How to Strengthen Firefox Privacy and Security in 2024

Ali Qamar  - Cybersecurity Analyst
Last updated: January 15, 2024
Read time: 43 minutes

Firefox is among the most secure mainstream browsers. Still, there are some loose ends. This post features Firefox privacy recommendations and tweaks to strengthen Mozilla browser security.

Undoubtedly, Mozilla Firefox is the most secure web browser, emerging as a preferred choice of most geeky and privacy enthusiasts for internet surfing. It is an open-source platform with significant options to ensure users’ privacy. Firefox offers enormous add-ons and privacy configurations, enhancing the overall online security. Being the most customizable browser, it allows the user to adjust the settings per their requirements. Here, we present you with some more tweaks through which you can upscale Firefox’s privacy and security features to the next level.

When looking for top privacy-oriented browsers, Mozilla Firefox is one of the first ones that arguably come to mind. Like most browsers on the internet today, Firefox continues to make bold steps to deal with digital privacy and security.

For example, the browser can block third-party trackers by default and mask your location using the Firefox Private Network (VPN).

On top of that, the browser comes with many settings and configurations you can use to enhance your online security. For example, some of these tools help you block first-party cookies, which generally remember your login data. It can also block third-party tracking cookies, which advertisers use to collect your information.

Firefox privacy is mostly credited to the open-source nature of the software. Large corporate companies are trying to make money on most other browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Internet Explorer.

For that simple reason, open-source software tends to be more heuristic and people-centered than proprietary programs. Also, Microsoft, Google, and Apple are always trying to track you. That aids them in getting hold of your personal information to sell services and ads inventory better.