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Looking for the best sites for music torrents? Here are the top 11 music torrent websites and their features for the best music experience.


Music torrent sites are a reliable alternative to other music platforms that require a paid subscription. As a result, The Pirate Bay, 1337X, and Torlock are the leading music torrent sites to help you get the most out of your music experience. However, some torrent sites are primarily blocked in some countries, which makes it challenging to access music through these sites. Thankfully, VPNs provide access to music torrent sites in regions where they are blocked. Dive into this article to find the 11 best music torrent sites in 2024 and the VPN services that help you get the most out of your music experience.

Everyone can agree that music is a language that is understood by all. In addition, music ranks among the most popular entertainment categories. However, what happens if you love music but cannot pay for a music membership on Apple, Boomplay, or other services? Torrent websites can help in this situation.


Through the BitTorrent protocol, torrent websites offer a wide range of musical genres without charge. This implies that you can view and download music without paying a fee or subscribing to a plan on streaming platforms.

So if you’ve been searching for the best music torrent sites, you’re on the right track. Discover the best songs torrent websites outlined in this article to help you enjoy music as best as possible.

11 top music torrent sites – Quick overview

  1. The Pirate Bay: The oldest and best music torrent site to use the BitTorrent protocol. It allows the sharing and distribution of large files.
  2. 1337X: Contains a collection of torrent files and magnet links for BitTorrent peer-to-peer file sharing.
  3. KickassTorrents: Also known as Katcr, it provides a directory for torrent files and magnet links to promote peer-to-peer file sharing or distribution.
  4. Torlock: Provides torrent users with a high-quality and rapid BitTorrent search engine that only lists verified files.
  5. Torrentz2: It is a clone of Torrentz.eu and is a simple, powerful, and fast metasearch engine that integrates the results of other search engines and gives users easy access to a wide range of information.
  6. LimeTorrents: LimeTorrents is a torrent download indexer that features largely verified torrents such as movies, games, music, etc.
  7. Tokyo Toshokan: A website that focuses on Japanese media and offers a variety of content formats, including music.
  8. TorrentDownloads: A source containing a wide range of music-related content, including electronica, rap, hip-hop, rock, and many other musical genres.
  9. RARBG: It is one of the top music torrent websites that enables free music downloads for consumers.
  10. TorrentFunk: This is a selected space where music fans can discover concepts contributing to underground music culture worldwide.
  11. RockBox: A music torrent site focusing on rock music genres such as Funk, as well as an extensive library of old-school rock and lossless audio.

Is it illegal to torrent music?

Legal icon

Torrenting in itself is not illegal. However, torrenting a copyrighted song is.

Like some free video streaming sites, torrenting music can be illegal due to copyright infringement. When you torrent or stream copyrighted content without permission from the copyright holder, you violate intellectual property laws.

Torrenting involves sharing files through a peer-to-peer network, making copyrighted material’s unauthorized distribution and reproduction accessible to others. Such platforms often host content without licenses.

These actions deprive content creators of their rightful revenue and violate their exclusive rights to control the distribution and reproduction of their work, thus constituting illegal activity. Respecting intellectual property rights and using legal means to access and enjoy copyrighted content is imperative.

The problem is that most individuals need to realize which music is copyrighted and hence end up torrenting them. So, if the song’s owner is unaware that it is on torrent sites, it is illegal.

11 best music torrent sites – Detailed list

Best music torrent sites

We already made a quick list of the top ten best torrent sources for music lovers. Now it’s time to look at all ten of them, including an added music torrent site. You will also find helpful information like the link to these sites, content type, mirror links, and whether the music torrent site works.

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay
Direct linkContent typesGeo-blockedIs Pirate Bay working or not?Mirror link
thepiratebay.orgAnimes, eBooks, games, movies, music, series, softwareYes. It is blocked in Australia and ChinaWorkinghttps://www.pirateproxy-bay.com/

The Pirate Bay is widely known as one of the best torrent sites for hosting various files, including music. It would be inappropriate to leave them off this list. The site is additionally known for having dependable BitTorrent technology that allows users to download all types of music speedily.

