17 best free firewall software (for Mac, Windows, and Android collectively)

Ali Qamar Last updated: September 19, 2022 Read time: 24 minutes Disclosure

The built-in firewalls that your Windows, Android, Mac, and other OS have are not enough. Here are tested top free firewall programs that you can use.

Sneak peek at using firewalls

The firewall monitors the data transmission between your device and network servers. It detects and blocks any suspicious accessing attempt via the internet based on a pre-configured set of rules. Hence, it serves as an efficient protective shield for the devices against hacking and malware attacks. Most operating systems come up with basic built-in firewalls. However, using third-party software for additional security layers and more customizable options is crucial. Luckily, some incredible firewall apps are available today that are free to use and offer unbreakable protection against cyber-attacks.

Many people think the built-in firewall that their Windows, Android, iOS, and other operating systems have is enough. Although that is not the case.

But do not worry. You need no extra cash for additional firewall software; there are some best free firewalls you can install.

However, before you get your hands on top-notch free firewall programs, it would be best to cover the basics first.

Why do you need a firewall?

A firewall is a software or hardware that prevents hackers and certain types of malware from gaining remote access to a computer over the world wide web.

Its purpose is to verify information received from the Internet or a local network and block or allow computer access.

The firewall is not the same as an antivirus or anti-malware program.

Firewall programs protect against internet worms and hacker attacks, while anti-virus programs provide protection against viruses (as the name suggests), and anti-malware applications shield your device against malicious programs.

You need a firewall if you have a computer connecting to the Internet. As simple as that (given that you value your online projection).

Think of a firewall as a barrier between the data on your computer and the outside world; it is a kind of door lock for your home, office, or vehicle.