What is Onion Over VPN, and Is It Better for Online Privacy?

Ruheni Mathenge  - Streaming Expert
Last updated: October 28, 2023
Read time: 21 minutes

Combining Tor with a VPN is a brilliant security technique that helps improve your online privacy significantly. Check out this guide on how Onion over VPN works and how to achieve it.


The rising online security threats and cybercrimes directly increase the need for strong protective measures while using the internet. Many technologies and workarounds are now available to achieve worry-free internet surfing. VPN and Tor are the two noteworthy tools among them. A VPN encrypts the online traffic, while Tor provides anonymity during browsing. Combining the two will help you get the double-layered protective shield. In the Onion over VPN feature, the VPN will encrypt the online traffic and mask your IP. After connecting with the servers, it will pass via Tor relays, then finally arrives at the destination. In this way, tracing the online traffic route will become impossible. In short, this workaround is the best to enhance online security and privacy.

Clearly, people keep seeking better ways to improve their online privacy. There are many reasons for this, such as government surveillance, snoopy ISPs, and hackers stealing data. The Tor network is one of the best options if you want to keep your browsing activities private. But, unfortunately, it provides only a single anonymity layer, which can expose some of your traffic, especially at exit nodes.