The site hosts and allows you to download content such as movie torrents, anime, games, and software, among other things. Finding and downloading high-quality FLAC format music from The Pirate Bay website with dedicated attention is possible. The site is user-friendly and gives you access to an extensive music library.

2. 1337X

Direct linkContent typesGeo-blockedIs 1337x working or not?Mirror link
1337x.tw/Games, movies, music, softwareYes, 1337X is blocked in India, The United Kingdom, The United States of America, Saudi Arabia, and Canada.Workinghttps://1337x.st/

Another prominent torrent website is 1337x, with a dedicated music torrent section. The 1337X interface is simple, making finding and browsing music torrents easy.

Additionally, 1337X’s music section displays the latest and most popular songs torrents with daily updates.

For every music torrent on the platform, 1337X shows the size, time, and uploader’s name. Finally, via the magnet link, you may use 1337X to download additional torrent files such as movies, anime, games, and much more.

3. KickassTorrents

KickAss Torrent
Direct linkContent typeGeo-blockedIs KickassTorrents working or not?Mirror link
thekickasstorrents.to/anime, games, movies, music, TV shows, software
Yes. It is blocked in some regions, such as India, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, and Portugal.
Yes. It is blocked in some regions, such as India, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, and Portugal, among others.

KickassTorrents, or katcr, is the most recent version of the well-known kickass torrent. A group of former KickassTorrent employees developed this new torrenting service, which features a new secure database.

KickassTorrents, like 1337x and Torlock, also have a section dedicated to music-related torrents. The straightforward user interface mirrors the original Kickass torrent and makes it easy for you to search for and download music torrents.

In terms of drawbacks, the website is regularly in maintenance mode.

4. Torlock

TorLock 600x300
Direct linkContent typeGeo-blockedIs Torlock working or not?Mirror link
torlock.liveAnime, games,  movies, music, TV shows, softwareYes. Torlock is blocked in countries like Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, and Italy.WorkingYes. Torlock is blocked in countries like Finland, Denmark, The Netherlands, and Italy.

Torlock is another top torrent site for downloading music. Unlike other famous music torrent websites, this site exclusively lists torrents that have been verified. As a result, there will be no sketchy or spammy torrent content on Torlock. Like 1337X, Torlock features a dedicated music section that simplifies browsing music.

In addition, Torlock shows the number and size of files for each music torrent. However, note that there is a large number of random commercials that may irritate certain consumers.

5. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 Search Engine
Direct linkContent typeGeo-blockedIs Torrentz2 working or not?Mirror link
torrentz2.nz/Adult content, applications, anime, books, games, movies, music, and TV showsYes. It is blocked in Australia.Workinghttps://torrentz2eu.org/

Another trustworthy music torrent site is Torrentz2, the rebranded version of the well-known Torrentz, a decade-old website. Torrentz2 features a specific section for song torrents, just like the other top music torrent sites. Every music torrent on Torrentz2 is displayed along with its upload time and size.

Additionally, Torrentz2 offers a category that shows only verified torrents. When you perform a music torrent search, results from various torrent sites are presented. Select the outcome that most closely resembles what you were seeking. Overall, Torrentz2 is sure to please any music enthusiast.

6. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents - Download Verified Torrents
Direct linkContent typeGeo-blockedIs Limetorrents working or not?Mirror link
limetorrent.xyzEbooks, games, movies, and software.Yes. In Australia, The United Kingdom, India, and The United States.WorkingEbooks, games, movies, and software.

LimeTorrents is an advanced music torrent site that provides verified instant torrent downloads, similar to Torlock. The section dedicated to music on LimeTorrents provides details on each torrent’s size, upload time, seeds, and peers.

There are no complex search filters available on this site. Choose the music options to find torrents that solely contain music. You can also download games, movies, books, other software, and more in addition to music.

7. TokyoToshokan

Direct linkContent typeGeo-blockedIs TokyoToshan working or not?Mirror link
tokyotosho.infoIndie content, movies and music.It is available in most countriesWorkinghttps://www.tokyotosho.info/

TokyoToshokan is a reliable website for downloading music torrents. As the name implies, the website features much Japanese content, including music. The open torrent library is well-known for providing free access to high-quality Japanese alternative or indie content.

