Best Antivirus With VPN Included in 2024

Ruheni Mathenge  - Streaming Expert
Last updated: January 2, 2024
Read time: 14 minutes

Do you need an antivirus with a VPN? Check out these top providers selected after thorough research and dozens of tests.

Antivirus and VPN are two necessary privacy tools of today. However, subscribing separately to each service gets costlier, repelling many users. To solve this problem for the consumers, some security vendors like Norton 360 and Surfshark offer 2-in-1 protection by integrating both features with a single subscription.

Both antivirus software and a virtual private network (VPN) are essential to combat cybersecurity threats. Fortunately, many popular antivirus programs now include a VPN as part of their features.

After all, a VPN will mask your IP address and protect your data from your ISP, government, hackers, and other third parties. Besides, it will also help you circumvent geo-restrictions of popular streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, etc.

Most widely-used antivirus providers boast an included VPN in their packages, but many VPNs that come with antivirus software are not as secure and fast as standalone VPNs. That means you can still be spied on and tracked.

That makes finding an antivirus suite that provides both a stealthy antivirus and a robust VPN difficult. But after testing dozens of antivirus packages available today, we found six antiviruses that offer dependable protection against malware and boast a high-class VPN.

This article will highlight the best antivirus programs, why you need an antivirus and VPN together, and more.