.

As we dug into Turbo VPN’s world, we found a few things I didn’t like at all. Having no customer service whatsoever available doesn’t help my confidence either. Overall, I find using Turbo VPN a scary proposition, to say the least. Because I don’t consider the lack of fees an advantage for VPN networks, we find it hard to understand why those four and a half million users in Google Play chose Turbo VPN over a genuinely excellent service such as ExpressVPN. But keep reading; answers are on the way.