Is Sportsurge Safe and Legal in 2024? Any Alternatives?

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Last updated: May 7, 2024
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Learn all about the legality and safety of the top sports streaming site, Sportsurge, and the risks associated with it.


Sportsurge might be a paradise for sports enthusiasts, but tread cautiously. It’s considered illegal in many areas and can pose risks. But with a VPN, you can navigate Sportsurge safely, protecting yourself and your device.


Sportsurge is a handy platform for all the sports enthusiasts out there. Originating from Reddit as a safe streaming alternative where administrators once shared links to various sporting events, Sportsurge has become a go-to site for streaming live sports like the NCAA, NFL, NBA, and MMA.

Unfortunately, back in 2019, Reddit pulled the plug on their page due to copyright concerns. The community, however, didn’t just fade away; it evolved and rebranded, bringing Sportsurge to life. It’s a delight for sports fans globally, offering high-quality links and streaming access in over 150 countries.

But the question arises: is it safe and legal to use? In this article, we will examine SportsSurge security, the risks associated with it, and how you can stream it safely.

Disclaimer: This article is for informative purposes only, and PrivacySavvy does not promote illicit sites such as Sportsurge. Content on these platforms is normally published without licensing permission. However, streaming copyrighted content may lead to dire punishments. Thus, don’t be tricked just because it is free.

Moreover, such sites can damage your computer or smartphone by exposing them to viruses or other harmful software that can access your device or steal personal data. Therefore, we recommend streaming on authorized sites rather than Sportsurge. However, if you still want to use it, you must be careful with safety and privacy measures, such as using a VPN.

A quick guide to accessing Sportsurge safely

Online safety tips

We have established that using Sportsurge is illegal in most places, so we decided to help provide safe ways to access it from anywhere. Below is a helpful guide on how to use Sportsurge safely.

  1. First, get a premium VPN subscription; we recommend using ExpressVPN.
  2. Secondly, install a trusted antivirus like Norton360.
  3. Now, you can launch your VPN and connect to it.
  4. Be sure to whitelist the VPN on the antivirus.
  5. Next, head to Sportsurge and enjoy your stream.

While it’s tempting to dive into live streams without registration, it’s essential to know that the site treads on thin ice legally. The primary broadcasters of these sports events lose potential subscription revenue when people stream from unofficial sites like Sportsurge. And if you’re caught accessing it, there might be legal consequences.

Regarding safety, many risks are attached to using these free-to-use sites, including intrusive ads and malware. You risk data theft or virus overrunning your device as well. Therefore, it is necessary to protect yourself with the right software, especially a VPN service and an antivirus.

Who owns Sportsurge?

The owners of the Sportsurge platform are unknown, so we do not recommend that you visit or consume any content on the website. If you wish to, and there are no laws against it in your country, then by all means, have a blast.

But know that risks are lurking, and if you were to encounter any of these, you can not hold anyone accountable for it. This is for the main website, and it gets worse when you realize there are tons of mirrors with equally unknown owners and admins.

However, you can access the website and its mirrors if you wish, but only with a VPN and antivirus.

How to access SportSurge on any device

Stream movies on any device

You can use any device with a browser to access Sportsurge, including your Windows PC, iOS or Android device, tablet, Amazon FireStick, Roku, FireTV, and others.

If you’re using a Macbook, a Windows PC, or any iOS and Android device, here are the steps to follow:

  • Visit the site’s URL ( or with your device’s web browser.
  • Pick your preferred sport.
  • Find the sports event that interests you and enjoy.
Legal icon

Sites like Sportsurge help sports lovers everywhere enjoy their favorite games, and this is a genuinely good venture. But what is good may not always be legal. In this case, the truth is that Sportsurge’s activities border on illegal.

As mentioned earlier, Sportsurge shares links to live matches, and these matches are copyrighted by the broadcasting network. The copyright means users need a paid subscription to access the games, but Sportsurge lets users access these broadcasts free of charge.

Since the matches are sometimes only accessible in certain countries, there is also a clear infringement. There are varying copyright laws from country to country, and while there are locations where it can be legal to use Sportsurge, this is not the norm everywhere.

For a clearer understanding and your own safety, we have outlined a list of countries and their stance on piracy. You should know this before using sites like Sportsurge, so we made sure to research for you.

