17 Best Torrent Search Engines in 2024

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Last updated: February 23, 2024
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Torrent search engines facilitate finding specific content within the BitTorrent universe, so they are handy websites. This article lists a bunch of them that work.


The BitTorrent network has a lot of exciting content worth exploring — if you know how to find it. And that’s why there are torrent search websites around the internet. But considering the nature of torrenting, you must use a VPN whenever you find and download a torrent.

When you’re online and need to find something, you turn to Google or Bing – search engines.

But what do you do if you are looking for a torrent? Well, you go to the search engine again. But not the usual ones. You go to the specialized torrent search engines. And which one should you use? Are there any outstanding torrent search engines out there currently? Which are they? Keep reading to find out the answers to these questions.


Maybe you’ve seen our guide about the best torrent websites. The BitTorrent world is such that if you know three of the four top torrenting websites, that’s all you need to find whatever you want most of the time. But why should you resign to searching one website at a time when you can do it with many more at once? That’s what torrent search engines can do for you!

Torrent search engines are convenient and friendly and can help you find the best torrents available for any subject. Our staff tested several search engines to develop a list to ensure you have only the best.

But before we start, let us remind you something: you should always have a top-notch VPN such as ExpressVPN at your service when delving into the BitTorrent universe. It will keep you safe and anonymous, as you should always be.

Top search engines to find torrents – Quick list

So our staff did their job and created a list of the best torrent search engines. Here it is:

  1. TorrentDownload: The best option for TV and movies.
  2. iDope: The best collection of P2P files.
  3. BTDig: Best ad-free option.
  4. AIO: Most comprehensive option.
  5. TorrentSeeker: The most far-reaching engine.
  6. Solid Torrents: The place to go for music and ebooks.
  7. Snowfl: The best option for advanced filtering.
  8. XtorX: The best high-level option.
  9. Academic Torrents: The search engine for academic files.
  10. Torrent.nz: Find the most seeded torrents.
  11. Veoble: The place to find niche files.
  12. TorLook: Gives you the best of Russian Trackers.
  13. TorrentZeta: An alternative for Torrentz2.
  14. BITCQ: The place to go for Japanese content.
  15. Torrends: Combines Google and TorrentSeeker.
  16. IPTorrents: Underrated but useful.
  17. Torrentz.colorask: Powered by Google, technically.

Note: This is an educational article that is not in violation of copyright laws in any country. We are against piracy; this page is intended only to provide information. Please ensure that the torrent files you download through these search engines are not copyrighted and are in the public domain. Before downloading anything, learn what your local laws are on P2P.

So why do I need a VPN in torrent search engines?

What is a VPN

A VPN applies an encryption algorithm to all your traffic, incoming and outgoing. The result is a stream of data that looks like noise so that hackers, your internet provider, or any other external intruder can’t get a clue about what you’re doing online. Since your ISP could mark you as a pirate even if you keep torrenting legal files, it’s better to remain cautious.

And there’s more. VPNs will give you a brand new IP address from a different country to access sites and services blocked in your country. So, if your ISP blocks any attractive website, the VPN will restore your access. And this is not a rare thing at all.

Finally, keeping your IP number hidden is especially useful when torrenting. Remember that every torrent’s swarm exposes the IP numbers of every leech and seed to the rest of the users. A secure VPN tunnel prevents your real IP from being shown to the world.

Best torrent search engines in 2024 – Detailed list

No more wasting time on individual P2P websites. Use a search engine to find files instead. Here is a list of the 17 most reliable ones to use today.

1. TorrentDownload

TorrentDownload’s simple user interface does the trick in a heartbeat. You can use it the same way as any typical torrent website. First, there’s the search bar at the top, as there is on every site. Next, the torrents are grouped into categories if you want to browse the website.