TokyoToshokan has a clear and easy-to-navigate user interface, helpful searches, no adverts, and a massive library of torrent files.

Due to a recent upgrade, the search function now supports file names and info hash. For example, if you accidentally erased a track, you can download it again by searching the filename.

8. TorrentDownloads

Direct linkContent typeGeo-blockedIs TorrentDownload working or not?Mirror link
torrentdownloads.proAnime, apps, games, movies, TV shows, and software.Yes. In China, Germany, India, Russia, the UK, and the USA.Workinghttps://torrentdownloads.proxybit.guru/

TorrentDownloads skillfully categorizes music-related information, including Pop, Hip hop, Electronic, Rock, Folk, Rap, and many more. This website also only includes verified torrents.

In addition, TorrentDownloads offers over thirty music genres. It contains songs in languages other than English about technology. TorrentDownloads is the best site for music downloads due to its vast library of music torrents.


Direct linkContent typeGeo-blockedIs GloTorrent working or not?Mirror link
rarbggo.toApps, games, movies, music, and TV series.Yes. In India, the United Kingdom, The USA, and Denmark.WorkingYes. In India, the United Kingdom, The USA, and Denmark.

RARBG is another music torrent download service jam-packed with good features. The website allows you to download high-quality FLAC or standard MP3 music files. RARBG, like Limetorrent, shows the size and date of upload for each music torrent on the site.

This site has torrents of indie music, including album covers, artist information, and full-track details. RARBG, compared to the other music torrent sites on the list, is a new site that provides detailed information on music tracks and albums, such as category, language, and genre.

10. TorrentFunk

TorrentFunk - Discover Your Funk
Direct linkContent typeGeo-blockedIs SoundPark working or not?Mirror link
torrentfunk.comMusic onlyYes, in Australia.Workinghttp://soundpark.rocks/

TorrentFunk is a leading music torrent site that hosts music from various artists and has a verified music torent section. It is a dedicated music torrent site with whole albums of standard quality. The site offers well-organized music content divided into categories that help music lovers browse by genres, artists, and other criteria.

TorrentFunk also provides detailed information about torrent files and albums, such as the number of developers and leechers, which assists users in determining which torrent files to download. The website offers a trusted platform for downloading high-quality music and is accessible from anywhere worldwide.

11. RockBox

Direct linkContent typeGeo-blockedIs RockBox working or not?Mirror link
rockbox.orgSolely musicNo. It is available across all countries and regions.Workinghttps://rockbox.theproxy.ws/

RockBox, commonly known as Rawkbawx, focuses exclusively on the Rock musical style, including Funk, Electronic, Gothic, and Metal. There are torrents accessible for every rock song.

You can use the two search boxes on the left and center of the screen to look up and download music torrents. After downloading the torrent file, adding it to a torrent client is advisable because no magnet links are accessible.

Another advantage of RockBox is that there are no adverts, unlike other torrent websites like 1337X. Additionally, the bitrate for many audio torrents on the site is 320 Kbps.

Did your favorite music torrent site fail to work for you?

Did you choose one of the top 11 music torrent websites based on its features to discover that it doesn’t work for you? Music torrent websites are blocked in nations like Denmark, India, Portugal, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom. However, there is a solution to this issue – using a VPN!

Best VPNs for accessing music torrent sites – Detailed list

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) always works when the aim is to access blocked apps or services, and this is no different. As a result, we will look at a detailed list of the best VPNs for accessing music torrent sites and how to unblock music torrent sites.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpreessVPN new 600x300

The fastest and safest VPN to use is ExpressVPN, the most popular VPN service. In addition to these benefits, ExpressVPN is regarded as the best VPN for torrenting in general, including music torrenting. 

With 256-bit AES encryption and complete forward confidentiality across 94 different countries, ExpressVPN provides quick torrent download speeds. Additionally, it is a fantastic plug-and-play choice for individuals who want to avoid fiddling with configurations and want something that will ensure data security and anonymity when downloading torrents.

Since ExpressVPN is situated in the British Virgin Islands, which have no data retention regulations, it doesn’t maintain traffic records.