Stance on piracyCountry
Pirating is not allowedJapan, Australia, Finland, Germany, Finland, France, Latvia, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, China, United States, Portugal, South Africa, and Russia.
Pirating for personal use is allowed. Poland, Spain, and Switzerland
Piracy is illegal, but there is no stipulated punishmentUruguay, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Argentina, Philippines, Romania, Mexico, Egypt, India, Colombia, Brazil, Denmark, Israel, Canada, Iran, Greece, Netherlands, Singapore, Slovakia,

It is important to note that you are guilty of piracy whether you stream or download Sportsurge content. 


The legal consequences of using Sportsurge vary depending on where you are located. The variance is due to different laws regarding the illegal consumption of copyrighted content. So, if you get caught streaming a football match in Germany, the laws state that you pay a fine.

Prosecuting piracy can be tricky with streaming since there is no hard copy of the content on your local drive. However, some countries have fine-tuned their laws to include file caches as evidence for piracy.

On the other hand, you could be lucky enough to stream copyrighted content in a country where the punishment is reserved for the distributor and not the consumer.

Is it dangerous to use Sportsurge?

Dangerous Icon

Sites like Sportsurge are not only illegal to use but also unsafe. Since Sportsurge displays so many links to different sporting events, there is a risk of overcrowding, often leading to the site crashing.

When the crash happens, other sites will emerge, acting as mirrors in its stead to keep the service going. These sites are often unrelated to the original, and the creators are not affiliated with those of Sportsurge.

These sites are known as “mirrors,” and while you can find well-meaning mirror sites, there are a lot that are poorly set up and, as such, prone to malware. Worse still, some are intended to cause harm and steal data.

For these reasons, if you must use sites like Sportsurge and its mirrors, you should protect yourself when you do so.

Watch out for mirror sites

Mirror sites exist to fill the gap left by the main site in case of a crash or suspension. You can access Sportsurge either through its main link or mirror sites. But note that these mirror sites are not affiliated and can not always be trusted to be genuine in their apparent goodwill.

Data thieves can create mirror sites, implant malware in clickable buttons or ads, access user data remotely, or cause a crash. Since they are not linked to Sportsurge, you can’t exactly hold anyone responsible for whatever happens.

However, even with these many risks, there is a way to access Sportsurge and its mirrors safely and can tell you for free. You only need to get a premium VPN and combine it with a strong antivirus. The pairing will block out every form of intrusion from external bodies at all times, keeping you safe and private.

Best options available today to make the Sportsurge streaming experience safe

Sportsurge streaming

Sportsurge is illegal in most countries and unsafe to use. So, as a form of advice, we do not recommend using it, but if you must — keep reading.

There are countries where sites like Sportsurge operate legally, and if you live in such places, this is for you.

You can find two sure ways to enjoy Sportsurge safely.

1. Use a VPN

A VPN is a specialized software that allows users to access the internet safely, privately, and anonymously. With a VPN, you can hide from snooping third parties like your ISP and other third parties, including law enforcement.

2. Use antivirus software 

VPNs can keep you anonymous, but that’s only one-half of security. With an antivirus, you can get protection against malware and other harmful files on the internet. You can stay safe from hackers as well.

And there is also the issue of continuous pop-ups that you can eliminate using antivirus. Some of these pop-ups are even loaded with malware, so if you attempt to clear or click them away on your own, you end up downloading the encrypted file.

For VPN, we recommend you use ExpressVPN as it is the industry standard and comes with only the best encryption, features, and protocols. Norton360 is our recommended antivirus; it is formidable and constantly updated to keep your device safe. It also works great with most VPN services.

Can a VPN keep me safe on Sportsurge?


VPNs can change your IP address, keep your data safe, and block out annoying ads. These features are great when you need to use sites like Sportsurge but worry about safety, privacy, and comfort.

If Sportsurge is unavailable in your current location, you need a VPN to bypass the geo-restrictions and firewalls. If you want safety, a VPN also ticks these boxes, ensuring you get lightning-fast connections, secure internet, and complete privacy. Plus, streaming with a VPN can help you access your favorite content and be safe online.

For sports streaming comfort, the VPN can ensure uninterrupted streams, blocking intrusive ads and keeping your internet connection stable. However, we recommend that you pair the VPN with a premium antivirus. The combination will help protect you from viruses and ensure you have undisturbed streaming at all times.

