The 20 Best Kickass Alternatives (Safe and Working in 2024)

Aliu Isa  - Streaming Expert
Last updated: March 13, 2024
Read time: 37 minutes

The demise of KAT shouldn't be the end of P2P activities for you. With the best Kickass alternatives, you can carry on torrenting like nothing ever happened.


Kickass Torrents is known to every avid torrentor because of its rich content categories. That’s why its shutdown triggered the need for people to start looking for alternative sites as good as Kickass Torrents. Therefore, this article lists the best Kickass alternate platforms for you. While most of them are safe to use, torrenting still has its own grey areas. Therefore, make sure to protect your connection first with a reliable VPN before you start torrenting.

Safe Torrent Site

The shutdown of Kickass Torrents didn’t mark the end of torrenting. Since then, several torrent sites have sprung up, making choosing torrent websites as good as the KAT challenging.

Like anything else, not all the KAT alternatives you see online offer the same value. Some sites have remained resilient and have distinguished themselves from the numerous options available. These, the very best ones, are the sites this article reviews.

Top Kickass Torrents alternatives – Quick list

Top Kickass Torrents alternatives