Besides, to cater to unexpected connection drops and subsequent exposure of your data online, it features a kill switch to stop traffic from spilling onto the unencrypted network. ExpressVPN also supports P2P file sharing on all servers.

2. Private Internet Access (PIA)

PIA new 600x300

Private Internet Access (PIA) is a low-cost, reliable VPN service that allows users to connect multiple devices in different locations. It also safeguards user data by redirecting internet traffic, encrypting data, and concealing IP addresses.

This VPN has a system to protect customers’ privacy and security by preventing unwanted adverts and dangerous infections. It also protects against DNS, IP address, and WebRTC information leaks.

Private Internet Access has up to 10 Gbps connection speeds and over 35,000 RAM-based servers in over 80 countries. With such a broad server base, blocking specific VPN IP addresses may be impossible for music torrenting.

3. NordVPN

NordVPN new 600x300

NordVPN, based in Panama, is an excellent alternative for accessing music torrent sites. It stores no connection or traffic logs and, by default, employs 256-bit AES encryption with perfect forward secrecy and optional double-VPN and Tor over VPN features.

Since Nord launched its NordLynx technology (based on the WireGuard protocol) in its current edition, speeds have been lightning-fast. As a result, large file streaming or downloading should be a breeze.

In addition, you can enable DNS leak protection and the automatic kill switch in the options. The typical all-or-nothing kill switch is one option, but you may also designate specific programs, such as a BitTorrent client, that are disconnected from the internet if the VPN connection fails.

4. Surfshark

Surfshark VPN

With more than 60 nations covered through its network, Surfshark provides competitive download speeds. With 256-bit AES encryption, a kill switch, perfect forward secrecy, and defense against DNS, IPv6, and WebRTC breaches, it secures traffic. Also, split-tunneling capabilities allow you to select which VPN apps will not block.

Furthermore, Surfshark does not record any personally identifying information despite being based in the Netherlands, where the company is situated. All Surfshark servers support peer-to-peer transmission, and there are no bandwidth limits, so you can torrent as much as you like. The best aspect is that there are no connection limits with Surfshark.

5. CyberGhost

CyberGhost new 600x300

CyberGhost, a VPN service based in Romania, permits torrenting on P2P-optimized servers. These are easily accessible from the torrenting part of the server list in the apps.

CyberGhost has a rigorous no-logs policy, uses 256-bit AES encryption with perfect forward secrecy, and its desktop clients have a kill button. An app-specific kill switch, branded “App protection,” is buried in the settings and will only cut off internet access to specific programs, such as a torrent client.

How to select a reliable music torrent site to download torrents

How to select a reliable music torrent site to download torrents

In attempts to identify and download music from torrent sites, a few factors influence whether a torrent site is a better alternative and which you should choose. The determinants are as follows:

  • Always opt for a trusted music torrent site with fewer advertisements. 
  • A torrent site that monitors and verifies its torrent files is far superior.
  • Look for torrent files with many seeds, peers, and leechers for faster download speeds.
  • Use a VPN and an ad blocker to avoid being tracked and served adverts.

How to download torrent files

First, install a torrent client on your computer to download torrent files, such as qBitTorrent or utorrent. The torrent client must then be used to open the downloaded torrent files (in .torrent format). You can also utilize magnet links to download the torrent file immediately on your device.


Music torrent sites are reliable options for getting the best out of your music experience. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you find and download music from the most popular torrent site, The Pirate Bay, or the least popular Rockbox. What matters is that you can discover features that suit your needs and some great music for free.

At the same time, a VPN service helps you access these websites if they are restricted in your country to make for a seamless experience. This article has given you options to select from while looking for the best music torrent websites to enjoy your music.


Torrenting music has been around since the early 2000s. It emerged as a workaround for music lovers who couldn’t pay more money for a music subscription plan. People still pirate songs to this day.

When it comes to downloading torrents, qBittorrent takes the lead. Although torrent download speed varies substantially based on accessible peers, clients still vary considerably.

You can find music on the uTorrent app using the Smart Search feature at the top of uTorrent. You can also search Google for the name or type of file you’re looking for or for reliable torrent search sites.

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