Best VPNs to use with Sportsurge — Detailed list

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN new features block logo 120 by 120 now

A top-of-the-line VPN promising protection from online hazards while streaming on sites like Sportsurge. Additionally, the service supports robust unblocking features.

servers Boasts an extensive server network for fast and safe streaming
Trusted servers nord Has RAM-only servers
encryption Employs a rigorious encryption standard; AES-256
Zero-logs policy Does not store users’ data
Split tunneling feature Offers a dedicated split tunneling feature to route specific traffic
network lock feature Has a reliable kill switch to prevent data leakage
tor compatible Offers Onion over VPN servers
P2P optimized servers Allows Peer-to-Peer (P2P) sharing and torrenting
simultaneous connections Supports 5 devices to be connected concurrently
money-back guarantee Comes with a hassle-free 30-day money-back guarantee
  • High-quality security features
  • Supports streaming
  • Has built-in speed test feature
  • High subscription cost

ExpressVPN is a great option for Sportsurge users since it offers a large network of servers, ensuring they can access it from anywhere. It has intuitive and compatible applications for every major device type and operating system. The app has a “one-click” button that allows users to connect to the most preferred server option instantly.

ExpressVPN homepage new

This VPN service also has a built-in speed test that helps narrow down the best server for your desired activity. If you are worried that the stream may distract you from monitoring for any threats, ExpressVPN works nonstop behind the scenes to ensure you don’t have to worry. Thanks to its Threat Manager, harmful sites, hackers, and snoopers are blocked automatically on each try.

Read ExpressVPN’s detailed review

2. NordVPN

NordVPN for Streaming

It is one of the most complete VPN services that allows users to access any streaming site safely online. Boasts super-fast connection speeds and formidable security features.

servers Has a high-speed VPN server network scattered in over 60 countries
Ad Blocker feature Effective Cybersec feature block ads, malware, and tracking
encryption Implements AES-256 encryption for the utmost security
Kill switch Integrates a specialized kill switch to secure data against leaks
Split tunneling feature Enables customized data routing with split tunneling function
MultiHop mode Offers stealth protection thorugh Double VPN mode
tor compatible Integrates the Tor over VPN servers
Zero-logs policy Commits a strict no-logs policy
simultaneous connections Allows up to 6 simultaneous connections
money-back guarantee Offers a 30-day refund policy
  • High-end security features
  • Doesn’t monitor users activities online
  • Robust built-in adblocker
  • Limited torrenting support

NordVPN, with its massive server network, is another great option if you want to access Sportsurge without worrying about accessibility. Thanks to its over 5,000 servers in more than 60 different countries, you can access the service anywhere.


For speed, NordVPN scores high and also maintains stability. Our tests show that on a standard connection of 100Mbps, we got 86.49Mbps for upload speed and 79.42Mbps for download speed. Security is no issue either; NordVPN employs only the best security protocols and features to ensure you get the best.

This VPN’s many servers may look like a lot, but each one is optimized to ensure you get the best experience whenever you connect. Thanks to the AES-256 encryption and kill switch, your privacy and security are intact.

Read NordVPN’s detailed review

3. ExtremeVPN

ExtremeVPN VPN block logo

Another top-notch VPN service that works flawlessly with every online streaming platform and allows users to enjoy safe streaming. Has fast servers and robust security.

servers Offers 6,500 servers scattered across 78 countries worldwide
encryption Utilizes the up-to-date security protocols, including AES-256 encryption
P2P optimized servers Enables distributed file sharing through P2P connections
Zero-logs policy Doesn’t collect users’ data
Kill switch Includes a unique kill switch feature to block data leakage
Split tunneling feature Offers flexible data routing through split tunneling feature
tor compatible Boasts Tor over VPN servers for stealth protection
simultaneous connections Offers 10 simultaneous devices to be connected at one subscription
protection Provides protection against IP/DNS leaks
money-back guarantee Has a refund policy of 30 days
  • Impressive unblocking capability
  • Loads of security protocols
  • Allows unlimited torrenting
  • Lacks multi-hop mode

ExtremeVPN may have been placed last in our listing, but this does not reflect our ratings. This VPN is a solid option for users who need a safe and private way to use Sportsurge.


As a newcomer to the market, ExtremeVPN has done ample research and knows how best to serve its users. It is fast, secure, and does not compromise on features — in fact, its main criticism is that it has too many features.

ExtremeVPN has a large server network of more than 6,500 fast servers in more than 70 countries worldwide. These servers are fully private and optimized, and you do not need to worry about third-party interference or lags.

