What is DD-WRT? A Comprehensive Guide

Justice Ekaeze  - Tech Expert
Last updated: November 20, 2023
Read time: 18 minutes

This article discusses the DD-WRT firmware in detail, how it helps you do more with your router, and how to keep it safe when used.

Your router is capable of so much more than you know, much more than is on the box. With DD-WRT, the limits to what your router can do are in your hands. Yet, you must not want to compromise your online privacy and security merely because of your router firmware. Therefore, we advise you to dive into this article to ensure you know the risks before installing DD-WRT on your dedicated router.

Wireless routers are an integral and almost unavoidable part of our lives. While they are beneficial, they also present users with some difficulties. Some users have complained of repeated glitches, lost connection, or total failure if it serves multiple devices simultaneously.

As a result, users are often advised to upgrade their router’s hardware, but this only sometimes fixes the problem. What do you do then when this does not work?

Upgrading the router’s software is the most effective solution. You can do this by installing DD-WRT, which almost immediately improves the router’s functionality upon installation.

If your router especially has trouble working with a VPN, installing DD-WRT also helps.

You may want to know about DD-WRT and how it can improve your router’s functionality. This article covers every detail about DD-WRT, including its benefits, risks, and the best way to use it.