11 most secure browsers for private browsing in 2022

Ali Qamar Last updated: September 19, 2022 Read time: 17 minutes Disclosure

This detailed guide covers how your browser may be compromising your privacy, the most secure browsers in 2022, and best practices to enhance your security online.

Sneak peek at using secure web browsers

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP), websites you visit, advertisers, government agencies, and everyone keeps lurking continuously to track you online. Can we prevent them? Yes, using secure browsers is the solution you need.

Anyone who manages to get unauthorized access to your device can see your browsing history. And hence learn about your online activities.

What makes matters worse is the willingness of web browsers to avail and report a lot of your personal information to websites you visit.

So, it is not only your internet service provider that knows your online history. It is also your government and the governments of other nations. That is where a privacy browser comes in.

In the wake of growing interest in privacy by internet users, leading web browsers have been emphasizing on users’ security lately. Most of them now release logs, notes, and send emails to reassure users of their commitment to privacy.

But, taking a good look at their terms and conditions or their privacy statements will shock you. You will realize user privacy is the last thing they intend to achieve.

Hence, as an avid internet user, it is vital for you to arm yourself with proper information and knowledge.

In this article, we will show you how your web browser may be compromising your security and privacy, the best web browsers in 2022, as well as practices you can adopt to enhance your privacy.

Best browsers for privacy and security – Quick list

Short on time right now to read all about the top privacy-focused web browsers for 2022? No problem. The following list of the 5 best ones (the page features 11 in total) is for you:

  • Tor Browser – A highly user-friendly web browser that anonymizes your internet traffic using the Tor network, which makes protecting your identity online a breeze
  • Mozilla Firefox – Blocks a broad range of online trackers automatically
  • Waterfox – A Firefox fork with added distinct advantages over Mozilla’s browser
  • Pale Moon Browser – A very security-conscious web browser as it does not carry any suspicious privacy-invading addons
  • Brave Browser – Not only a secure browser that respects users’ privacy but it also loads pages faster than mainstream browsers such as Chrome