Read ExtremeVPN’s detailed review

Streaming WebsiteDescription
FuboTVFuboTV is one of the comprehensive sports streaming platforms with channels like NBA TV, CBS, NFL Network, NBC, and TNT. It also features international sports channels like TUDN, beIN Sports, GOL TV, and Fox Deportes.
Hulu+Live TVHulu+Live TV is an awesome sports streaming website with an ESPN+ subscription, including others like TBS, TNT, FS1, and FS2.
DAZNThis is a channel for lovers of fighting sports like boxing and UFC. There are other sports, such as fishing, darts, cricket, and gymnastics. It also features original content such as daily MLB commentary shows, Change-Up, The Weekly, etc.
Amazon Prime VideoThough not originally a sports channel, Amazon Prime Video can pass as one since it also features shows like Night Football, some MLB games, and WNBA matches. You can add select channels to your subscription, like NBA League Pass, Paramount+, and PGA Tour Live.

Keep in view the geographic streaming restrictions

While legal streaming platforms as an alternative are a great way to get out of the legal issues, they are not accessible everywhere. Due to geo-restrictions, certain streaming platforms do not offer coverage to specific locations.

For some, varying libraries are available in certain locations. For example, Netflix US has a more robust library than others.

Free streaming alternatives to Sportsurge

Free streaming alternatives to Sportsurge

If Sportsurge is inaccessible or suffers a crash, and you don’t want to try any of the mirrors, you can use a few other sites.

1. StreamEast

This is an excellent website if you love to stream sports. It has frequently updated links for whatever sports you want, including MMA, football, tennis, boxing, etc.

2. Bilasports

Bilasports is an excellent free-to-use streaming platform in the Middle East and a good alternative to Sportsurge. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, you can find just what you want very quickly and without stress. Bilasports offers NHA, NBS, NET, and more.

3. Cricfree

Cricfree is quite popular among sports fans, especially for its minimalist design. It contains more than 12 categories for you, depending on your preference. You also get the option of chatting with users from other countries. The platform also has popular channels like Sky Sports 1 & 2.

4. Buffstreams

Buffstreams works great as a substitute for Sportsurge; its edge is that its design is centered around clarity and video quality. You can find streams in crystal clear HD, no matter the event. It has streams for Golf, UFC, MMA, WWE, Rugby, and Tennis.

5. FirstRowSports

Speaking of great substitutes, FirstRowSports fits the bill. It even comes with TV shows as well, not just sports. So you can take a break from the high-intensity sporting action to a calm movie or maybe even a thriller if that’s your thing. It requires you to create an account first, however.

6. VIPLeague

VIPLeague stays true to its name, showcasing minimalism and exquisite outlay. It offers users easy accessibility and a wide range of sporting events for a blissful streaming experience.

7. SportLemon

This is the one-stop shop for all things soccer, but of course, it also has other sports. The platform does not require add-ons and can always provide crystal-clear HD video.

8. CricHD

CricHD, much like Sportsurge, is an amazing online resource for streaming live sporting events. It features channels such as Willow Sport, Star Sports, Sky Sports, and beIN Sports and features sports such as football, motorsports, hockey, and basketball.


Sportsurge is a great online platform if you need a place to get links to stream all your favorite sporting events. But it is not legal and surely not very safe either.

Because of this, its usage comes with notable risks, such as data theft and malware attacks. We advise them that if they must access Sportsurge, they should do so while connected to a VPN and antivirus. Other than that, there are legal and safe Sportsurge alternatives you can subscribe to as well.


We cannot guarantee Sportsurge’s safety. That’s because, like all free-to-use websites, virus or hack risks are always present because it’s a free service.

Sportsurge displays copyrighted content, which by law is an illegal activity. But this may not be the case where you are. So, check the prevalent streaming laws in your region before you visit the platform.

The consequences of breaking copyright laws depend on your country’s stand on piracy. In countries that strictly prohibit pirating, you can get hefty fines or imprisonment if caught streaming or downloading copyrighted content.

Yes, the legal alternatives include Hulu, DAZN, ESPN, and crowd favorite, Amazon Prime Video.

Whether you’re using a mobile phone or lounging in front of your smart TV, Sportsurge has got you covered. It’s compatible with a wide range of devices.

If you’ve been on sites like Sportsurge, you know the drill—ads everywhere. But a top-notch VPN with a robust ad blocker can make those pesky ads disappear.

While Sportsurge offers tons of streaming content, downloading it to watch later isn’t an option.

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