29 Best Free Proxy Sites to Surf Anonymously Online in 2023

Ali Raza  - Expert Tech Journalist
Last updated: December 5, 2023
Read time: 28 minutes

Claim your online freedom and unblock all the geo-blocked sites you want to access with these free proxy sites safely and anonymously.

The increasing internet censorship, geo-restrictions, and cyber-attacks seriously threaten netizens’ online freedom. Luckily, some proxy sites offer incredible privacy and security features for free. A web proxy is the best option for secure and anonymous internet browsing. It routes the internet traffic via dedicated servers while assigning an arbitrary IP address to your device. Thus, it serves as a quick way to evade geo-restrictions and censorship. In this guide, you will find the best free proxy sites to use.

Want more security and speed? Get a VPN

Using proxies might seem like a good way to stay anonymous online, but they have some real limitations. Hackers can see what you’re doing, and your privacy isn’t as protected as you might think. A better option is a VPN (virtual private network). With a VPN, your data is encrypted, and your IP address is hidden. This makes it much harder for anyone to monitor what sites you visit or the information you send. Plus, VPNs are faster and more reliable than proxies. Servers rarely go down (we noticed 99% uptime).

If you want a VPN, we recommend ExpressVPN. We are impressed with the speeds. Their security features are top-notch, too. If privacy and safety are priorities for you online, a quality VPN like ExpressVPN is the way to go over proxies.

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If you want to protect your online privacy without spending a penny, you only need a reasonable free web proxy. For this, look no further, as this article provides you with 30+ top free proxy sites – all reliable and tested.

Best proxy sites 2023 – Quick list

Are you rushing to get straight to the top proxy websites that work? Then, check out this list of the top 10 free web-based proxies.

  1. ExtremeVPN Proxy – Our top recommended and the most reliable free web proxy.
  2. Whoer – The fastest free proxy, but it’s not web-based. It instead comes as an extension for all popular browsers.
  3. CroxyProxy – Boasts advanced IP hiding technology.
  4. Tor – Not a proxy, technically. However, it is among the most-used services by proxy users online for accessing censored and restricted websites.
  5. Proxify – Not free for life, but offers a free 3-day trial.
  6. Ninja Cloak – Allows surfing the internet anonymously without costing anything.
  7. Privoxy – Has advanced filtering facilities.
  8. UnblockVideo – Excellent compatibility on both desktop and mobile devices’ browsers.
  9. TurboHide – Provides added privacy features.
  10. Zend2 – Best for unblocking social media platforms.

Want to discover some more? Read along to get your hands on the complete list of the 29 best free proxies.