YiFy: What is it? Is it safe and legal in 2022? What are the alternatives?

Abeerah Hashim Last updated: November 30, 2022 Read time: 19 minutes Disclosure

This article answers all about YIFY. What is it, is it legal, how to access this movie torrent site's clones safely, and more.

Sneak peek at YiFy torrents

YIFY Torrents, or YTS (Yify Torrent Solutions), is a unique group in the peer-to-peer BitTorrent network offering validated high-quality movie torrents. This platform has attracted a large user base by providing small-sized torrents, thus facilitating fast and smooth torrenting. Though the original site was banned a few years back, many mirror and clone YIFY sites have come into play, claiming to provide similar content. Here, we have listed the top YIFY mirror options and the best alternatives from where you can safely download your favorite movie torrent.

The YIFY Torrents or YTS is a release group in the BitTorrent peer-to-peer network. The group has garnered a reputation for providing large numbers of movies as free downloads in HD quality but relatively small file sizes. Thus the service became famous since its 2010 launch for providing movie enthusiasts with the best of both worlds (high-quality movies and fast download speeds).

YIFY has had a checkered history because of legal and copyright issues. But the community has proved to be strong and resilient, so it’s still around and active even after the Motion Picture Association of America shut the original site down in 2015. By then, the community was too strong already. There were many mirrors and clone sites, so YIFY was already a brand that couldn’t just go away because a single domain went down.

YIFY’s core idea of releasing a broad spectrum of high-quality movies encoded most efficiently is still with us. The current YIFY website is among the favorites of movie fans, and it’s still a source of excellent movie torrents. Its reputation and community values, and base have only grown stronger with time.

YIFY keeps providing torrents of the latest movies and TV shows as soon as they are available. This ability to come up quickly with the newest content is a cornerstone of the website’s popularity. And it’s also among the factors that keep attracting new users to it. So YIFY is still growing and expanding, even after all these years.

What’s the meaning of YIFY?

YIFY goes by the name of YTS among many torrenters. This YTS means “Yify Torrent Solutions.” The reason for that is that when you get to the website, you see that the URL and the website include the YTS logo. The site itself explains that it links only to YIFY or YTS movies. The links to TV series are on a different website.

An excellent feature of this website is that it offers validated torrent files. This is rare in the BitTorrent world (remember that ThePirateBay, the mother and father, and all torrenting websites don’t offer torrenting files at all, just magnet links). It’s the strong community that provides that validation. The large user base provides comments for every torrent on offer, and the download metrics offer further information for the prospective downloader. These dynamics bring the website and the community together to provide the work to keep the quality of the website at the highest possible level, especially in torrenting websites.

Therefore, downloading a movie starting from a YIFY torrent file is a much smoother and faster experience than Kickass Torrents, ExtraTorrent, or LimeTorrents. A higher number of seeders with better transfer speeds also help in this regard.

So the user experience in YTS is excellent, and the download speeds are the best among movie torrents. And what good will that be if the website ever goes down because the owners opt to have a quieter life or because a law enforcement agency takes it down? Of course, if YTS went away, it would leave behind a noticeable void in the BitTorrent world. But would it be surprising? Hardly. Many great torrenting websites have gone down over the years, and even the original YTS one had to shut down for a while a few years ago.

That fragility is inherent in YIFY and every torrenting ecosystem. Your favorite torrenting website can disappear into digital oblivion at any moment. And this is why the YTS network of proxies and mirrors is essential. That network is how you can regain access to the YTS websites when you can’t load the main URL with your browser, for whatever reason.

On occasion, you could find that even the mirrors and proxies are beyond your reach. No need to panic. You’ll still have some alternative sites you can use when this happens – more on that later.

And that brings us to one of the main points we want to convey to you in this article: use a VPN. Whether you get your movie torrents from the official YIFY website, one of its proxies, or any other torrenting site, use a premium VPN service at all times. This article will explain to you why this is important in full detail, both from the point of view of your security but also so you can access websites that either your ISP or your government has banned.

Why isn’t YIFY not banned?

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There is no universal answer to this question. The question itself is not valid everywhere because YIFY is banned indeed in countries where law enforcement agencies have acted against it. So everything depends on your jurisdiction.

Sharing recent movies and TV shows on the BitTorrent network is an activity against copyright laws in most of the world. Different countries have different stances on torrent copyright issues, so some are very strict in enforcing intellectual property laws, but some are pretty lax. Piracy is even legal in a handful of European countries as long as all the pirated content you own remains strictly personal. Consequently, there are countries in which YIFY is banned. You could be in one such country. If you are, you can bypass the ban, and we will show you how later on in this article.

YTS’s original claim to fame was a highly effective piracy group specializing in motion pictures. It’s been growing steadily ever since, and it’s managed to keep itself relevant in the rapidly changing torrent universe. YTS distinguishes itself from most other specialized torrenting websites by providing the highest possible quality in the files they offer. Other sites offer torrents but do not emphasize the video and audio quality of YIFY. Also, the YIFY network is like a hydra. The content hits the web and the BitTorrent network through multiple nodes simultaneously, so the user base has many paths to reach the content they want.

The result is there for everybody to see. Moreover, the model seems to work. It’s been around for more than a decade and survived attacks from the Motion Picture Association of America, bans from several countries, and many other problems. As of December 2022, estimations put the number of served users in the YIFY network at more than a million monthly.

Of course, this degree of success can only breed notoriety, thus creating unwanted attention from the world’s governments as they work to shut the website down. And they succeeded once in the past, as we already stated. The lawsuit brought forward by the MPAA resulted in the site’s shutdown even after YIFY (YTS) made settlements with MPAA outside of court. Also, the YTS leadership had to keep away from the BitTorrent community as they were alleged criminals.

However, YTS was already decentralized and resilient enough to keep going despite the legal problems. So, yes, the original site had to go, and if you go and visit the original website yts.to, you’ll be redirected to Motion Picture’s ‘Watch It Legally page.’ Still, by the time it went offline, the proxy and mirror network already included many websites that kept going, doing the very same thing that the original website was known for.