5 Best VPNs for Samsung Smart TV in 2023

Aliu Isa  - Streaming Expert
Last updated: November 22, 2023
Read time: 14 minutes

Let's explore the world of Samsung Smart TVs, their amazing features, their unfortunate limitations, and how VPNs can change so much.

Geo-restrictions are censors placed on content, ensuring it is only accessible in specific locations. Hence, you can not view content from a different location when it is geo-restricted. The Samsung Smart TV is, unfortunately, shackled by these limitations. However, Samsung Smart TV-tailored VPN services can bypass geo-restrictions, keep you private, and protect your online activities. This article explores the safe ways to use VPNs with your Samsung Smart TVs, the alternatives, and the ones you should be wary of. In addition, it offers a comprehensive guide to getting the most out of your Samsung Smart TV streaming service subscription.

For a VPN to be considered one of the best for your Samsung Smart TV, it must be able to bypass any geo-restrictions often placed on popular movie streaming platforms. In addition, with its vast selection of servers in different locations, the VPN should change your IP address and replace it with one where these streaming platforms are available.

Installing a VPN onto your Smart TV is a breeze, but watching for certain features before installing just any kind of VPN is essential. For example, a premium VPN with a Smart DNS feature or one compatible with your router is advisable without configuration hassles.

However, with so many considerations regarding which VPNs to get, it can be overwhelming to comb through the options before finding the right one. Luckily, as always, we can enlighten you and help you choose.

This article explores five VPN services compatible with your Samsung Smart TV and how to use them effectively.

Best VPN for your Samsung Smart TV – Quick list