The 27 Best Torrent Sites for June 2023 (Safe, Working P2P List)

Abeerah Hashim Last updated: June 1, 2023 Read time: 47 minutes Disclosure

Looking for the best torrenting sites that still work in June 2023? Read on to learn about the safest places for downloading torrents.

Torrenting sounds like a perfect workaround to get pricey software or restricted content at no charges or limitations. However, cybercriminals are geared up to exploit this lucrative niche and target innocent users. Hence, many torrent sites offering movies, TV shows, e-books, or cracked software, often harbor malware. Therefore, users should remain cautious about the sites they use for downloading torrents. We have gathered the best torrent sites in this guide that offer safe and reliable content to ease things for you. Nonetheless, you must use a robust antivirus and a VPN to remain safe out of caution.

Torrents become a savior when every service exploits users’ demands by offering premium services. So whether you wish to download an ebook torrent or have premium software, you don’t have to pay anything for torrents mostly.

But a simple Google search will hardly help you find the best torrent sites. And, of course, you cannot spend hours and hours testing dozens (which also poses security risks if you are not a privacy-savvy internet user.) Nevertheless, this article has covered you with safe and regularly tested options.

So, while torrenting helps people get premium products for free, they often face backlash from the authorities globally.

Why? Because they are also a threat to users and enterprise security and integrity.

At first, many cybercriminals lure innocent users by offering torrents with non-original products. These include software bundled with malware or, often, only malware.

Secondly, they also violate copyright.

That’s why many countries have banned torrenting, and the P2P sites suffer frequent closures. Unfortunately, this harsh impact also affects the popular torrent sites that are safe to use.

Therefore, users who rely on torrents frequently ask about websites that still work and are safe.

Hence, this article lists the top torrenting websites for all of you to use in 2023, alongside a quick guide for first-time users.

Best torrent websites 2023 – Quick list

Are you in a hurry to get straight to the top torrent sites that work even in 2023? Then, check out this list of the top 10 (updated June 2023).

  1. The Pirate BayThe Ultimate Torrenting King. Has a huge database of free software and entertainment stuff like movies, shows, and games. However, it frequently gets blocked by authorities.
  2. 1337.xThe best all-in-one platform. A user-friendly interface makes finding the desired torrent file easy. Features lots of content belonging to different categories with direct and magnet links.
  3. RARBGVerified new P2P uploads. A popular website garnering colossal traffic due to its content diversity. Features lots of download links for torrent files. However, it faces a ban often due to copyright infringement.
  4. YTSBest for movies. The site includes a vast database of old and new movies of different genres. However, it may share users’ data with authorities for anti-piracy practices.
  5. Kickass TorrentsBest for TV shows. Features lots of content from different categories. But the platform is hard to find often due to restrictions.
  6. TorLockTop choice for anime and ebooks. Ensures featuring safe and verified P2P files. Accessible in many countries.
  7. Torrentz2Best for music. It’s a metasearch engine that saves time searching for specific torrents.
  8. AniDex – The best option for anime fans. The site bears a user-friendly interface for easy searching.
  9. LimeTorrentsTorrents with limited ads. Easy to use platform helpful for new torrrentors. Boasts a huge collection of content from different categories.
  10. TorrentDownloadsFor multipurpose torrenting. Has a massive database of movies, games, software, and other torrents. Generally accessible globally except in the UK.

Want to know some more? Read along to find the complete list of 27 top torrent websites.

Note: As a rule of thumb, please do not download copyright-protected materials online. Ever. We discourage any such action. Secondly, even the most reputable torrent clients and sites come with some inherent dangers. Both accessing and downloading torrents involve internet privacy and security risks. Government fines and copyright infringement notifications are among the top ones, even if you use best torrent sites. Others include viruses, ads, viruses, and malware. That’s why we recommend using a quality VPN such as ExpressVPN. A VPN ensures you stay safe from viruses, government snooping, and your ISP’s prying eyes.

What is a Torrent?

A torrent is a file containing information about downloading a larger file from multiple sources.

Unlike downloading a file from a website online, you download small pieces of one file from multiple sources. The download speed will depend on internet speed, VPN reliability, etc. Remember, you need a VPN when downloading torrents or visiting torrenting websites.

Types of torrent sites

There are different types of torrent sites. Some popular examples include:

Private torrent sites