Millions of the best torrents are available here, with results from all your favorite torrent websites like Kickass Torrent, LimeTorrents, RARBG, or Torrentz2. So, the search includes those websites that offer verified torrents only, giving your results the highest possible quality. So it’s obvious why this search engine is so far above the rest.

2. iDope

You can’t write a list of torrent search engines without including iDope. The name is a homage to KickAssTorrents.

iDope has been around since 2016, and it’s so good that it’s developed a loyal and numerous user base.

The user interface is simple and good, even for mobile devices. So if you like to do torrents from your phone, you will quickly fall in love with iDope.

Another advantage is that iDope is not banned in many countries as other entries in this list.

3. BTDig

This website is heir to BTDigg, which used to be one of the most popular torrent search engines with millions of daily visitors. But BTDigg disappeared recently, so the imitators scrambled to take its place.

BTDig has everything you want in a good torrent search engine. The minimalist design allows filtering, giving you a complete overview to decide which torrent is the best.

And on this website, you’ll get millions of magnet links without dealing with those awful pop-ups or getting redirected.

AIO Search will say hello to you upon your first arrival with a short tutorial on taking advantage of every feature on offer. The clean layout in which the search bar is prominent lets you select the torrent websites you want to use as sources for your searches.

There are 30 different sources in the menu; you can pick any of them. The search is swift, even if you use every available repository.

5. TorrentSeeker

Torrent search engines don’t get any more straightforward than TorrentSeeker. The site’s minimalistic layout features a homepage with a logo, a search bar, a description, and nothing else. Type in your search, and get your results. The job is done.

This search engine relies upon several popular torrent databases. But the exciting thing is that some language-specific and niche torrents are included. That combination guarantees some relevant results every time. However, filtering is not so good, but nothing’s perfect.

6. Solid Torrents

And now for something relatively new in the torrent search arena known as “Solid Torrents.”

It’s gathered a solid fan base quickly because it delivers relevant results, allowing users to find a torrent’s critical info before downloading.

The site also includes an efficient tagging system. That allows you to discover related torrents quickly, and the users can mark any item as problematic.

7. Snowfl

The name may be a bit strange, but this is an effortless and friendly torrent search engine. It has a few ads, but not too many, and you can do your searches here without much distraction. The mandatory search bar is at the top; the results are directly underneath.

Snowfl relies on a Google Custom Search API to perform its magic. Thus, the site focuses on delivering good, relevant results, which are easy to track as every entry has a number.


XTORX has its own way of doing things. It won’t give you a vast list of results with every search. Instead, you’ll get a smaller selection of choices. Each result is a link that can take you to the search sections of other popular torrent websites. So it’s different but straightforward. And it’s pretty useful too.

9. Academic Torrents

This one is interesting. It’s entirely focused on academic torrents that are completely legal. We mean that here, you have 65TB of data you can get through Academic Torrents.

So, if you’re looking for a course, papers, datasets, or curated collections, you can have them all as a torrent. And yes, it’s all legal.

This is an exceptional torrent search engine in that its primary focus has nothing to do with entertainment.



This is a straightforward torrent search engine. Your search bar is at the top, as it should be, with the results shown underneath as magnet links.

However, the results list has room for improvement because it only includes the latest magnet links and no option to see more than one page (and the older results would show).

Yes, the main page is very clear; you must be specific with your search. And you should indeed be as detailed as possible, or the results could be useless.

There is one advantage: the results tend to be only top-quality torrents, so you don’t have to spend any time discarding useless results.

11. Veoble

Veoble looks the same as any other torrent search engine on the surface. Same old prominent search bar, etc. But once you start, you’ll see how different it is.

Veoble’s hallmark is in the valuable ways it has to filter results. First, you can filter by the source website, language, and other criteria. Then, you can order them by relevance or date.

12. EZTV

EZTV - TV Torrents Online Series Download Official

It’s a top-rated torrent search engine (and it has an English version, don’t worry).

TorLook is still online inside Russia, which is quite an achievement given the Russian government’s open hostility to torrent websites and search engines.

