What is Web Tracking and How to Avoid Being Tracked Online

Nwachukwu Glory  - Tech Expert
Last updated: November 16, 2023
Read time: 16 minutes

Browser fingerprinting, cookies tracking, and other web tracking traps are set all over the internet. Get to know all about them and avoid being tracked online.

The growing rate of cyber-attacks and surveillance seriously threatens the users’ internet privacy and security. Many websites use cookies, digital fingerprints, and beacons to collect visitors’ valuable data through web browsers. Web tracking aims to enhance the browsing experience via personalized ads and searches. However, some sites do this for monetary benefits, selling your online data to third parties and cybercriminals. Yet, some effective methods exist today that help you bluff internet tracking. This guide explains more about web tracking and possible ways to avoid it.

Web tracking is pervasive on the internet today.

You have reached our website because you use the internet but guess what? Almost everyone is a victim of web tracking on the internet.

Are you surprised about that, or is that news to you? Well, you should not be surprised.

Several organizations and criminals have deployed web-tracking software to track internet users for ages now. They can track you through cookies, spyware, malware, and other tools. Cookies are tiny bits of lightweight codes used for web user tracking, while spyware and malware are malicious computer programs developed to track and spy on users.

Your government, securities organizations, international intelligence alliance such as the infamous Five Eyes, cyber-criminals, jealous spouses, and business competitors use these tools to carry out this act.