The Most Scandalous Dark Web Cases

Ruheni Mathenge  - Streaming Expert
Last updated: February 7, 2024
Read time: 9 minutes

Discover the most notorious cases on the dark web.

The dark web refers to a strange, unusually dangerous part of the internet. You can find everything here not available on the surface web, including stolen data, confidential chats, illegal products and more. Many cases have come to light in recent years. In this article, we have listed the most infamous and scandalous cases that happened on the dark web.

The dark web is a paradoxical corner of the internet where intrigue and danger coexist. It is a shadowy place with everything from illicit goods, clandestine chat rooms, stolen identities, whistleblowers, academic papers, and more.

We will look at the 10 most notorious dark web happenings. Although we’ll highlight thrilling and fascinating stories, sensitive topics are investable as this is a shadowy realm. Therefore, readers should exercise discretion.

Dark web notorious cases quick overview

  1. The Silk Road: This sinister marketplace on the dark web was shut down in 2013. Customers could get virtually anything from drugs, weapons, and other illegal items and content.
  2. Evite Blackmailing: Evite, a social planning website, was hit with a massive data breach that affected the personal information of 10 million users.
  3. No Love Deep Web Reality Game: Death Grips, a hip-hop group, created an alternate reality game to promote their album ‘No Love Deep Web.’
  4. Steakandcheese are growing in popularity: These websites showcase extremely graphic and violent videos.
  5. The Hidden Wiki: The Hidden Wiki is a significant milestone in dark web exploration as it organizes and collects popular dark web links.
  6. Peter Scully case: Peter recorded heinous acts of torture, murder, and sexual assaults against minors and shared them on the dark web. He is currently serving a life sentence.
  7. Hieu Minh Ngo’s apprehension: Hieu Minh was a fraudster who used the dark web for fraud and identity theft. He was arrested and sentenced to 6 years in jail.
  8. Julian Assange: Julian has been entangled in legal trouble since 2010 for revealing classified information and founding WikiLeaks, a whistleblower platform.
  9. Edward Snowden: He is a former NSA and CIA employee who revealed classified information on population and surveillance by the government.
  10. The hitman scams: The dark web has many hitman-for-hire services, many of which have been proven fake.

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