What are phishing emails and how to protect yourself in 2022

Abeerah Hashim Last updated: September 29, 2022 Read time: 30 minutes Disclosure

Wondering how phishing emails threaten your online security? Read along to learn what phishing emails are, how to identify and stop them from harming you.

You all know about fishing, right? You go out with a fishing tackle, choose bait, throw it in the water and pull back when you catch a fish. But, ever wondered if you could be fished online via phishing emails?

It isn’t fishing, but rather phishing, that targets you on the internet. For this, a phishing email comes as bait to trap you.

Phishing is the digital variant of fishing and is the most common and the most straightforward internet attack. It is the most common way hackers use to steal user information. It is a venerable and ever-evolving sophisticated cyber attack.

Everyone connected to the internet is exposed to this danger, from organizations to individual users. At the same time, most users have fallen prey to phishing attacks at least once.

Despite being an old strategy, phishing attacks remain the most successful cyberattacks. It’s because of the diversity of methods that criminals employ to trick users. Yet, the critical vector through which phishing attacks execute today remains emails.

For instance, you can receive an email from a fake lawyer claiming you are kin to a millionaire who recently passed away. To inherit the fortune left behind, you must meet the set requirements, in this case, sharing sensitive information.

Phishing comes in different forms, though fraudulent emails are the most common. To avoid being a potential target for these cybercriminal phishes, getting insights on phishing and how to prevent it is vital.

Hence, in this article, we’ll explain phishing emails meaning in detail and how to identify them. We’ll also guide you on things you can do to protect yourself if fallen victim to an email phishing attack.

What is phishing?

What is Phishing