10 best no logs VPN services to use in 2022 (goodbye tracking)

Ruheni Mathenge Last updated: October 27, 2022 Read time: 41 minutes Disclosure

Are you concerned with your online privacy? These best zero-logs VPN services will help you conduct your internet activities privately.

Sneak peek at no-logs VPNs

Though VPNs should protect your online privacy, their entire purpose fails when you fall for a data-logging VPN. And unfortunately, that’s what most VPNs (primarily free VPNs and some paid VPNs) do today for monetization. So, if you want to genuinely enjoy a private internet experience without fearing online tracking, intrusive ads, and government surveillance, you must use a VPN that implements a strict no-logs policy. That’s what this detailed guide elaborates on – the best no-logs VPNs.

The internet is unsafe, with threats emerging from every direction. A VPN is a one-stop solution as it will protect your data and activities from internet providers, hackers, and governments.

Almost all VPNs work by encrypting your traffic and routing it through secure servers before it reaches its destination. So even if your connection is intercepted, the traffic will seem to originate from the VPN server rather than your device.

Nothing stops a provider from logging your data and recording your activities. Therefore, choose a VPN with a no-logs policy if you value your privacy. We thoroughly researched over 50 services to find the 10 with a valid zero-logs policy.

Short on time right now? These are the top 3 logless VPNs

  1. NordVPNOur top recommended no-logs VPN. Strict no-logs policy, fast speed servers, robust security, incredible unblocking capability.
  2. Surfshark – Strong emphasis on privacy and security, budget-friendly, 30-day money-back guarantee.
  3. ExpressVPN – High-speed servers, unblocks streaming services, advanced security, does not keep logs, 30-days money-back guarantee.

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What is a zero-logs VPN?

Is there an utterly no-logs VPN? It is a very controversial question with varied answers. For example, can a VPN service provider be truly zero-logs if it stores logs for a few minutes before deleting them? Or else, what about keeping data on bandwidth and timestamp and not identifiable information like IP address? Also, do aggregate and anonymized usage data count as logs?

These are some critical questions you should ask yourself when choosing a VPN. Dig deeper into its privacy policy to see whether it is a genuinely no-logs policy. Some providers have undergone independent audits by reputable firms to verify the no-logs policy. For example, ExpressVPN has recently published its audit by renowned cybersecurity firm Cure53.

Advantages of anonymous VPNs

Without a VPN (Virtual Private Network), your internet service provider can see and record your online activities. However, a VPN will encrypt your traffic and route it through protected servers. As a result, it will shield your ISP from accessing your private information and what you do on the internet.

While the VPN will protect you from your ISP and other third parties, the provider will see your information instead. That also includes identifiable data such as your IP address, the web pages you visit, and more.

Fortunately, many providers guarantee to protect your privacy, unlike ISPs that must surrender logs to government authorities. However, you can only trust a no-log VPN to maintain your utmost security. That is because there will be no information to hand over when push comes to shove.

Best no-logs VPNs

1. NordVPN


The best no-logs VPN that has been audited and tested for keeping zero user logs. Based in Panama, a privacy-friendly region, the provider has also set up a RAM-only server network, to ensure keeping no logs.

servers Huge network of over 5,000 VPN servers scattered in over 55 countries
P2P optimized servers P2P designed servers
SmartPlay feature Boasts SmartPlay feature
protection Strict policy for DNS leak protection
Quick Connect feature Has Quick connect feature
MultiHop mode Possesses double VPN feature
encryption Standard AES-256-bit encryption
simultaneous connections One account can connect up to six devices simultaneously
Zero-logs policy Firm no-logs policy
Kill switch Customized kill switch feature
tor compatible Tor compatibility on all browsers
money-back guarantee No-ask refund policy of 30 days

  • Does not store logs
  • Super fast servers
  • Unblocks streaming sites
  • Clumsy desktop application
  • Fewer countries offered despite more servers

NordVPN is a top truly anonymous VPN. It offers the best value for money with high-speed servers and can unblock any geo-block on its way.

Does NordVPN keep logs? The provider has a strict no-logs policy which means it does not store any of your identifiable information. In addition, it has undergone independent audits by VerSprite and PricewaterhouseCoopers AG (PwC) to verify the zero-logs claims. You can download and read the audit reports yourself. That is a show of transparency.

Besides, it is based in Panama, which is not part of the Fourteen Eyes alliance. Panama is privacy-friendly and does not have laws that force companies to retain user information, so you will be safe.

Is NordVPN fast enough? Yes, and even trounced the rest to emerge the winner in our recently concluded top VPNs speed test. The Quick Connect feature makes it easy to use service as it will automatically connect you to the fastest server. You can try to connect manually to a nearby server if you can’t find desirable speeds with the auto-connect feature.

NordVPN has worldwide coverage of more than 5,500 servers in 59 countries. It operates multiple servers in each country, with the majority in the US. That makes it easy to unblock geo-blocked content and services from virtually anywhere. The good news is that the company continues to improve its infrastructure. For example, it now operates RAM-based servers, which automatically delete your data after you log out.