Safest Countries for Torrenting (and Worsts) in 2023

Abeerah Hashim  - Security Expert
Last updated: November 10, 2023
Read time: 11 minutes

The internet and the BitTorrent network cover the whole world. However, the risks and rewards you can have as a BitTorrent user depend on your location. Some jurisdictions are friendly toward file sharing, some are indifferent, and others are almost violently opposed to it. This article tells you who's who.

The internet has no borders. But individual users still live within a country and have to comply with their local laws. BitTorrent users have to deal with this reality, which can vary significantly from one country to another. So let us tell you all about the best locations to be a torrent user as well as the worse ones.

The BitTorrent network and other filesharing services enjoy worldwide popularity among users. However, torrenting remains confusing for most of the world’s legal systems. Hence, there is no standard regulation, and figuring out what to make of the network, its contents, and its users remains a local issue for each country to solve. Nonetheless, some privacy-friendly regions haven’t yet adopted any harsh policies against torrenting, subsequently becoming the safest countries for torrenting.

In general, the possible laws that would apply to P2P sharing networks are intimately linked with the regulations that govern the exchange of copyrighted material. And this is a gray area at the international level. So, for example, some jurisdictions allow downloading any content as long as it’s for personal use only. However, on the opposite side of the spectrum, some countries actively pursue and punish such activity severely.

So, what are you to make of P2P networks? This article will tell you about the legal status of BitTorrent, how to take advantage of the best information available on the subject, and the safe country for those who love to download torrents.

Disclaimer: Neither the author of this text nor the owners of endorse, encourage or condone the distribution of copyrighted material in any jurisdiction, even when it’s legal. This article aims to be informational. Using BitTorrent software is lawful, but piracy is a criminal activity in many countries. Please ensure that you use any P2P network responsibly.

This article does not offer legal advice because we do not purport to be legal experts. Instead, we are proposing the current understanding of filesharing legislation in some jurisdictions. Our interpretation of a country’s legal issues may not align precisely with its most specific statutes, which could also differ from the understanding of a judge.

The information we offer you is a starting point, so don’t hesitate to do your own research. Keep your downloads strictly legal within your jurisdiction. And always use a VPN.

An overview of the legality of BitTorrent and other P2P networks