The thing with TorLook is in the results from RuTrakcer, RuTor, Kinozal, and other Russian trackers whose content is never available in Western torrent search engines.

13. TorrentZeta

TorrentZeta is a Torrentz2 torrent, which is an excellent thing because the original one went offline for a while because it was under a protracted DDoS attack. So, there is no shortage of clones for Torrentz2, but TorrentZeta stands out.

And as a clone, it’s an improved version, too. For example, it gives you suggestions as you type in your search. Then, the website will redirect you to the source from which you can download the torrent file.


This is a refined webpage with a vast torrent database. Once you start searching, you’ll get all the information you need without digging more into the website. Names, sizes, categories, health, and even magnet links.

BITCQ hasn’t discovered sliced bread, to be honest. It’s more like a standard torrent search engine, except that it’s substantial and suitable for many use cases.

And it has something that nobody else has: the ability to select a country.

15. Torrends


This search engine has a checkered legal history that’s always forced it to keep changing domain names.

Torrents combine the power of TorrentSeeker and Google’s searches to produce accurate results in the torrent verse.

As we write this, Torrend’s database includes 61 million torrents, so this sheer amount of entries alone puts it among the most powerful search engines for torrents out there, even if by the grace of brute force.

16. IPTorrents


This engine has the lowest profile on our list, probably the most underrated one. Nevertheless, IPTorrents is where you will find the latest TV torrents before they show up anywhere else.

The search filter includes the ability to choose between 14 languages, which is a rarity but very welcome if your interest goes in that direction.

Another unique feature is the ability to download the .torrent files directly from the result list — which also features magnet links, so you don’t really need to download anything.

You need to create an account to use this search engine — warning: the Facebook ID option is there but not working at the time.

IPTorrents is one of the best-kept secrets among torrent search engines, especially for TV enthusiasts.

17. Torrentz.colorask


Another torrent search engine powered by Google (in terms of development). As we browsed around it, we were surprised by its unexpected functionality.

The search engine is very intuitive, making suggestions as you type along your search terms in the unavoidable search box. Then Google kicks in and corrects any further mistakes.

So here you have a torrent search engine that can serve even the illiterate!

What is the safest torrent search engine?


The source of a search’s results is the factor that determines the security level of a torrent search engine. So, the safest ones will result from sites that only feature verified files, such as RARBG.

So, taking that into account, TorrentDownload would be the safest search engine. But, of course, AIOSearch can be made secure if you select the sources correctly, so the level of security depends on each user.

However, nothing can substitute for a good VPN and antivirus suite. A good ad blocker will come in handy, too, because ads are not only annoying. They can be the source of malware infections too.

The P2P search engines that are offline now

Maybe you noticed that your favorite torrent search engine isn’t on our list. That’s perhaps because many good ones go offline once in a while. They tend to pop back up online, or their clones and mirrors do. So let’s talk about some of the most prominent torrent search engines offline right now.


Zooqle has always had the look and feel of a media streaming website. The search bar is on the corner, thus leaving most of the screen for images and graphics.

The most popular categories are right there on the home page — movies, TV shows, music. Clicking on any of the images will give you a more detailed overview.

If you click on a TV show’s title, Zooqle’s Magic Shows, you’ll see new options relevant to that show to narrow your search.



Toorgle wants to be Torrentverse’s Google. It covers 450 P2P websites, yielding vast result lists with every search you can sort by relevance or date.

Everything looks familiar because it has Google’s look and feel — which is appropriate since the search engine is technically powered by Google too.

Toorgle gives you access to more than 55 million torrents, so it’s an excellent resource to have. But it’s slow.

And what are torrent search engines, anyway?

The name suggests that these websites allow you to locate specific BitTorrent files. For example, a typical torrent search engine typically has a database that includes several torrent websites, and then displays the results in a particular way.

