How to Hide IP Address in 2024 (A Comprehensive Guide)

Ali Raza  - Expert Tech Journalist
Last updated: January 2, 2024
Read time: 21 minutes

Want to become anonymous online or access geo-blocked sites? Good. You are at the right place, this tutorial on hiding IP address is for you.


An IP address is an exclusive number allocated to a specific device on the internet. It serves as an identifier that enables other devices and web servers to detect the particular device for transmitting data. Since these ISP-generated IP addresses are visible to everyone, they can unveil users’ online activities. Therefore, for anonymous and secure internet surfing, it is crucial to mask the real IP via VPNs, proxies, Tor, and other tools. This guide lists effective workarounds to help you hide your IP address.

In today’s digital world, everyone online is hunting for ways to intrude into your personal online space. Therefore, it’s inevitable to block all snoopers by hiding your IP address.

Of course, as an independent and free internet user, you deserve the right to digital privacy. But those web trackers, hackers, and often governments won’t let you do that easily.

So, if you love staying anonymous online or accessing geo-blocked sites, learn how to keep your IP address anonymous through this guide.

But before discussing hiding your IP address, let’s get some basics out of the way.

A quick guide to hiding IP address online

While you can use several means to mask your IP, you might be in a rush to read them all. So, here we quickly explain the most effective way – using a VPN.

  • Subscribe to a robust VPN service provider. Ideally, choose a top-notch premium VPN service to get the best security features. ExpressVPN is our no. 1 recommendation.
  • Download the VPN client for your device. You can also use the VPN’s browser extension for added privacy (if available).
  • Install the app. Usually, it takes only a few clicks to set up the VPN.