How to Browse the Internet Anonymously in 2024

Thuranira John Kobia  - Tech Journalist
Last updated: January 2, 2024
Read time: 20 minutes

You can neither ditch the internet nor deny the mass surveillance on it today. But some simple steps can help you surf anonymously online. This easy guide teaches how.

Anonymous browsing is no more a tech geek’s fantasy. Instead, it has become a necessity for every internet user, given the tremendous increase in online tracking. Thankfully, it isn’t challenging to achieve privacy and anonymity while browsing. Using simple tools like VPNs or proxies, preventing IP leak sources, using encrypted messaging and email apps, and adopting cybersecurity best practices can significantly contribute to your online anonymity. This detailed guide elaborates on the various ways to browse the internet anonymously everywhere.

Concern for internet privacy has become an ever-increasing trend as most people seek to browse the web anonymously.

Internet service providers, browsers, search engines, hackers, and governments are among the parties continually monitoring users’ online activities. Even incognito browsing fails to provide the anonymity needed when browsing online.

Several ways exist to prevent these parties from tracking your online actions while hiding your identity. Unfortunately, with 2021 being a more technological year, browsing anonymously can seem impossible under any circumstances.

Nonetheless, if you want to stay anonymous online, this guide is helpful in knowing practical ways to protect your web anonymity.

Easy ways to browse the internet anonymously – a quick look