Then, you can filter your results according to criteria such as age, size, relevance, and date of upload.

The “opposite” thing to a torrent search engine is the individual torrent website whose search capabilities are limited to itself. Most of the best-loved torrent websites, such as The Pirate Bay and its alternatives, such as RARBG or 1337x, are in this category.

And then, specialized torrent websites deal in one category only, such as books, music, comics, software, audiobooks, or whatever you can imagine.

And is it safe to use a search engine for torrents?

best torrent search engines

The websites within the BitTorrent universe are among the world’s most popular. As a result, they get millions of hits daily, making them a target for malware and other malicious activities. Since torrent search results in a specialized engine can lead you to another website, you must be cautious.

Then you have to consider how ISPs view BitTorrent traffic. They won’t pay attention to the details, so your ISP could tag you as a pirate even if you limit yourself to strictly legal files in your torrents. A VPN will prevent this, which is one of the reasons why we insist so much on using one when torrenting.

How can I download files from these search engines?

The torrent search engines don’t host any data themselves. Instead, they will take you to a different website where you can download the file you want. This can be a bit frustrating as it involves redirections, ads, and other annoyances.


So, to answer the question, you can’t download files from search engines. Instead, they will tell you where you have to go to download the file you want.

Assuming that you already have a BitTorrent client in your system or device, there are two ways in which you can start to download the torrent’s contents. One is to download a .torrent file and load it to your client. Second, you click on a magnet link, making your BitTorrent client start the torrent download.

Some torrent files do provide magnet links, so you don’t have to visit the source website. But, as a rule, never expect to get content from search engines. The beef is in The Pirate Bay, RARBG, ExtraTorrent, and similar websites. The search engine will just take you there.

Can I access blocked torrent search engines?

Yes, you can. Keep reading.

Many ISPs block P2P websites, primarily if the government is campaigning against piracy. This has been more viral than Covid-19, with the latest examples being in Sweden, Spain, Brazil, India, and Denmark. And in Spain, torrents are legal!


Since the campaigns against torrents are indiscriminate, they even go against ethical torrent websites. So, sticking to legal content and websites doesn’t help that much.

Unblocking is always possible with the help of your best Torrenting friend, your VPN. We’ve already mentioned VPNs several times in this article.

That’s because they are really crucial when it comes to torrenting. They encrypt your data, protect your IP address, block ads, and unblock banned torrenting websites for you. You only need to connect to a VPN server where the site you want is not blocked.

Why is the torrent search engine I want to access offline?

There are several reasons for this. First, your ISP could be blocking it. That’s becoming standard worldwide. Use your VPN, and try to access your preferred torrent search engine from a different country.

Another reason could be that the website in question is down for technical issues or maintenance. This situation will correct itself with a bit of time.

The third option is that the repeated legal problems incurred by the website finally caused them to go down. And this frequently happens in torrent-land.


You now know some of the most reliable torrent search engine sites that allow torrents to be downloaded directly or via magnet links.

Don’t forget to use a VPN whenever you torrent, though. That is because a VPN encrypts your traffic before it leaves your computer, so your ISP cannot see what you are doing online.


TorrentDownloads comes to mind as the best one because it sources only verified torrents.

Yes, they are perfectly legal. They don’t host or distribute content, so they can’t infringe copyright laws.

Everything you can download on the BitTorrent network is legal as long as it’s in the public domain and you don’t infringe on somebody’s copyright.

Just point your browser to any of the sites we listed in this article, type your search words, and you’re done!

Use a good VPN and pick a country in the VPN network where the sites you want to unblock remain available.

Yes, you can. A VPN with obfuscated mode will disguise all your traffic as HTTPS, so your ISP will never know you are using torrents.

These types of torrents are called “dead torrents.” They have such names for a reason. If there is no seeder around, you can’t get the whole torrent; however long you have it on your queue. So, the best practice is to avoid dead torrents, as the chances of getting the content are slim to none.

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