17 Best Free Torrent Clients in 2023

Ruheni Mathenge  - Streaming Expert
Last updated: November 24, 2023
Read time: 22 minutes

You need a reliable torrent client to download and share stuff safely. Check out our list of the top P2P downloaders to get the most-suitable one for your.

Torrenting is a preferred way of downloading large files like software, movies, books, and more that are otherwise time-consuming to get from host servers. Today, many dedicated free P2P clients are available that allow fast downloading of large files from other peers within the network. However, since torrenting is unregulated, it poses severe threats of cyberattacks to the torrentors. Luckily, some trusted and secured torrenting clients are now available that support fast downloading alongside preventing malware attacks. In this guide, you will find the list of the best torrent clients you can try today.

Do you experience slow speeds when downloading torrent files directly from the host server? Use an authorized torrent client. It will enable you to get pieces of a file from other peers, resulting in a faster download.

After rigorous research and testing, we have gathered the 17 best clients for torrenting so you can avoid the unsafe ones. Since our list is comprehensive, you’ll find an option whether you want something simple or with more advanced features.

Top-notch P2P clients to use today – the quick list

Short on time? No problem. Check out this quick best torrenting clients list to begin safe torrenting now:

  1. BitTorrent – Powerful torrent client for desktop and mobile with features like an inbuilt search box, a download scheduler, and many more.
  2. uTorrent – Lightweight software, updates security features frequently, auto-download, remote control.
  3. Deluge – Customizable client, extendable through plugins, integrates with Chrome and Firefox, supports scheduled downloads.
  4. qBittorent – Free and open-source tool, built-in media player, encrypted connections, support private torrents.
  5. Vuze – Well-designed downloader, virus protection, compatibility with major platforms, inbuilt forums, and chat function.